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... Good day everybody here's my situation, 6 weeks ago I performed oral sex on a female friend for 5 to 10 mins, now I have all the symptom swellon lymph nodes in neck armpits and groin, white tongue, lost of weight and ichty skin with weird black spots on my arms loose stool. Please help me understand my situation today I develop a very weird rash on my belly its driving me... (4 replies)
May 1, 2016
... I have tested server all times HIV negative using the oraquick home test and even the lasted at 15 months at a clinic they did a Oraquick Advance oral swab test and it was negative. ... (3 replies)
HIV scare
Apr 12, 2016
... So back on March 10th I gave oral to a guy from Grindr whose status and everything I have no idea (It was a horny mistake) I honestly don't even know his name or age but one of my friends estimated he was probably mid to late 30's and I'm barley 18 Anyway back on April 10th I started to get a cough that since has turned into flu like symptoms and I read online at the 1... (3 replies)

Hiv by oral sex
Apr 10, 2016
... I would like to tell about my incident. I am a man; I worry too much about HIV. I went to a massage center. She did massage and oral sex. During oral sex in a massage center following incident happen. 1). Cunnilinugus, I checked my tongue, I had no any cut or ulcer. 2). I was fingering her vagina few times. 3) Insertive fellatio . I checked her hand, her hand was clean... (4 replies)
... oose stools and some frequent urination. I woke up one morning with a sore neck which lasted for around two weeks. This began to fuel my anxiety that it could be HIV which led to reading lots of pages on the internet, lots of forums and lots of symptom lists. ... (8 replies)
Please help
Apr 13, 2016
... Symptoms mean NOTHING when it comes to HIV. For what its worth....a bitter tongue is not even an HIV symptom, though I am sure you have googled yourself to the point of insanity trying to find out if it can be. ... (7 replies)
Please help
Apr 13, 2016
... Once your 12 week test comes back negative, forget about HIV! Go see a doctor if you continue to have symptoms...but know that they are NOT HIV related! ... (7 replies)
Please help
Apr 8, 2016
... I am throbbing headache. I was sure I catched HIV. I did antibody test at 23rd day and PCR TEST at 37th day as directed by GP. They came negetive. Later I got hiv combo test at 51st day and yesterday at 72 nd day I did tirod test. All came negative . It's almost 11th week. ... (7 replies)
Scary HIV Symptoms
Mar 22, 2016
... unprotected oral sex. I did several HIV antibody tests till now. ... (2 replies)
... Well as you didn't have unprotected sex which is the way you put yourself at risk, you can be assured you were not at risk of HIV. (3 replies)
... Feb 20 was exposure, feb 22 i developed mild headache and stomach ache, feb 25 i had a dry mouth, tongue and low salivary glands which cause my teeth to develop a coating around which lasted 2 days. ... (3 replies)
... mods if I had HIV it would already show positive right? ... (6 replies)
My tongue
Mar 8, 2016
... you should have no HIV concerns.. ... (3 replies)
My tongue
Mar 8, 2016
... The mouth has over a dozen enzymes and proteins that render the virus inactive plus their is no route of transmission to your blood stream. No one has got HIV from the manner you mention. ... (3 replies)
My tongue
Mar 8, 2016
... I gave my girlfriend oral sex..and the next day.. My tounge was white..and the back of my tongue is white too .. ... (3 replies)
... the test he took on the January 4th said he was HIV negative. ... (11 replies)
Hiv scared
Feb 26, 2016
... Zero risk buddy. Please accept what we say and move on. We would tell you if you had anything to worry do not. (8 replies)
Hiv scared
Feb 26, 2016
... The only exposure at the 79 days before test it was a french kiss and i recived oral.... I was worried because i have geographic tongue and my tongue bleeds some times when i brush it. You think i needed a hiv test for this? ... (8 replies)
Hiv Paranoia
Feb 22, 2016
... Hi there, I have been living in absolute anxiety for the past 2 months plus. i am at day 65 post exposure(unprotected vaginal intercourse with a woman of unknown status 4 times in 2 days, (first 2 protected, last 2 unprotected)) and seem to have ARS symptoms. I have been having random sore throats, and i have some sores in my mouth(inner lip and top of tongue and under it as... (9 replies)
... I have been a complete nervous wreck living in fear of hiv and that I may give my husband hiv so I do not have sex with him . I went to the health department nearly 3 weeks after incident because I was too ashamed to see my pcp or obgyn. ... (7 replies)

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