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... I know usually you have more than one swollen from hiv, but could it just cause one to be swollen. Please help I am so scared. I just want the nightmare to be over. ... (4 replies)
... Transmission requires penetration. Your doctor is being overly, overly, conservative. Expect negatives. (4 replies)
Worried about HIV
Aug 15, 2016
... Not an HIV issue. Transmission requires penetration. Please follow up with the mental health professional treating your OCD. (5 replies)

... That I cannot answer but from what you said, 100% certain you had not risk. (4 replies)
... But then why is the doctor saying that it is really important that I get retested?? (4 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear of your situation but the good news is yiu were never at risk. Hiv can only be passed on via unprotected sex or inside the body. Hiv cannot replicate outside the body. I hope that helps. (4 replies)
... Know a telling off. Use a condom please!! You know it's a hiv risk for hiv and only you can protect yourself, so please carry them. Also you can take pep if you had a risk. It's not great but better than the alternative.. Please look after yourself. ... (4 replies)
Worried about HIV
Aug 15, 2016
... Can you please explain in detail please ? ... (5 replies)
... All the ARS symptoms. Please understand that I'm not writing all but I have experienced all of them sevearly. ... (9 replies)
... symptoms mean nothing towards diagnosing HIV. they are not reliable enough to be used. the only way to know is getting tested. knowing that HIV is very hard to catch, i would doubt that you have it. but i would tell you to get tested to be sure. good luck (1 replies)
... hi all i had a sex with prostitute on 26 march and condom slip i mean its broken i did not realize and i discharge in her vagina. and then after 2 month i got high fever for 2 days and then after i was fine i took medicine and now after 4 month from sex day i got all symptoms of hiv. like high pain in my leg joint fever and skin rashes. is this all symptoms of hiv? is this... (1 replies)
... The reason why im questionijg my tests is because ive read alot of peoples forums and they name different types of test. And i just took a basic rapid test at a clinic i just wanted to know can i just move on and stop having anxiety from it. Please writw back (14 replies)
... And can i finally have sex with my girl unprotected if i wanted too when i know shes negative. Please help me i havent lived my life cause im in fear that i could possivly still have it. Any more testing require. And are rapid test legit. ... (14 replies)
... Apollo123 thank you so much for replying, I do appreciate your input and advise. I am sorry if I added a lot lol.... I just wanted to make sure if it is safe to move on!! Thank you again and God bless you :) (2 replies)
... For a short post you added a lot lol. Lets make this easy. HIV is passed on via unprotected ( in sexual ways ) and ANY test like you have taken will be conclusive 12 weeks after that exposure. So your tests were fine and from i understand, you have nothing to worry about. (2 replies)
... Hello keep my story short: August 2013: Unprotected sex with a girl for less then a minute. January 2014: Oraquick home HIV 1/2 test, I followed instructions, the result is Negative. One line next to the C and no line next to the T. March 2014: Oraquick home HIV 1/2: Negative. April 2014: Oraquick home HIV 1/2: Negative. August 2014: STD Clinic Planned parenthood:... (2 replies)
... How do I attach a pic of that bleeding pimple? I popped and scratched it myself and it was bleeding and I think it as I was scratching the already popped pimple it was bleeding even more. Now without covering the wound I went outside to buy books so I am afraid HIV infected blood might have come in contact with that open wound. My question is 1)how deep a cut must be to be a... (7 replies)
... and then accidentally rubbed my hand against the bleeding pimple. Sorry if i may sound crazy but i am loosing sleep over this.. I have an exam but cant study please help me out. ... (7 replies)
... cuts provide a direct access to the bloodstream for the HIV virus. Please help me out I am extremely worried. I have an entrance exam soon but can't study due to anxiety.Sorry if I sound haphazard I am extremely worried. ... (7 replies)
HIV risk?
Jul 30, 2016
... I put a relatives vibrator in my butt. I did not clean it before using. It was inside a draw. She has no STDs. She used it hours or even days before I did. Please help I am worried. ... (1 replies)

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