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... Saw a private hiv doctor in the UK. Took a 4th generation test at 6 weeks and he said your more testing even though I was that ill. He gave me loads of education etc. ... (13 replies)
... yup, HIV is not passed on in the manner you describe move on.. (2 replies)
... There is NO risk of contracting HIV from this situation. ... (2 replies)

... I was fingering a woman for about five minutes. She was EXTREMELY stimulated. I then proceeded to masturbate myself with the same hand. I've read that hiv becomes inactive once exposed to air making this situation a very low risk. Is this true? ... (2 replies)
... Yes correct. At 12 weeks it's as good as your going to get but also no medical test will ever claim to be 100% but 99.9 well you can't get better. Most hiv experts will say the duo is conclusive at 4 weeks which is 99%, so who ate we to argue. They deal with 1000,s of cases a year and if they say 4 weeks is good enough you should have no concerns. Put it this way. If I... (13 replies)
... The .01 is their as some tests were taken to early in the trials nothing more. I like 1000's others here were in the same shoes. Mega strange and bad symptoms which could only have hiv, or so you think and of course we belived we would be the medical mystery that would test negative but many years later become positive.. Well I and the many other 1000's here just like you... (13 replies)
... Their is more out of date rubbish about hiv than their is about the moon landings.. ... (13 replies)
... The reason why I'm worried about the brief dipping encounter is because for a few years I've had an anal fissure near the opening of my anus that does not seem to want to go away and is what causes the bleeding sometime when I wipe. I'm guessing when he dipped, some of his precum came into contact with the fissure, thus causing the infection. My test at 13 weeks was an... (19 replies)
... The reason I know I'm positive is because of how incredibly sick I've been for 3 months and that only started after being with that man. I wasn't even worried until I started to get sick. ... (19 replies)
... here i turned to have unprotected sex with a women. I inserted in her vagina after a lot of difficulty. Hardly i was inside her for 2 mins. Gaining conscious and hiv awareness, i pulled out . I didnt ejaculate inside her. ... (3 replies)
... y and had no open sores or wounds in his mouth. Just 21 hours before he performed oral on me I had a risky sexual encounter with a stranger. If this stranger had HIV and had passed the virus onto me how long would it take to totally infect me? ... (3 replies)
Risk ?
Sep 7, 2017
... I was the top. I wasn't worried till I started urinating blood and my dr believed that was an std which means If it was I was exposed somehow during that sexual encounter. ... (9 replies)
Risk ?
Sep 7, 2017
... I was the top. I wasn't worried till I started urinating blood and my dr believed that was an std which means If it was I was exposed somehow during that sexual encounter. ... (9 replies)
... I am so so worried that I would catch HIV if she was bleeding there. ... (8 replies)
Unprotected sex
Aug 30, 2017
... Hello and thank you for leaving me join,I have bad ocd and anxiety about unprotected sex i had with a female who had sex with a bi male so i heard so im worried about hiv week before i had sex with her i was Materbating bit hard had got a kind off cut no blood dunno if broke skin would this be considered a open wound that hiv could travel into ,,any feedback would be thankful (1 replies)
... The uk has a very low rate of HIV, so its very unlikely you met someone with HIV. Your tests are FULLY conclusive, their is zero point taking another test, it will be negative unless you get a false positive by over testing. HIV tests are more accurate than cancer tests, so if you are told you do not have cancer you do NOT keep testing. The tests are accurate, you dont... (13 replies)
... The male in question assured me on multiple occasion that he did not have HIV and proved this to me by taking a full STD check exactly 2 weeks after our encounter. This included a HIV DUO test. They all returned negative. ... (13 replies)
... thanks I was really worried to be on the safe I will make a oraquik at 4 weeks just for the anxiety (2 replies)
... Hi I don't know the status of the man I slept with I gave oral sex to him no eyaculation or pre I can see then he proceeds to penetrate me with a condom I'd didn't slip or broke. Now I am worried that I have HIV I am suffering from anxiety I want to know what is my real risk I texted the guy he tells me he is on PREP to protect himself still I am living a nightmare I get... (2 replies)
... Thank u smiteler for ur kind response....but i am worried for those rashes (ON ONE SIDE OF LOWER ABDOMEN 8 TO 10 RASHES)which appeared after 3 weeks of exposure....are they not ARS rash..... i am very tensed (3 replies)

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