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... the thing is i'm fairly certain i've contracted herpes from this...classic prodromal symptoms minus the lesions for two weeks now. as I've had a cold sore on my lip before I'm pretty certain this would he hsv2, which increases the viral load of hiv. this plus the abrasion and the fact that i'm uncircumcized is what scares me. please advise (6 replies)
... Few days ago , I was sex with Pros in Bharian . Only for one time and after that I am in fear of HIV. First of all I dn't know that girl have the HIV or not . I kissed her and also fingering then I try to put my penis without condom , but it's not happened as it was not hard then I try to make it hard with my hand and touches the vagina top where vagina fluid present, with... (4 replies)
Freaking out
Aug 27, 2015
... What about the cases mentioned by cdc about cunnilingus. I really really want to move on but lymph nodes are freaking me out. Please help me out here (8 replies)

... not for HIV if you think something is wrong, you might want to explore testing for other things. looking for HIV is a total waste of your time. so much of a waste that i would be money on the outcome. it can only be passed on under certian conditions that you haven't come close to meeting. (6 replies)
... final question: would you recommend testing for my scenario (6 replies)
Freaking out
Aug 26, 2015
... Can anyone please answer these questions. ... (8 replies)
... with or without a condom with or without herpes with or without a abraision oral sex is not a route for HIV transmission. you do not have a HIV issue. (6 replies)
... anyone???? (6 replies)
... HIV is not passed on in the manner you discribe. whatever you are feeling is not HIV related. those symptoms could be caused by hundreds of things. HIV is not one of them. see a doctor if they persist good luck (6 replies)
... hi i'm an uncircumcized man in his early 20's and 13 days ago I got very intoxicated and ordered a csw over. she performed fairly rough and deep protected oral sex on me for 5-7 minutes and I did not ejaculate. I felt some pain during this and upon later inspection noticed a minor abrasion near the corona of the head (this has happened in the past as well). i'm fairly certain... (6 replies)
... now I can't go back to normal life! no cheating.......all tests did by CDC with rapidtest kit, please help me to evaluate my case with your professional experiences, thank you very much! ... (3 replies)
... Hi everyone, i'm a 21 year old girl and had unprotected sex with a guy 4 and a half months ago, today I went to get a 10 minute HIV test done (just to make sure) and the results came out negative. But for some reason i'm still scared, is there any way the test might of messed up? That i could actually have HIV? Please help :( (5 replies)
... Get your test done now, go in a shop and stop the pointless speculation because it will only create more concern for you, please get a pregnancy test done now.. ... (12 replies)
... recently been tested negative. However he also admitted sleeping with a sex worker with no condom two weeks before our encounter and I think he is worried also. Please tell me what you think! It's an awfull situation. Thank you for your understanding. ... (12 replies)
... This is not due to HIV.Please consult your doctor and I will suggest take a duo after 4 weeks. Again I'll repeat this is not due to HIV.Please see your doctor. (4 replies)
... i am realy sorry for disturbing you again.. i can't sleep and i am suffering for pain with my testis :( İ do not why tomorrow is 11th day. do you advice HIV PCR RNA test. i want to be relax... please help me.. (4 replies)
Anxiety now
Aug 25, 2015
... Honestly, i would not test again. The last test is conclsuive pure and simple, its just IMPOSSIBLE for you to have HIV with the tests you have taken and more so with DUO tests, your all good, 100% sure. Im not sure what country your from, but god this place has no idea about testing times. 6 months was outdated in 2004, 11 years ago lol. Icey, please accept your test,... (8 replies)
Chances of risk
Aug 25, 2015
... I had vaginal intercourse with sex worker using single kohinoor pink pleasure condom.after surfing a lot about condoms i came across articles that condoms have tiny holes.if we really assume that condoms have tiny holes or two- three holes then what are chances of contracting hiv for male frm such conditions.please answer this question bcoz this hole in condom therory is... (3 replies)
Aug 25, 2015
... Grateful and thankful for you reply again and again. Please reply these two concerns. ... (14 replies)
Aug 24, 2015
... Please kindly reply. I am waiting. Very worried. Thanks. (14 replies)

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