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Receiving Oral Sex
Sep 24, 2014
... Hello. I have been very concerned about the possibility of acquiring HIV from receiving unprotected fellatio. I have not had any unprotected penetrative sex encounters, and pretty much my only exposure is receiving unprotected fellatio from other my sex partners. I have not performed oral sex on any of them. Now what if any of them was HIV positive, would I contract the virus?... (2 replies)
... s. I am bothered in such a way that i cant have a test here because if it will result to positive, i will be deported an unemployed. I have a family to support. Please help me. Please sir, maam. Good day and thanks in advance. ... (8 replies)
... While 3 months is still the official window for a 100% accurate test result, a test at 6 weeks is extremely reassuring. Somewhere around 99% of people would test positive for HIV at 6 weeks, were they actually infected. Most people will have detectable antibodies around 21-23 days after infection. Please don't start testing endlessly. With a 6 week negative, the chances... (2 replies)

... I met a woman and after about 4 weeks of dating we had sex. Which was protected sex. The sex did not last very long as one of her kids came home so the sex was less than 15-20 seconds but the oral before that like 5 minutes long and that was also protected by condom actually the same condom. Anyways I got a sore throat and for like 2 weeks maybe a few days longer and had... (6 replies)
... as told by a sexual health doctor that having an open sore or sores such as herpes or other side ANYWHERE on your penis can make you more susceptible to hiv. So please don't think I'm some ignorant uneducated person looking for attention and sympathy. I've grown incredibly smart on this over the past 8 months. ... (9 replies)
... You never had a risk to begin with so your symptom speculation is pointless. I will not comment further. Please take any further concerns to a mental health professional. ... (5 replies)
... I know I sound mad and irrational. Please reply. ... (9 replies)
... et a great guy and he insists that we both get tested. It's very nerve racking because I noticed even more swollen lymph nodes. I just pray I get another chance. Please Send Me You Good Energy Guys. ... (13 replies)
... ted yet as this happened 4 weeks ago but I plan to within the next few weeks. Sorry about the confusion it's just I am so anxious and scared I just need answers, please bless me with some knowledge which is relevant to my situation and thank you for you replies you guys have really started to ease my mind. ... (10 replies)
... Oh my God, you literally scared me with that lol but please understand it's the timing of the diarrhoea which has gotten me very worried, I have been anxious and very stressed, which could be a cause but I just want to hear if this is a common symptom. I hope I am not annoying anyone it's just such a difficult time for me I've never been this stressed. (If anyone has similar... (10 replies)
... Thank you, I know I cannot self diagnose myself but the diarrhoea just makes me feel like I am sure I've been infected. I know we don't go by symptoms but can diarrhoea alone be a symptom of ARS? Please I need to ease my mind I need answers please. Also, will a 4th week test be worth it? (10 replies)
... feel my stomach aching and gurgling. Please help me I am so terrified, I have never been this stressed and anxious over anything in my life before. ... (10 replies)
... I just had a protected sex with a sex worker yesterday (2nd August), whom i do not know her health status. The condom was worn only covering 3/4 of my penis (about 5cm exposed at the base of my penis, other than that my penis was covered by the condom). My penis was not fully erected when i wore it and even when i had sex with her. I am also not sure whether i wore it properly... (6 replies)
... Recently I had an encounter with a girl I had known for just about a year now. Here's what happened and just so you know I am uncircumcised. I will try to relay all the facts that I can remember: We begun with some mild teasing and playing with her beasts. I then brushed up against some fluid on her thigh, I suspect it might have been vaginal fluid and I haven't a clue how... (2 replies)
... Hi Guys I am from North America, male, 30 years old. Yesterday, in a moment of shameful ignorance, I went to a massage parlor and had protected sex with a lady. I was wearing a condom all the while before it broke. As soon as it broke, I immediately pulled out and washed it with soap. My unprotected exposure was for less than 2 seconds. I saw no blood or abrasion on my... (4 replies)
... First has already been said....HIV symptoms are non specific. Meaning that any one of the thousands of illnesses humans get can and will cause them as well. I myself had a sore throat and the runs last week. Who cares? Your partner seems to be on top (no pun intended) of his status. At this point it is just a waiting game till you can test, but your risk is very ,... (5 replies)
... I am worried sick and feel like my life is over. I can't get tested for HIV for another week and am constantly searching the web and freaking myself out. Please Help, Thank you. ... (1 replies)
... Can you please offer your opinion of the likelihood of me contracting the virus from this event? ... (5 replies)
Afraid I have HIV
Aug 30, 2014
... Not sure how to start but here we go.........I had sex with a lady that I wish never would have happened as she does anything for money to support a drug habit but anyways that gives you an ideal of what type of person I was with. She gave me oral which I did insist on a condom and so she gave the oral and stroked me at the same time and was not gentle as she just wanted to... (1 replies)
Aug 27, 2014
... Bottom line risk or no risk how accurate will a oral home test be at 9 weeks and please give me the comfort by answering this question and not just respond no risk I am very scared. ... (5 replies)

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