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... Dude the only way to know your real status is by testing, I had a confirmed risk, a myriad of somethings and still more than willing to test to find out my real status, don't do that to yourself , plus there are plenty of other STDs easier to catch than HIV that could wreak havoc, in fact I believe Chlamydia has been the disease wreaking havoc in me, despite being generally... (7 replies)
... I never retested, I'm too scared. (7 replies)
... Hey flores, I have tested Neg after 9 weeks , how are you doing? Good news?!?!eer (7 replies)

... Sir I fully understand what u mean to say, but I just need to know that should I forget about the RNA test as I had several negative HIV combo test? And that do I need more test? Please help (7 replies)
May 18, 2016
... Hey guys quick question I had unprotected sex about 10-11 months ago. I did not get sick or any issues after the event. However I have been getting super anxious and nervous about this. I've been super nervous and anxious and I think it's been getting to my head maybe just thinking about this and also I've been going through some anxiety through other stuff going on. ... (5 replies)
Please help
May 18, 2016
... move on you should have zero HIV concerns.. (3 replies)
Please help
May 18, 2016
... So, if I understand correctly, after what happend to me I was NOT at risk for HIV? HIV is not my problem? I can forget about it? Is this correct? (3 replies)
Please help
May 18, 2016
... Their are no doctors on this forum, its a peer to peer site, but i will give you my opinion. HIV is only passed on ( with adults ) via unprotected sex or sharing needles. HIV can never be passed on by touching. I hope that helps. (3 replies)
Please help
May 17, 2016
... I was receiving massage from girl. Nude to nude body. She was touching my whole body with her hands including my penis. At the end of massage she stuck her finger in my anus. Maby, during massage i touch her lower abdomen with my penis. Or even outer part of her vagina. But no penetration whatsoever. I did not went for sex. She totaly surprise me with her act. Did i put my... (3 replies)
... ollen glands, sore throat, or night sweats, just a canker sore like 2 days ago. But she got a weird looking strep throat and symptoms of bells palsy right after. Please help! ... (7 replies)
Please help
May 13, 2016
... Sorry I understand what your going through but please post on your own. And besides you used protection, you didn't have a risk. I'm wishing you all the best. ... (24 replies)
Please help
May 11, 2016
... hey everyone I need some help. So approx 10 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a female. I contracted chamidia from her. Then exactly one week later the hell started. Fever lasting two weeks 99.5, swollen tonsils (looked like step), sore throat (continuing to this day), rash on my face (resembling butterfly rash), thrush on tongue, and persistent diarrhea (with stomach... (24 replies)
... Hi, I went to strip club last week and when she was dancing she suddenly opened up my penis and tried to insert into her. I was drunk and couldn't say no. it was about 1-2 mins and I am pretty sure that I did not fully insert because I did not feel it and also did not find any vaginal fluids on my penis after when I went to restroom and cleaned up my penis with water and... (3 replies)
... Honestly, please don't worry. ... (1 replies)
... i had intercourse back in feburaury. he could not get an erection so the intercourse lasted at most 3 seconds. there was no semen present. i was tested 34 days after exposure which came back negative. ive heard thats the usual time for a person to build up antibodies?? im not sure what test was used but hopefully they use the newest up to date test which ive heard can detect... (1 replies)
... tting hiv and std disease....what i am going marry my girlfriend soon but this happens..........what should do i am scared .. will i get hiv or not please guide... how much possibilities to get infection...please reply ...... ... (1 replies)
... Thanks KX, say strong. 9 weeks is a definite result of you being negative. (7 replies)
... A negative result at 4 weeks is a good indicator, however, I think you should test again three months after possible exposure.....I had a high risk with a HIV + guy and still testing negative ( 9 weeks) , and I am planning on testing in a few more weeks and maybe after 6 months just for piece of mind. (7 replies)
... Thank you! I live in california. I'm just scared because of her symptoms. (7 replies)
... a test at 4 weeks is about 95% certain and most infections will be found by then. expect negative results the next test. (7 replies)

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