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... The last three and half months have been the worst time of my life and i am writing this post just to ease the worries of all people who do not trust their Hiv test and associate all symptoms to hiv. ... (1 replies)
... I went to doc on 20th april he gave me antibiotics for Urine infection which cleared out but my gastro issues didnt resolve and i have loose stool, LOST 5 Kgs and Suffering from Extreme Weakness. This has never happend before and i feel its due to the sexual encounter. ... (2 replies)
... Right now, 4 months after that I am trying to gather my courage to do an hiv test.. I am very concerned because I am afraid that if I have HIV, I am going to transmit them to my girlfriend of 1 month.. ... (7 replies)

... Hey ! My story in short ! I had protected oral first and protected vaginal sex with local sex worker! In between my condom tore but continued for one more minute ! Symptoms - Post two weeks - three weeks I had heavy flu like symptoms Severe sore throat /throat infection Chills ! Fever ! Saliva gland swollen ! (11 replies)
... Good day. I am a 29 yr old male. Like almost everyone here I am one of those who are really worried about having HIV. I am bound to go to work overseas so I decided to make the most out of it before leaving my country. From the months of January-April 2015 I had protected vaginal sex with 7 sex workers and unprotected oral sex with them. Unfortunately, last April 8 my condom... (2 replies)
HIV for sure
Apr 25, 2014
... went away after a couple days, but the redness on both my forearms stayed for about 2 weeks. During this time I had night sweats. I was constipated and passing loose stools. ... (5 replies)
... weeks long. This has me confused and scared thinking HIV infection and ARS. ... (10 replies)
... I got very ill in the start of December and I've had Diarrhea ever since. I'm not talking about loose stools litreally diarrhea where you go 10 times a day and wake up a couple times during sleep to go. I even had a rash my GF said look just like her HIV ARS rash. ... (1 replies)
... Ranging from moon hoax landing conspiracies to alien adduction theories. It can be guaranteed and in absolutely guaranteed that if you keep reading online about HIV you will find more than enough stuff to fuel your anxieties. It will count for nothing. Most of the stuff out there is misleading, distorted or completely wrong. ... (23 replies)
... eing tested. For finding out that I may have it. The night sweats seem to have stopped. But I still have diarrhea. Yesterday night seemed fine, but this morning, loose stools again. And I was shocked when I weighed myself this morning. I usually hover around the 72kg mark, and now I weighed at 69. ... (23 replies)
... weeks. After that I had problems with my stomach. I had no appetite and loose stools. I lost around 10 kg in one month. At this time I freaked out. What is going on with me? ... (94 replies)
... Oh it seems the loose stools are a side effect of my medicine as it's listed in the phamphlet as possible side effect though rare. ... (14 replies)
... Okay please help so it's really not HIV? Because my latest encounter was 13 days ago but that I received protected oral and vaginal sex all with condom. There was no kissing on lips or anything so i take it that it's safE? The last one and which i think caused the sores on the tip of my foreskin was about 20 days ago. Recently before the sores I was having flu-like... (14 replies)
... i do not know where you get your information but it is wrong!! both of those symptoms are NOT hiv specfic and have absolutly nothing to do with hiv!!! why you think otherwise is not logical. (69 replies)
... ok thanks for your advice apollo, been great to have your support. the only thing that is concerning me are my legs and loose stools, so hard because both are a symptom of hiv and anxiety and stress. ... (69 replies)
... (69 replies)
... i have put the majority of my anxiety behind me yet i still have these following symptoms.. loose stools, muscle aches (mainly in the legs, and slight in the arms) and i feel as though i am losing weight rapidly. can anxiety symptoms linger on subconsciously or is this something to be genuinely concerned about, i can't take much more of this :( (69 replies)
... Oral is really little to no risk. I had the same experience before and i was so stress and paranoid, look at my nick, that i have hot flushes, pimples, very loose stools for that peroid of time. ... (69 replies)
... They are signs of stress ;). If you had ARS then 1, it would be a miricle, 2 your test would have been positive. (69 replies)
... Just out of curiosity, are loose stools, excessive gas and dull aches in the legs common symptoms of ars? ... (69 replies)

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