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... you had no risk the virus will die when out in the air so the blood you touched was noninfectious. there is no need for a test . (1 replies)
... Hello There was a small blood spot sitting on the bed cover for some time and I touched it with my finger and my finger had small cut (it was bleeding few minutes earlier) is there a risk? Should I test? (1 replies)
... Planning to take 4gen rapid test 28 days past exposure. I have few questions 1. Will it be conclusive? 2. Or I will have to take a test where they take blood from hand and send to the lab for 4th gen? 3. Heard a lot of people talking about PCR tests and say that's the one which is 100% accurate and not 99.9% 4. What is the window period of PCR test? Looking forward to... (9 replies)

... Thanks again (7 replies)
... Yes of course you can, just a simple HIV test will be fine. (7 replies)
... Thanks for the perspective , much appreciated . I now understand that receiving oral is not a risk , i was asking when I could take hiv test , and what test to ask for , simply to completely erase my anxiety. (7 replies)
... What test, what illness do you have, as this is a HIV forum and you never had a risk, testing offers no medical value, but any time after 4 weeks if you need but take in mind all she has done is kiss your penis not your lips, so would test after kissing someone? (7 replies)
... Thanks for the response . What test and when should I do it to ultimately rid my anxiety ? Thanks again (7 replies)
... It helps , thanks . My guilt and anxiety is through the roof. (7 replies)
... Saliva is not infectious, so you have nothing at all to worry about, I hope that helps. (7 replies)
... Ok so my anxiety is literally ruining my life as we speak , I can't function . Here is what happened , I received an un-protected blow job from a woman last Friday . 5-10 minutes until I ejaculated in her mouth . From what I feel like I've read a man receiving a blow job isn't very likely to contract it , is that thought to be correct ? I'm sorry I'm going crazy , I have... (7 replies)
What is my risk?
Jun 29, 2016
... About 4 weeks ago I had a BBQ at my house with friends and strangers. I am a diabetic that injects insulin daily with a 4mm pen needle (hallow needle). The day of the BBQ I accidentally left my needles on the counter. My fear is that someone who may have HIV could have accidentally pricked themselves with one of my needles (and not have told me) and I later used it on myself... (3 replies)
... I wonder if you please can educate me about HIV transmition. Maybe I can figure it out easier than reading and hiv book. I need to know why I am not a risk. ... (3 replies)
... I have not had a reasonable answer to my question. I am under a lot of stress, since i am having unprotected sex with my wife after the incident that happens to me two days ago. He grabbed both pene together and masturbated for 3 min, no *** involved maybe precum, the head of my pene did not touch his pene`head. after that i give him a handjob for about 3 min, he... (3 replies)
... I feel worried now, and please someone help me what to do. It happens about 2 hours ago. ... (5 replies)
... hi, i am extremely worried and depressed for the past 2 months over a mistake i made. i had a high risk exposure with a CSW. i was under influence of heavy alcohol and had a brief 30 second unprotected vaginal sex with a CSW. she sucked my nipples and later i wore a condom and I had protected vaginal and oral sex. I just went to sleep as i was so drunk and when I woke up... (1 replies)
... Hi. today i had sex with this man i met online. now i am concern about hiv and other std ... do i need to go and get tested for this incident, at the end i had to finish myself pull out the condom and came...... i brought the condom to my house and checked it. filled with water and there was not holes in it, no leaking. please give me details as much as you can guys ,... (5 replies)
... Thank you all.. The girl came over with me for a test and she was negative. I will be testing in few weeks. Still the thought bugs me sometimes but your posts give me hope. Will keep everyone posted (9 replies)
... Too drunk that you blacked out, I guess u would have been too drunk to maintain an erection let alone have sex... Cheers (9 replies)
... IF you actually had a risk, yes. Expect a negative. (9 replies)

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