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... Well please explain how seaman can drip down your back and get inside your anus? ... (9 replies)
... Two days ago I had a sexual encounter with a guy who claimed he did not have STDs (I'm male too), during which we masturbated each other and he gave me oral sex. We didn't penetrate each other at all (no actual intercourse), but before I knew it, he ended up ******* and shot his load all over me (he had quite a lot of semen). I literally felt his semen land right next to my... (9 replies)
Hiv scare
Jul 5, 2015
... Hello. I am scared right now. Last year December I was in a very bad state. I had sex with someone I met the same day. I used protection but I also use my mouth and tasted her vaginal fluids. Then I kissed a girl and exchanged saliva with her. Who's body was very hot. "Feverish" so I'm thinking she probably has HIV. I took a test in January and it came out negative. I kept on... (4 replies)

... Its not a question, its a what if situation and that situation did not happen, so its all pointless speculation. You didn't have a risk but I cannot keep going on about whats ifs, they serve no purpose at all. (9 replies)
... It didn't drip down my back. My legs were sort of open and I was lying down. The semen hit the area of the actual anus. I know, it sounds crazy, but that's what happened unfortunately. The question is, if it managed to get inside the little area that is always open there. That I don't know. (9 replies)
... Apollo, I really do appreciate your replies and am not trying to be difficult. But as I have a broad understanding of the human anatomy, and have been reading up on this a lot, I'm still unclear as to if transmission can occur to a membrane that has not had friction applied to it? After all, the anus and rectum are known to absorb fluids, etc. (for example suppositories) very... (9 replies)
... Well the membrane ( inside the anus )is a route of transmission due to the friction that occurs from anal sex, but that never happens its something you don't need to worry about. Take in mind the person needs to have HIV which is unlikely anyway and no one has been infected ever from a situation like this, you are not going to be the first. HIV is passed on inside the body... (9 replies)
... I hope you are right, because I've never had anyone ejaculate even close to my anus. This is a total nightmare! Having to wonder and try to remember if it was on the anus or near it, etc. Is the mucous membrane actually inside the anus, like you would have to push a finger (or more) into that area to reach the area that is risky for HIV infection? Or would it be enough for... (9 replies)
... Ifs and and's, and pot and pans. Sticking with your specific facts is the only way to resolve your question. You never had seaman directly into your anus. You never had a cut deep enough for concern, so their no way you could get infected. (9 replies)
... Thank you for the quick reply. I've read a lot about HIV infection and the ways it usually happens. However what if semen is ejaculated directly onto the anus? If there's a cut there, or some of the semen actually gets into the anus, couldn't this be considered a risk factor, as it could potentially still enter the bloodstream and cause infection (it only was exposed to air... (9 replies)
... Seaman that is exposed to air becomes inactive and unable to replicate, so even if their was a cut, which is not likely at all as you would have steams of blood, the seaman would pose no risk. Its also impossible for seaman to travel up your anus. You do not need pep and you do not need to test for HIV, hope that helps. (9 replies)
... Guys...I'm going to tell you my story. I know it sounds similar to others and that you will tell me what you tell everyone else, I just have to get this out and let you know just how f*cking afraid I am. Last April I began working a new Job in NYC. After a few months, I was stressed and going through a lot of things in my life...a moment of weakness lead me to visit an... (2 replies)
Jul 1, 2015
... Oraquick tests are approved by the FDA and are just as conclusive as any other antibody test for HIV. You do not have HIV. Please move on. ... (8 replies)
... I second Apollo's answer. ABSOLUTELY, UNEQUIVOCALLY NO HIV RISK WHATSOEVER from the situation you describe. EVEN if she was HIV positive. EVEN if you had a cut or sore in your mouth. EVEN if you ingested infected fluids. Please don't give it another thought. (3 replies)
Broken condom
Jun 28, 2015
... ok up is about how men are at lower risk then women when a condom breaks. I never see anything about women and their risk level when a condom breaks. Can someone please comment back and tell me? ... (4 replies)
... Can you please explain why i was not at risk? ... (7 replies)
... Can you please weigh in? ... (7 replies)
... cted and I was just wondering if I could of contacted HIV or not since I don't truly know how many partners they've had before . This is truly making me paranoid please help! ... (1 replies)
... Sry.. for too many question but please answer me please.. ... (4 replies)
... it only effects people who have had HIV for a long time. whatever you have is not related to HIV. (18 replies)

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