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Hiv by withdrawal
Feb 24, 2017
... Hello guys and first I wanna say sorry bc of my English I am german and not a native speaker. I wanna thank you all so much for the beautiful helping service!! Here is my story. I am a female 28 yrs old. 2 weeks ago I had sex w a man in my holidays. We used protection, the sex didn't last long but I always made sure that the condom was on by feeling it (room was... (0 replies)
Hiv exposure
Feb 18, 2017
... out 6.5 weeks ago I gave oral sex to a man. Not sure of his status. I've been for a test at the std clinic at week 1 for hiv, gono, and clamidia. All neg. week 4 hiv test negative. Week 6 went back and the nurse told me not to worry about coming back because I won't catch hiv from oral sex. I didn't know what to believe. ... (6 replies)
... you should have zero concerns about HIV from this.. ... (4 replies)

... relax, HIV is not passed on in the manner you describe. nobody has ever been confirmed as being infected in that way and you won't either. it is just a coincidence that you are not feeling well. good luck... (4 replies)
... Is this a sign of HIV symptoms? ... (4 replies)
HIV Fear
Feb 15, 2017
... Now I am getting paranoid thinking about my situation and risk of me getting infected with HIV by this unprotected fellatio as there are different options over this all over. ... (2 replies)
... I was informed by the clinic that if I am worried I should go back after three months. ... (3 replies)
Jan 27, 2017
... You never had a risk and you never needed testing. Your situation is not an HIV situation. ... (2 replies)
Jan 27, 2017
... Hi everyone, I had sex with a guy for the first time in early December (with condoms). The only exchange of fluid was some of his ejaculate came on me (he did not ejaculate inside me) (I have not cuts on me and I showered straight afterwards) We did have unprotected oral sex first but not exchange of fluids. Anyway, just under two weeks later I had a sore throat for a day... (2 replies)
Am I at risk?
Feb 4, 2017
... I tested at 4,6,8, and 9 weeks all negative. I on week 10 Bt lately I've been having mild hives and a sore throat so am I very worried . What are my chances of my test results changing at 12 weeks ? ... (2 replies)
Used lancet stick
Jan 30, 2017
... First off, HIV rapidly dies when exposed to air. So unless the lancet you were stuck with was used by someone seconds before, there is no need to be worried. ... (5 replies)
... I had sex with a sex worker. It included only blowjob, fingering, sucking breast and handjob. No penetrative sex (anal or vaginal) was involved. I was worried about HIV and could not wait till 12 weeks for testing so I did a test on 82'nd day from exposure which is 2 day short from 12 weeks (84 days). The result came 'Non-Reactive'. Is this result conclusive? and what is the... (8 replies)
Worried !!!
Jan 20, 2017
... ok you did have a risk. despite that,the odds are still stacked greatly in your favor. you need a significant amount of penetration and friction occuring and it sounds like that didn't happen here so that helps you a lot. most infections will occur thru a blood to blood transfer due to friction from penetration. that means you really need to be doing it for a while... (4 replies)
Worried !!!
Jan 20, 2017
... is he on HIV meds? ... (4 replies)
Worried !!!
Jan 20, 2017
... I recently performed unprotected oral sex and he came in my mouth. I however spat it out and washed it out and I do not recollect having any sores or cuts in my mouth. After that however we tried having sex but he was not hard enough to fully penetrate. There was a sperm leak though and I would like to know if that could go far enough into my blood stream and cause me to have... (4 replies)
... I am super worried and scared! ... (2 replies)
HIV and cut
Jan 19, 2017
... So due to 2 new small cuts touching with blood is there a chance of getting hiv or would the cuts have to be really big with a lot of blood. ... (2 replies)
... days old and it was like raw skin , and I have no idea if that was covered and worried HIV might of gone through that area . ... (5 replies)
... The reason why Im worried is because this girl does seem dirty and she offers full service without condom for an extra price . ... (5 replies)
... le living in the riverbed and thats why I started to think this. For the record that is something I would never do. Ive always had fear and anxiety about getting hiv so Idk if this is just another one of those moments or I possibly could have done something like this. ... (7 replies)

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