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... Thanks Apolo123 ! yes I will do the tests yes i never had any condom break over the last 5 years, this is something i'm sure. I had one in 2010 and know how it looks like when the latex explodes! So overall this is anxiety based on unfounded fear of something might happened even with a condom. I explain that because I will get married next year and we probably want a... (8 replies)
... iting another 36 hours because I leave the country on the 12th and won't have access to that kind of test for a few months. I will also get tested for all other STDs at that point. ... (3 replies)
... I've read many posts stating that oral sex isn't a risk for HIV but other stds are a concern. ... (2 replies)

Multiple STDs?
Sep 27, 2006
... Hello Ashley :) Ashly I will give you an honest answer as best I can . Whe you have any unprotected sex with a person of unknown status it leaves you open for just about everything and anything in regards to getting an STD . You're best defense to protect youreself is to use condoms all the time and if you're partner refuses to use them then they have no respect or rite... (2 replies)
Multiple STDs?
Sep 27, 2006
... Okay, I don't think I can answer all of your questions, but I'll try and do what I can until somebody with more knowledge replies to you! I'm not too sure about getting retested for the gonnoreah, as I've never had it. I have however, had chlamydia before, which is treated in basically the same way with a weeks course of antibiotics. After the treatment is done, that's it,... (2 replies)
Multiple STDs?
Sep 26, 2006
... I recently had un protected sex with someone i dont know that well and so im terrified i have an STD..I went to the doctor immediately afterward and they said I have gonnoreah and a not that worried about the gonnoreah cuz its suppose to be very treatable. My hiv, herpes 1+2, siphillus adn chlamydia results all came back negative but I have to go back to get retested.... (2 replies)
... I have only had one sexual partner in the past two years. Prior to this sexual experience, I was conclusively tested negative for all STDs including HIV well beyond all window periods. ... (19 replies)
... since then, i was super worried, because i tought, that multiple usage of condom could have made condom to get micro tears or something like that, because visibly it was fine. ... (3 replies)
... reached down there besides to put it in, and weeks before we done anything even when I talked to him I've asked him did he have anything he needed to tell me or stds ? ... (2 replies)
... All i have tested for all those STDs that my doctor suggested for testing , all are found NEGATIVE.. which includes gonorrhea , chlamydia , Syphilis , Hepatitis B and C. ... (2 replies)
... That said, it usually takes multiple repeated exposures to an infected woman for a man to contract HIV. It is jsut a very inefficient way for the virus to infect others. ... (3 replies)
... AIDS. There was no visible blood, nor did I have any visible tears. I since understand contracting HIV this way is very low risk, and I have had multiple doctors tell me this. ... (4 replies)
... ake it to the bank that you had no risk at all for HIV. HIV is extremely hard to catch from someone unless you go around having unprotected penetrative sex with multiple partners or you share IV drug needles on a regular basis. ... (3 replies)
... elf that i have HIV and have been thinking about it for every sec for last 6 months.I got headache and got dizzy everyday for last 6 months. I got tested for all STDs after 12 weeks and it came back negative. ... (1 replies)
... I'm a bit terrified to say the least. Obviously they've been having sex with multiple people and partners and my odds are definitely MUCH more against me. Even worse because the condom broke AND I ejaculated. ... (3 replies)
Unsafe encounters?
Jun 28, 2013
... I therefore had multiple interactions with an individual with unknown HIV status, protected interactions. My concern is twofold. ... (5 replies)
Very worried
Jan 2, 2013
... nutes later I put my penis in her mouth for about 5 to 10 seconds completely limp. the next day my penis was sore and it hurt while urinating so i was tested for stds that came back neg. 10 weeks after I had numbness and tingling in hands and feet at this time I did not know this was a symptom of ARS. ... (3 replies)
... I agree with everyone above. Even though it was a risk since you did not know his HIV stauts, he most likely does not even have HIV. Plus the multiple tests since, Id be moving on with my fear. ... (22 replies)
... s and is my first love, first everything. When we broke up I was in my second yr of college, I then turned to alcohol and of course lead to risky behavior. I had multiple partners within a 8 month period. ... (6 replies)
... and two urine HIV tests. In my OCD state I thought I would eliminate the possibility of false reading with multiple tests. Any how hey arrived. ... (4 replies)

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