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... Then you should advice from a doctor or dentist for your health concerns, best of luck. (3 replies)
... Anxiety just took over me and I can't calm myself down even if I tried. I have a white tongue not sure if it is oral thrush or just white coating from anxiety dry mouth. It goes away when I brush it but if I don't eat or drink for a long time it comes back, It is not painful when I brush and not painful when I swallow and it doesn't bleed. (3 replies)
... I wouldn't ask you at all why you don't get tested, I would ask you why you think protected sex is a risk of HIV transmission when 13 year olds are taught at school, that safe sex is safe sex, no debates, no ifs or buts, its safe sex - period. My advice, get educated on sex and get help for your anxiety, best of luck. (3 replies)

... Hi guys, Exactly 7 weeks ago I had protected sex with a sex worker which didn't last more than 2 mins because I felt so bad i got up and left. fast forward into the 5th week I heard a dry cough and anxiety attack got me, Major diarrhea and upset stomach because I thought I have HIV. Soon enough I releaized that the Diarrhea was just a side effect of Anxiety however I still... (3 replies)
Hiv fear
Oct 29, 2014
... Dear everyone, my story starts with an unprotected oral sex received and frottage (rubbing of her vagina with my penis) with condom. my lips was also bitten punctured by the girl but wasn't bleeding. few days later i brought the girl for checkup, test ab/ag neg bur pos for both herpes. Since then ( few days post exposure ), i was having symptoms mimic ARS such as muscle... (4 replies)
... Problem is I am not sure about her HIV status. Please response I am very scared. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I know that. It's just that I touched a random object on the bus. The next day my lymph nide on my neck got swollen. Three days later the other side of my neck got swollen. I have a sore throat also but no other symptoms. (6 replies)
... People don't get infected with HIV on public buses, but they do catch colds on them. You don't have an HIV concern. (6 replies)
... Most certainly a cold, it's the season for it. (6 replies)
... Could it possibly be the cold ? My sore throat is still here. (6 replies)
... Hi Vervlet, Your first statement is contradictory and makes no sense as firstly you say you had unprotected giving and receiving VAGINAL sex but lastly you say with a MAN. :confused: Please clarify (4 replies)
... I know I can post this one on my blog or something, but for many people who are looking at this forum after being stressed out, I hope this can give some respite. Almost a month back, I was negotiating with a commercial sex worker in Vietnam. 3 drunken nights of extremely high-risk behavior (unprotected sex, one of the ladies was going through her menses) and red dots... (1 replies)
... You have had the answers already about testing, so please read the posts. ... (7 replies)
... For anyone willing to answer my questions, please do not say that I had a no risk exposure, because I am confident that the virus will not distinguish between oral, vaginal or anal. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you so much. I'm starting to get over my anxiety since I started to connect the dots. When I walked out the bus I put on hand sanitizer and I woulve felt a burn if I was injected. You made me feel better when I realized that I wasn't bleeding that day. (6 replies)
... If you injected with a needle you would know as it would bleed and hurt a lot !! You have nothing to worry about. (6 replies)
... Try the Anxiety Forum and/or seek professional mental help. (11 replies)
... How can I deal with the anxiety this brings me? It is certainly an on and off thing. According to each of you, I had no risk. Why do other sites say differently? I have even spoke to the HIV counselor at the health department here and he said that it was a really small risk and I shouldn't be concerned but, THE ANXIETY. I'm on meds but how can I put this behind me? Advice? (11 replies)
... Two or three weeks ago I decided to become sexually active again and got a test . Came out HIV negative but last week on the public bus there was a jacket and I decided to see if there was an ID and I touched a random object. It was black and yellow. I got scared and dropped it. I told my dad about it and he said it to joke around but I took it seriously, he said becareful if... (6 replies)
... Thank you all for your reassurance. It has certainly calmed me down a bit. I appreciate your help. (11 replies)

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