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... People don't get infected with HIV on public buses, but they do catch colds on them. You don't have an HIV concern. (5 replies)
... Most certainly a cold, it's the season for it. (5 replies)
... Could it possibly be the cold ? My sore throat is still here. (5 replies)

... I know I can post this one on my blog or something, but for many people who are looking at this forum after being stressed out, I hope this can give some respite. Almost a month back, I was negotiating with a commercial sex worker in Vietnam. 3 drunken nights of extremely high-risk behavior (unprotected sex, one of the ladies was going through her menses) and red dots... (1 replies)
... You have had the answers already about testing, so please read the posts. ... (7 replies)
... For anyone willing to answer my questions, please do not say that I had a no risk exposure, because I am confident that the virus will not distinguish between oral, vaginal or anal. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you so much. I'm starting to get over my anxiety since I started to connect the dots. When I walked out the bus I put on hand sanitizer and I woulve felt a burn if I was injected. You made me feel better when I realized that I wasn't bleeding that day. (5 replies)
... If you injected with a needle you would know as it would bleed and hurt a lot !! You have nothing to worry about. (5 replies)
... Try the Anxiety Forum and/or seek professional mental help. (11 replies)
... How can I deal with the anxiety this brings me? It is certainly an on and off thing. According to each of you, I had no risk. Why do other sites say differently? I have even spoke to the HIV counselor at the health department here and he said that it was a really small risk and I shouldn't be concerned but, THE ANXIETY. I'm on meds but how can I put this behind me? Advice? (11 replies)
... Two or three weeks ago I decided to become sexually active again and got a test . Came out HIV negative but last week on the public bus there was a jacket and I decided to see if there was an ID and I touched a random object. It was black and yellow. I got scared and dropped it. I told my dad about it and he said it to joke around but I took it seriously, he said becareful if... (5 replies)
... Thank you all for your reassurance. It has certainly calmed me down a bit. I appreciate your help. (11 replies)
... HIV is not passed on in the manner you discribe/fear. you have no reason to test. your results will always be negative move on... (11 replies)
... Would you run out tomorrow and get tested for Ebola? Probably not, because you haven't been exposed to it. This situation is no different. You have not come into contact with HIV either and therefore there's no reason to take an HIV test. Normally people don't go running around testing themselves for diseases they haven't come into contact with because it's a waste of time and... (11 replies)
... Thank you for the reply! I'll ask you this same question: I can expect a negative result from this incident? When is the earliest I can do a rapid oral or rapid finger ***** test for this incident that would give me a good indication of my status? I did a rapid finger ***** at 2 weeks, no where near conclusive, but it was negative. Thanks! (11 replies)
... HIV when exposed to air becomes inactive, its a very fragile virus and needs specific environments to replicate, basically only in the body, never when its outside the body. (11 replies)
... Can you explain the biology or logic behind your answer? I would appreciate it! (11 replies)
... Hi Vervlet, Your first statement is contradictory and makes no sense as firstly you say you had unprotected giving and receiving VAGINAL sex but lastly you say with a MAN. :confused: Please clarify (4 replies)
... Hello all, I've been really freaking out these last few weeks. In February of this year, I had unprotected sex two times with someone I was dating (anal sex, I was receiving). BEFORE that though, we both got tested and we were both negative via rap testing. We broke up in March, haven't had any sexual encounter since then. August 15th, I took a HIV test through my... (2 replies)
... That's what I said. (11 replies)

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