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... Hi all After 10months I have finally worked up the courage to have a HIV test. The test was at a clinic and I had a Rapid (finger-*****) test and also a normal lab test (blood taken from my arm). My Rapid test was negative and I am now awaiting the result of my lab test to come back. It has been 10months since my possible exposure. Can I be confident in my Rapid test... (2 replies)
... Pep stops the production of antibodys and can delay the sero, so experts also stated 12 weeks after the last dose of pep. If it was me I would follow the later. (13 replies)
... Thank you and please god bless you all. ... (13 replies)

... Dears, I'm ashamed of myself to say this I had sex with a sex worker a month ago (PROTECTED) After around 10 days I found that tongue is had a fury white coat on my tongue and red dots as well Plus that my muscles were hurting me a lot Also a flu-like symptoms (without fever) I was really frightened so I went to STD clinic the doctor told me that whats on my tongue... (3 replies)
... and had another test done and its july and I still cannot function and let go of fear . I do not know how to use this website real well can somebody please help me and tell me where the forum is for people like me that have fear and cannot let it go? ... (10 replies)
... Hi, I'm looking for some help from expert as I'm freaking it out. My exposure was receptive unprotected anal sex 13 weeks ago and I have had FULL symptoms for several weeks and those symptoms are slowly but going away (May be ARS followed by sero conversion) I went OO Country for some vacation and while I was there I got following tests done and results came back and... (5 replies)
... Sorry, I didn't to be paranoid. In my mind, always think that I will test positive at 3 months mark. How much chance that I might test positive at 3 months. I really afraid that I will test positive. Please help! Thanks (13 replies)
... Dear Everyone First, I would like to thanks for all the hard work you guys put in. I am 28 years old. On may 20, I had one possible exposure with involve with broken condom with KTV girl in Cambodia. I believed I was inside her for one minute max or maybe less while the condom broke. Due to under influent of alcohol, Then, I changed the condom and finished the... (13 replies)
... Well from a health point of view, its not HIV, thats for sure, the rest you going to have to work with your doctor, but you might find the stress you have put yourself under will effect your body, so once to calm down, you will find you start to feel more like yourself. (14 replies)
... TY SOTM and you are right that if I had symptoms from starting of May, I would have gotten this in test already. But the fear itself is a scary. I some times try to convince myself that I had RNA test done ad 40 and 57 days and if antibodies were not detected then that test would have shown something else. The other thing is my GP don't even know if what else needs to be... (14 replies)
... If any of your symptoms were actually HIV, you would have had a positive test result already. Diarrhea, tinnitus, and gum color are not even symptoms associated with HIV. "I may just get all test done at 90 day or 100 day mark or something." Will you accept those tests as conclusive? I would be expecting the same negative result you have already had here. (14 replies)
... Hi, My biggest concern so far is these symptoms which is not going away: 1) Chronic diarrhea from last month, everyday 2) tinnitus on both ear and sometimes episode of ear pressure 3) My teeth gums has turned dry and light pinkish (it used to be pinkish red...) (14 replies)
... TY smiteler. I'll get other STD panel at 13 week (90 days) just to make sure that something else is not causing this. At 6 week I had : HSV-1/2,Hepatitis A/B/C Gonorrhea,Chlamydia,Syphilis At 9/12 week I had : HBsAg (Hepatitis B surface Antigen), HCV - Non reactive Not sure which would have been within window period and which would not have been ..... I may just... (14 replies)
... you do not have HIV. i suggest that you move on from it... (14 replies)
... Update : My 12 week (84 days) 4th Gen Ab/Ag test turn out to be -ve. Hopefully it remains same that way. The only concern that I have is that, in my previous exposures I may have caught any other STDs and that may put myself in compromised situation where my body does not produce enough antibodies and/or seroconverting between 3 to 6 month. (14 replies)
... Thank you so much! God bless you (5 replies)
... false negatives are not heard of. You have no reason to test again. (5 replies)
... Yeah! I've found a lot of reviews that concluded a 4th Gen test at 28 days. Some at 6 weeks. And definitely at 3Months. So I think I'll let it go and believe my 3 month result. (5 replies)
... I found some information that says it takes about 3 months to be able to detect the HIV antibodies. But then another source said 3 to 6 months. So you might want to get retested after 6 months just to be sure. (5 replies)
... any test taken after 90 days is considered conclusive. you do not have HIV. (5 replies)

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