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... Zero. Your posting here isn't going to help your anxiety. As I said, you need to get off the subject of HIV or you're going to drive yourself crazy. There's not much more we can tell you. (9 replies)
... I actually haven't been hounding him. We have left together over the past year about once a month. Im not sure he even knows his status. Throughout the past year before having protected sex, he would rub his penis all around my vagina and I would always push him away because he wasn't protected, what are the chances of being infected from that? (9 replies)
HIV risk
Mar 29, 2015
... I am worried please advise. Thank you. ... (1 replies)

... The chance he actually has HIV is extremely low. The chance you would have caught it, were he actually infected, from such a brief exposure is also very low. Your anxiety over this is causing you to hound him I assuming, that is probably why he is not responding. If him having a test would calm your anxiety, I would call him or text him once more, and calmly apologize for... (9 replies)
... hello everyone, I have doing ok until now. I have found out that he has been meeting people online, I am sure having sex. The day after we had the encounter we txt back and forth and I told him I wanted him to get tested and he said he could Monday (tmw) that it wasn't a problem. I haven't heard from since wed. His phone goes straight to voicemail. I am so worried... (9 replies)
... Please help me out, and also please explains your reasoning to me to help me educate as well. I really appreciate it. ... (1 replies)
... If you want to worry about HIV 2 then please do so, but time will prove the correct theory, money on it that I'm right. ... (43 replies)
... Symptoms mean nothing at all. Please ignore them all. That is anxiety acting up and making you notice every little thing. A test at 6 weeks is highly accurate. 4 weeks would give a good indication. ... (15 replies)
... So please don't start on the worry again, it's unessary rubbish. ... (43 replies)
... Please please help. i am especially worried about my neck as I know this is one of the early signs of HIV. ... (4 replies)
... I thought the risk was low, but you never know. Thks so much, I will try my best to take your advice & stay off the internet. (9 replies)
... hi Joggen would you be able to answer a question on my thread concerning 4th generation tests ?thanks (9 replies)
... To say your risk is remote is really overstating it. Try to focus on other things until you can test. If you lurk HIV forums and google HIV, I promise you that you'll drive yourself absolutely crazy. (9 replies)
... Thk you for your response. Ive asked him before & he said he's clean, but who knows, he could be lying. I plan to test at 3 months, just trying not to drive myself crazy thinking what if... (9 replies)
... Did you have a risk? Technically yes. Is it high enough to be concerned about? No, not in the least. Test at 3 months for peace of mind- expect negatives. In the meantime, if you can ask your partner for his testing history, that would be reassuring. (9 replies)
... Hi, I am a female who a week ago had sex with someone and I am not sure of his status. Before we had protected sex, I let him put it in and right back out unprotected, it was in for only a few seconds. Then I let him put it in and it was in for NO more than 15 seconds. Prior to that I gave him oral sex (unprotected) After that we had protected sex. We also attempted... (9 replies)
... Zero risk for HIV. HIV sexual transmission requires unprotected penetration. (1 replies)
... So basically 6 days ago while I was having sex with a prostitute that was visiting from Vegas my condom broke. It had completely exposed my organ inside her and to make matters worse I had ejaculated inside her aswell. The penetration didn't last long, as maybe 5 min max and possibly less time than that being exposed inside her. She assured me she gets tested every 6 months... (15 replies)
... This is a non-insertive sex, no intercourse was done. However, i am concerned that her vagina fluid was infected and transmitted to me through the penis hole. Please I need some explanation Thanks, (11 replies)
... Somebody please help if you have an idea of the odds of infection as I need some kind of reassurance to get a peace of mind, it would be greatly appreciated. ... (15 replies)

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