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... my armpits feel swollen and like a fatty feeling, when i wake up there is like a slight pain in the armpit... ... (22 replies)
... months, it's subsides but keep coming back again with neck pain. ... (10 replies)
... Why I'm feeling the pain in my lymph nodes even though they cannot be felt by hand. ... (10 replies)

... After 4 weeks I started with armpit pain with lump for two days exactly on top of my right nipple. ... (10 replies)
Hiv symptoms
May 2, 2014
... d a very low risk exposure possibly to hiv on feb 21st. About three weeks later I started to get diarrhea that lasted me a while, along with a swollen lymph node in my armpit that was the size of a marble. ... (8 replies)
... or example in my case where I had a lot of complaints during the ars time period which my dr agreed on and than add the fact that the country where it took place in is very high risk and than combined with the abrasion I had during all of it I feel like the percentage is more like 99. ... (6 replies)
... We kept in touch over the years and last year we found ourselves both single again and living in different cities. After a few months of phone flirting, he came to visit. ... (31 replies)
... Do you have swollen lympn nodes in the neck armpit, groin? ... (12 replies)
... Exactly 3 months ago, I had an unprotected exposure with a girl in Mexico. I went to the hotel from a club w her and we had sex. The next morning I saw blood on the sheets and I think it was hers. ... (1 replies)
Possible ARS ?
Sep 10, 2007
... my newest one is a lymph node enlarge which you can see in my neck, sharp pain in my armpit and groin area, its just a sharp pain. ... (4 replies)
Possible ARS ?
Sep 4, 2007
... Hey, I had a exposure about 4 weeks ago, and 2 weeks later I got sick, really bad, right now I still get sharp pain in my armpit, neck, and groin area. No bumps or anything, just a sharp pain in those area for a sec or so., then they go away and come back. ... (4 replies)
... Pain in my neck. Abdominal pain. The node seems swollen under my chin, I've even had a lump under my armpit. the BV might be coming back, text pain. ... (6 replies)
... I am sure i got it... 6 days after that i wake up with pain in the stomach and diarrhea, next few days i got mild headache and 37.2 temperature. ... (8 replies)
So stressed
Oct 16, 2014
... Hi all,20 weeks ago i had an encounter with a CSW. We started by hugging and body rubbing with clothes on. Then i removed my clothes and she removed hers. I put on a Condom and masturbated as she played with herself. Just that. Nowhere did i touch her,nowhere did she touch me. No any sex,no kissing,no any fluid contact! Then 4 weeks later, fever,severe sore throat,muscle... (6 replies)
... g about having sex with a shemale for some time on the 15th of September early Sunday morning half drunk from a night out I decided to find a shemale prostitute in my area and get things done once and for all. ... (6 replies)
... and then protected intercourse. i didnt get any flu or any other illness in the last 2 months and all of a sudden i got this armpit lump. ... (7 replies)
Scare i have hiv
Nov 26, 2012
... for hiv yesterday and tomorw i will be getting the so terrified now...cant rest,cant jst really really worried..i have no symptom of hiv in me now...but under my private part i have rashes and also my armpit....and a slight stiffness at the back of my neck,pain in my lower abdomen .... ... (2 replies)
... all sorry for the long description but i wanted to tell each and every details. Thank you for the good work that you all are doing it really helps people who are in similar situation like me. ... (9 replies)
... g wrong with my body, i can feel pea sized lymph nodes on the neck painless and moveable, lymph nodes on the horizantal part of the groin area which a little bit pain when i touch it, i can confirm both of the lymph nodes are swollen as i am fat, and sometimes i can feel a little discomfort in the armpit area.......... ... (71 replies)
... Exactly 6 days ago, ive had a protected sex with a sex worker in a hotel. The pimp that provided the sex worker were related to the Triads gang in my place. ... (71 replies)

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