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... the fact that you have a discharge does not mean anything except that you have a discharge from a bacterial or viral source. Now, just because I said the word VIRAL does not mean HIV. ... (34 replies)
... It sounds like another STD and not HIV. Symptoms of early HIV infection are flu like symptoms in the first 4 weeks or so , not discharge from the penis. ... (34 replies)
... i am hoping and praying that this is gohorehha or trying to narrow down the symptoms i have so far white puss coming from penis mucous in stool(feces) vomiting so far ive been googling like a mad man and these symptoms seem to point in the direction of gonorehha. but just to be on the safe side, a penis discharge ISNT a hiv/aids symptom is it?!?!! (34 replies)

... so is 4 months from possible exposure accurate enough? ... (34 replies)
... the real relief will come 3 months from now. ... (34 replies)
... okay guys its me again. everthing seems to be going well, i recovered from this horrible stomach flu(i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy, lol) i guess the only thing still bothering me is sweating at night. it doesnt necessarily happen every night, but it seems to happen every other night. my room is not hot or anything. i wake up and my shirt is damp... (34 replies)
... it appears my mother got it from a friend and brought it back to us. ... (34 replies)
... the only difference is that its not white and mucuos like its clear. i can still see spots in my underwear from the discharge. ... (34 replies)
... just got back from the clinic....get hiv results back in two weeks. ... (34 replies)
... STDs are so wonderfully non-discriminating! I mean, you can catch gonorrhea, HIV, crabs all at the same time. And, each has it's own set of tests and each it's own set of treatments. However, while you have mentioned more than once the white discharge, you haven't mentioned anything about buring or itching which are the other symptoms for gonorrhea. (34 replies)
... I'm pretty sure you can catch anything anytime regardless. (34 replies)
... at this point im pretty sure i got gono.....i mean white mucous coming out of omy penis isnt something i ever experienced before. ... (34 replies)
... dude im sorry if i offended you or anyone else on this board. You guys are great...i really needed someone to talk to in this crisis. Are you HIV+ by the way? if so what were your specific symptoms out of curiosity? And i will definately be getting tested tuesday. I dont care if i have to call off work to do it either.. (34 replies)
... The symptoms you are describing are, in no way, consistent with HIV. (However, I ma here to tell you that becuase there are no specific symptoms for HIV, you should be tested in the event that you were exposed to HIV. Get it? So, it is possible that you were exposed but these symptoms are not related to HIV.) The symptoms you have described may be consistent with gonorrhea... (34 replies)
... yeah i heard it is hard for a female to transmit to a male.... i dont have any cuts or anything on my penis, thank god. i heard if you dont have any cuts on there, its kinda hard to transmit the virus through the uretha hole. the girl she said she tested neg for hiv three months ago, dont know if i trust her though. thank you guys for your support (34 replies)
... I'm sorry you are going throught this, but yes, I don't think penis discharge is a typical symptom of HIV. ... (34 replies)
... also, im also noticing that my feces have a mucous coating around them....i think that was another symptom for gonoreah. ... (34 replies)
... But, penis discharge isn't a typical symptom of HIV. Sometimes HIV has no symptoms...sometimes it mimicks other diseases. ... (34 replies)
... Jason, congrats buddy!! I can feel the joy through your words. :) (34 replies)
... well i called for my test results and they said they couldnt tell me if i had h.i.v over the phone, but they did say i tested positive for Chlamydia. Im glad its curable. I will go back to the clinic on mon to get some medication for it. (34 replies)

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