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Am I HIV infected?
Apr 20, 2014
... Protected sex is zero risk for HIV, so it is impossible for your symptoms to be from HIV. That is an anxiety issue. "Symptoms" can be caused by literally 1,000s of things. The only reason you are thinking HIV is because they came after your encounter. Again, protected sex is not a risk. Also, every single woman on this planet is not walking around with HIV. Even with... (6 replies)
Am I HIV infected?
Apr 20, 2014
... Thank you so much. What is making me worried is that I am feeling a mild throat pain right now (started around 15-16 day after the event) and I might have a slight fever (didn't measure it yet). Can this be related to HIV or should it be just caused by a cold? Please help me as I keep linking everything happening in my body to HIV. Thank you (6 replies)
Am I HIV infected?
Apr 20, 2014
... Hi all, 21 days ago, I had a protected sex with a prostitute. 1st she gave me oral with the condom on then had a vaginal sex with the condom on for like 30 sec, then I pulled back (no ejaculation), then she took the condom off and gave me a handjob. 7 days after, I felt mild pain in my left tonsil but gone in 2 days 9 days after, I felt burning / tingling sensation... (6 replies)

... First of all, I have posted once before and have probably asked the same redundant questions. However, please hear me out once again and tell me what you guys think. ... (1 replies)
HIV exposure
Apr 20, 2014
... Can you please give me some advice? ... (39 replies)
... No means Im not safe or i do not need to retest? Sorry, my english is bad. (24 replies)
... No, as per my post earlier in this thread, so please read it again and understand it. ... (24 replies)
... You stated all this before, nothing new and so my response is no different than before, you just did not have any risk at all. (5 replies)
... Thanks a lot for prompt reply. one more thing...suppose in the proccess of removal of condom some vaginal fluids may have touched my penis head. Afterwards I tried to wipe away the vaginal fluids via tissue paper, in that process, I may have forced some vaginal fluid on the opening of penis for 5-6 seconds , is it a matter of concern? As this is similar to the process of... (5 replies)
... hi i had a sex with a escort in Amsterdam, As per their agency they are checked regularly for HIV Then also I have a query I had protected sex wearing condom all the time, As it was my first time, after sex ,I removed condom in a way , such that some vaginal fluids might have touched my penis Then i cleaned the vaginal fluids with Tissue paper, is there a risk of... (5 replies)
... Nothing has changed from before. Protected sex is not a risk of HIV with what ever spin you want to put on it. (1 replies)
... Me again. .... I know you sll say my risk was low and my 5 weeks eas certain negative that will not change in 12 weeks however I can not shake the anxiety that it will change. Making me more afraid to test again. Here is why (sorry if its long) Now I am scared because this recent anxiety of contracting HIV have me doing a lot of research about the virus and the effect it... (23 replies)
... Blood work cannot detect HIV, only HIV tests. I also have and have had high and low white cell count and why, mainly down to the flu or simple things but I don't have HIV and its quite normal from time to time for peoples blood to change in count. Nothing for any concern, (23 replies)
... Hello Apollo. I was wondering since a 5 week negative was a good indicator is it possible to change negative once I go agin at 12 weeks???. Also I went to My campis hospital for a test and they only offer the rapid oral swab. How accurate is that test at 5 weeks???? Like I stated previously I did got blood work done and had a slightly high White blood cell count and the... (23 replies)
... My advise to all of you out there, please stay safe. ... (5 replies)
... y making fake accounts and fake profiles. I need help!!! I don't have any symptoms and I know you can't diagnose HIV from symptoms but my anxiety is killing me. Please help me please someone. ... (23 replies)
... Zero chance ars would ever go past 8 weeks and that's why this forum never speculates on symptoms because they are pointless in providing a status based on them. facts via testing is where you should have confidence on your results an future status. (6 replies)
... Ddoug: All i had was vaginal intercourse. Thanks for your answer. I pray it doesnt change .i heard seroconversion started at 2-6 weeks sometimes at 8 weeks but the symptoms where i last mention start of april are 11 weeks so its no way sero? (6 replies)
... Thank you for you answer i pray it doesnt change (6 replies)
... Indeed DD is correct, I did misread the post, cheers for the heads up. Well your test in march at 8 weeks is more or less conclusive and its not going to change when you take a 12 week test. Late sero, not at this time scale no, its not possible. (6 replies)

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