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... message to heroin users, stop using heroin! (2 replies)
... Your message is indeed rational and sane. I had two exposures to the same HIV positve person, back in 2000. ... (5 replies)
... To all, This message is to all of those who are currently sitting in the dreaded “window period”. All the people who believe they have engaged in some risky act and are living in fear as to whether or not they have contracted the HIV virus. I have been there and can fully empathize your emotions and suffering. Please listen to this advice. I am sure by now you are... (5 replies)

... But I'm not stupid and am aware that there is SOME chance. My point was that everyone seems to be so ready to accept their doom and that fear is perpetuated by message boards like this where you go on the net and read about someone freaking out cuz they stepped in vomit and then other people telling them to go get tested. ... (9 replies)
... Very good message there. May I ask if your encounter was intercourse or something even less risky like oral sex? ... (9 replies)
... Exceptional post, with a good message. (2 replies)
... Reading through this message board It is plain to see how many people are worrying themselves sick about HIV but dont want to get tested for fear of being HIV positive. ... (2 replies)
... I tried to follow the community guidelines and hope my message didn't broke any rules. ... (5 replies)
Hiv concern
Apr 20, 2017
... Hi all, Here's my story just over 3 weeks ago I had a condom break during insertive vaginal intercourse and it lasted for a maximum of 5 mins I don't know at which point the condom broke but stopped as soon as I noticed. The female is of unknown status but assures me she's fine and I've nothing to be concerned about. Anyway on Monday of this week I started with a mild sore... (3 replies)
... i know it's a long message but please help. I know I was an idiot. ... (10 replies)
... A hour ago I received a text message from a friend with the pos test results of a guy I was with earlier today. ... (2 replies)
... Hi SOTM I just want to thank you for everything you've done for me on this blog. This will be the last message I'll send here until my 3month-post-PEP test. Pouring my anxiety out here won't change what's done. I guess the main reason why I'm so convinced that I contracted it is because Iv watched numerous videos of people explaining how they found out they were positive... (24 replies)
... I had a high risk exposure with a CSW about 7 weeks ago. She provided a condom. We continued with oral and vaginal sex with same condom over 10-15 minutes. I realized the condom was broken after my ejaculation. I wish I knew about PEP little earlier. After 2 weeks, I started developing flu like symptoms, which i think it was just a flu. Fatigue Joint discomfort Fever... (12 replies)
... Hello and thank you for your reply since I posted that message I have been to the doctor's the examined me and they told me that I had trichomoniasis I was so freaked out because I feel like if that guy could give me that then it's no telling what else he could have I got tested for HIV and it came back negative but the doctor said that I need to retest 2monthes from now to be... (6 replies)
Need some advice
Sep 25, 2016
... Hi I would be grateful for some advice. I met this girl recently who initially we kissed on our first date. On the second date just prior to her coming to my house I brushed my teeth and I have gum issues which meant I bleed a lot. When she arrived we spent the whole evening kissing, pretty deeply. After spending the whole evening pretty much kissing, she informed me... (1 replies)
... I have not had a reasonable answer to my question. I am under a lot of stress, since i am having unprotected sex with my wife after the incident that happens to me two days ago. He grabbed both pene together and masturbated for 3 min, no *** involved maybe precum, the head of my pene did not touch his pene`head. after that i give him a handjob for about 3 min, he... (3 replies)
3 months
Jun 1, 2016
... It is very hard and it seems everywhere I turn there's a message that has to do with hiv It's crazy I'm still feeling uneasy sometimes there's days where I will just stay home and avoid crowds (4 replies)
... Well as you didn't have unprotected sex which is the way you put yourself at risk, you can be assured you were not at risk of HIV. (3 replies)
... It started Feb 20th, i decided to head to a message parlor for a back message duo to a pain i had. 1 thing led to another had interactive sex with that person, just have a few questions regarding this perdicumant. ... (3 replies)
... Sir I'm in depressed now. Plz help me.please leave me a long message in detail.then i understand. ... (6 replies)

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