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... Bumping this up (1 replies)
... Hi friends, In need of some urgent advice. I am 28/m, non-promiscuous, and just last night, I was involved with an untested guy where he dipped into me for a minute or so (with a lot of pre-c*m) before I told him that I was uncomfortable without a condom. So we stopped. We even had oral but that's irrelevant I assume. Today, he told me that he has had 3 unprotected... (6 replies)
... om where I'm from, we only have antibody tests which means I can't get tested at least until 5 weeks after exposure. I'm just nervous about it and I can't sleep. Please help me. The wait is too long and I was hoping for a little reassurance about my case. ... (1 replies)

Help please!
Feb 5, 2016
... find something else to focus on. you will be collecting negative results, the next time you test for HIV. (1 replies)
Help please!
Feb 5, 2016
... i had unprotecter vaginal intercourse 10 weeks and 3 days ago. i tested negative with a finger ***** at 8 weeks and 6 days. have you seen a negative result that late turn positive? been feeling very crappy lately and sleeping alot. thanks for your help (1 replies)
... 13 days ago, a very possible hiv positive street worker refused to take an hiv test just in from of my face!!! now i am really scare because i had sex with my wife , now i feel like i infected my wife. the street worker refused to take a test after i asked about her hiv status. all she did to me was a blowjob... she performed oral sex on me. i did not do anything else. ... (4 replies)
... r it was I probably swallowed whatever it was. I also currently have a fear of HIV so I'm anxious that if this was blood I could be at risk of HIV. could someone please help and just give me some advice, is this a possible route for transmission? ... (1 replies)
... I am going mad since that day as i feel that in a third world country like India, it is possible for nurses to used dirty needles on patients. Please help as i have read that such incidents may transmit hiv. ... (3 replies)
... no headache or fever except still some stuff in my throat, and dry throat, again no sore or pain. I did a rna test yesterday and still waiting for the result. Please help me assess my risk! I don't have other symptoms like rash, anorexia, ulcer etc. but it seems one doesn't need symptoms to be hiv infected. ... (11 replies)
... stop reading on the internet comparing yourself to others and accept your test results they will not change the next time you test. good luck (1 replies)
... on november 24th i had vaginal sex with a woman who i dont know. i was very drunk and to be honest i dont know if a condom was used and that is why i am concerned. about 13 days after this i got a fourth generation test and p24 antigen i believe which came back negative. about 7 weeks after i started to get these symptoms. one was a headache for a week and i had to go to... (1 replies)
... a very accurate test said you do not have HIV what is your problem? anything after 6 weeks is pretty much conclusive the results will not change after that. you can either accept the test result or waste more of your time and effort chasing something that isn't going to happen. your call.. good luck (1 replies)
... Hello everyone, I am a guy from Hon Kong, sorry for my poor English. My last exposure was 1st December 2015, I went to the massage which provide hand job. During the services, I was sleepy and I felt the the woman put my dick into her vagina /anal for around 5 second. When I found it , the woman looked excited and worried, and said she didn't do so. I am afraid that she... (1 replies)
... Hi I am 37 year old married from last 7 years.I do not have any sexual exposure in these 7 years outside. Ten year back I had protected sex and I tested for HIV which is negative. Few days back I had boil in perineum area .one doctor called it may be herps and other two doctors called it furuncle. The boil resulted in hole which has pus and it has recovered now.I am really... (3 replies)
Shall i test hiv
Jan 30, 2016
... These holes are unseen and thats why some ladies got pregnant while using condoms please explain this if you can (10 replies)
Shall i test hiv
Jan 30, 2016
... t condoms have tiny holes in it and hiv virus can easily go through this holes so i bought 2 condoms i put water in one and air in the other and nothing goes out please tell me if these holes are true and could it happen that the virus penetrate the condom and cause the infection? ... (10 replies)
... I am little concerned to believe the above fact. Could you please confirm. ... (4 replies)
Jan 28, 2016
... i am a man - can I get hiv from receiving oral sex, having some one finger your *** or having protected sex with a prostitute. the only thing that was unprtected was the fingering and oral sex was protected and the condom was intact. please advise I am scared to death that i have infected my wife. (6 replies)
... and penis head part also touched vaginal fluids . please suggest us with u r solution . ... (4 replies)
Shall i test hiv
Jan 27, 2016
... y life turned to hell. I cant sleep or even live. Its my first time ever to have sex. Latter I massaged her and she answered that she is ok and she have no aids. Please tell me do i have a chance of getting hiv. 2days ago i felt itching my skin for 2 days Sorry for the long story. ... (10 replies)

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