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... Please can somebody just help me put this behind me my I'm covered in rashes all over this is freaking me out I heard the 66 weeks duo is 95% reliable I'm gonna test at 8 and 12 weeks will it change (4 replies)
... i will go for the duo test tomorrow i will update u guys about my results. hopefully u are all proven right and i am just imagining things. thanks for your reply (7 replies)
... No, you cannot. (7 replies)

... Hi, I went to strip club last week and when she was dancing she suddenly opened up my penis and tried to insert into her. I was drunk and couldn't say no. it was about 1-2 mins and I am pretty sure that I did not fully insert because I did not feel it and also did not find any vaginal fluids on my penis after when I went to restroom and cleaned up my penis with water and... (3 replies)
... Honestly, please don't worry. ... (1 replies)
... i had intercourse back in feburaury. he could not get an erection so the intercourse lasted at most 3 seconds. there was no semen present. i was tested 34 days after exposure which came back negative. ive heard thats the usual time for a person to build up antibodies?? im not sure what test was used but hopefully they use the newest up to date test which ive heard can detect... (1 replies)
... your imagination is being overactive find something else to focus on or get help because you are afraid of something that just isn't going to happen. (7 replies)
... what you describe really doesn't matter all sexual HIV infections occur inside of the body during penetrative sex. the chances of you being infected are zero. plus you have no idea if your partner even has HIV to begin with. find something else to occupy your overactive imagination you are wasting your effort looking for something that just ain't gonna happen.. good... (3 replies)
... Thank you so much for the quick reply. Even though there was no penetration but there was some rubbing happened with penis and vagina. Will there be a chance of contracting from those fluids? I am positive that I did not see fluids but just in case if I inserted for 1 or 2 mins what are the chances of getting it from that abrasion? Sorry to ask the same thing again. (3 replies)
... hi i got hiv-1 rna pcr test done at day 11 and the result was target not detected, i would get an hiv duo test done on friday which would be day 29. i havent had any symtopms as of yet but on day 26 on tuesday morning i have developed an ulcer in my mouth. it may be because i ate a lot of spicy food 2-3 days before i developed the ulcer and summer here in india temperatures r... (7 replies)
... I would agree with you doctor. Your tests more or less indicate your status and you have all ready over tested so I think he is trying help you by reducing your focus on hiv. I have never heard of anyone testing positive after 6 weeks so have faith. (8 replies)
... Hey again, The doctor decided not to administer another hiv test. He said i could test at 3 months if I wanted but he thinks that this would be unnecessary. He wasn't my primary doctor. What do you think? Would you test to 3 months or would you deem my test conclusive enough? (8 replies)
... no penetration = no risk abrasion or not you should not have a HIV concern. (3 replies)
My hiv risk ?
May 3, 2016
... hi sorry to bother again but i wanted to tell i keep getting cold like symptoms which goes away and come again. it's like 4th time i get cold like symptoms, it all starts with sneezing then the nose clogged,sore throat and some fatigue, no fever or rash or whatever, the temperature in my country keep changing everyday, one day it's like summer hot the next day it's cold... (7 replies)
... Thank you. I just wanna say your courageous and I know you said your positive and you take the time to help others. I used a condom and I was safe it Just broke but when she told me she might have it and she doesn't care who gets it I freaked out.she said she didn't feel well and I should get checked. I have and appointment tomorrow to take a duo test. If it comes back... (8 replies)
... No, one truvada pill isn't going to affect your results. If you wish you can have a confirmatory antibody test at 3 months. You should expect negatives from here on out. (8 replies)
... Thank you so much. Maybe I've been over thinking. Last question I did mention I took one pep pill. The truvada pill. I read they are pretty strong. Can one pill cause false negatives 42 days after? I took the pill on day 3. If not could those antibiotics and the one truvada pill cause the diarrhea? Sorry I know its a gross question. (8 replies)
... i have never seen that happen. first hand i tested positive after only 19 days and that was the first test i took. i'm sure it would of shown up even sooner if i had tested earlier. if HIV was causing your symptoms, it wouldn't be able to hide from a test. that is why i think you should put it behind you and focus on something else. (8 replies)
... Thank you. Have you seen anyone test positive after a negative after 6 weeks. Also does my rna test count for anything? (8 replies)
... i would say you don't have HIV. the tests say so. good luck (8 replies)

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