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... Everythingthat causes this have more obvious symptoms which I don't have. My heads just all over the place! Thankyou very much for your time to message me back. ... (5 replies)
Losing it
Jul 2, 2014
... posure a little over 2 years ago when I had a affair with a local woman. I know her, ive asked her about status and she says she doesnt have anything. Sent her a message a few weeks ago, was pretty embarrassing. ... (5 replies)
... Thank you for replying for my message, I just have one more issue that I need to clear up because of my anxiety. When I was 18-19 years old (I am turning 26 this year), I got a tattoo in Singapore and lately I been thinking if I could be infected from this although I know it's been about 8 years since then? I have never experience serious illness during these years. ... (3 replies)

... That's beyond the scope of what a peer to peer message board can offer. If a no risk exposure and 2 negative HIV tests won't convince him, there's nothing anyone here can say that would make any difference. ... (8 replies)
... message to heroin users, stop using heroin! (2 replies)
... Your message is indeed rational and sane. I had two exposures to the same HIV positve person, back in 2000. ... (5 replies)
... To all, This message is to all of those who are currently sitting in the dreaded “window period”. All the people who believe they have engaged in some risky act and are living in fear as to whether or not they have contracted the HIV virus. I have been there and can fully empathize your emotions and suffering. Please listen to this advice. I am sure by now you are... (5 replies)
... But I'm not stupid and am aware that there is SOME chance. My point was that everyone seems to be so ready to accept their doom and that fear is perpetuated by message boards like this where you go on the net and read about someone freaking out cuz they stepped in vomit and then other people telling them to go get tested. ... (9 replies)
... Very good message there. May I ask if your encounter was intercourse or something even less risky like oral sex? ... (9 replies)
... Exceptional post, with a good message. (2 replies)
... Reading through this message board It is plain to see how many people are worrying themselves sick about HIV but dont want to get tested for fear of being HIV positive. ... (2 replies)
... recent anxiety of contracting HIV have me doing a lot of research about the virus and the effect it has on people. I'm so scared now. Could this be anxiety or a message from God. I've been praying that im ok. The doctor also told me HIV is not as prevalent in the community and my friends tell me I'm alright just paranoid. ... (23 replies)
... Value your life. If any of you would need a friend to talk to, please feel free to message me. I had a similar kind soul that assisted me by talking to me on this forum, and he similarly tested negative as well. ... (5 replies)
Mar 11, 2014
... l sex and vaginal sex twice I think. I did not ejaculate in her. I tried to call her about 8weeks after the encounter and she disconnected the call. I sent her a message saying I needed to talk urgently and didn't really want to communicate via text but she refused. ... (9 replies)
... A little over 2 months ago I met up with another male and he performed unprotected oral. I have browsed the Message Boards and have read that oral isn't a risk. ... (2 replies)
Regarding hiv test
Nov 20, 2013
... There are no doctors on this message board. ... (3 replies)
Need some advice
Nov 14, 2013
... Thanks for message. That is what Terrence Higgins Trust have told me and that I should be confident in my results. They also said that the private clinics in Central London feed back to them and that they have never seen a negative 7 week test change at 12. It seems you get different information everywhere :( Think that's why it's hard to see logic. Mind plays havoc (21 replies)
Need some advice
Nov 14, 2013
... Hi thank you for the message. I'm not sure what gen the rapid tests were :( They were poct fingerprick tests and result in 1 min. I know the one I had at 30 days was a duo test for antigen/antibodies. Apparently 99.8% accurate from 28 days?? (21 replies)
Need some advice
Nov 12, 2013
... Thank you also for you're message. I don't believe he is hiding a positive status. I just don't believe he has had a test recently, too many conflicting answers and hey if I knew I was up to date and my partner asked I wouldn't have 3 different versions of when I last went. However that's his choice and my mistake. My results are looking in my favour and as I been told by... (21 replies)
Need some advice
Nov 12, 2013
... read your message when I'm having a bad moment to get that confidence boost. I just hope and pray all will be ok. ... (21 replies)

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