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Am I at risk
Jul 22, 2017
... Thanks for response, 1 more last question. Didn't check on the condom after sex to see whether the condom was intact and my question is can a condom break without leaking, am afraid that the condom would have a small dent on it since while was putting, it got stuck and use my finger to roll it. (3 replies)
Hiv fear
Jul 22, 2017
... I have concern ragrding hiv and std. ... (1 replies)
Am I at risk
Jul 22, 2017
... You were not at risk from that event. You will not get hiv taking a condom off even if any blood got on your penis head which is more your paranoia than reality. ... (3 replies)

Am I at risk
Jul 22, 2017
... I recently had protected sex with a lady who was on her menstrual cycle and she is HIV positive. My worry is myt have spilled blood on my penis whilst removing condom. What are my chances of getting infected. ... (3 replies)
... the combo test is 2 tests that is why it is called combo one for antibodies and one for antigens, antigen test is good for early detection antibody test is good for its accuracy and the longer you wait,the more accurate the test is considered. really you should not even be concerned about what type of test you use. it will have no effect on what results you will get.... (3 replies)
... and HIV isn't passed on in the manner you describe. ... (3 replies)
... Ab combo test is meant to be the latest and it's what labs have. So will a negative combo test mean it i don't have HIV if I was exposed 7 years ago and only tested today? ... (3 replies)
... HI Sir, Could you please suggest me. Negative HIV AG/AB (ECLIA) after 6 weeks suspected exposure. Am i safe from this incident (2 replies)
... I am confused and also my doctor confused about result of my HIV tests. ECLIA is negative. ELFA is low positive.... Am i HIV positive? ... (1 replies)
Should I take PEP?
Jul 19, 2017
... this is not a HIV issue as HIV is not passed on in the manner you describe you should not take pep at all. it is a waste of money for you. (3 replies)
Help me
Jul 18, 2017
... Not an HIV issue. HIV is not transmitted in the manner that you describe. There is absolutely nothing that you can say that will change this advice. ... (1 replies)
Help me
Jul 18, 2017
... Is there any chances of getting HIV infection through the wet towel which has got semem on it? ... (1 replies)
... But why do some people say get tested with antibody only test after 3 months? Is that test more sensitive at picking up antibodies? I thought the combo test is 4th gen and the latest no? In my country they don't even do 3rd generation antibody only tests. I've called two reputable labs and I've driven them mad with questions. They probably think I'm crazy by now. They've... (3 replies)
... most likely it is not HIV as getting it from a one time exposure like you describe is very rare but it is possible. get yourself tested to be sure but expect it to be negative and next time please use a condom it will save you a lot of grief in many ways.. you are playing with fire (like catching HIV and more) good luck (1 replies)
... Hi i am 16 years old and about 2 months ago i stupidly had unprotected sex with a girl. I asked her after if she had hiv and she said "no dont be silly" that was it really. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you Sir, this is very good news and do you want me test normal antibody test at 12 or 13 weeks point or again 4th generation test? (2 replies)
... i would say yes. expect the same result the next time you test. good luck (2 replies)
... the conbo test is a very accurate test that you should not even question. if you had a HIV infection for 20 years you would not be typing on here your body would not of been able to fight it for that long and you would of gotten sick and died long ago. i would advise you to move on from HIV. good luck (10 replies)
... I dont reccomend google at all but you can do a research about fourth generation tests and you will get your question answered. There is no way a hiv test to be designed just for antigen , 4th look antigen and both antibodies. ... (10 replies)
... Fourth generation tests are made to catch an early expisure to hiv that is why ut tests for antigen. Antigen life spam is really short and right when antibodies start to create antigen dies. ... (10 replies)

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