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... ing fever but stomach pain is little ok. Is it the symptoms for hiv. I got afraid of hiv on the very first day of sex.immediatly i got fever and stomach pain. So please tell me once again when to take blood test. ... (7 replies)
... From what ive read it says people whose immune system is severely compromise. Please help and give me the knowledge, advice I need for closure. ... (1 replies)
... Symptom speculation is pointless and not something that this forum will get involved with. No test at this stage can confirm your status in a positive or negative format. You can take a forth generation test at 4 weeks for a good indication of your status but not until then. As you had a significant risk you will need to test until 12 weeks to confirm your status. (3 replies)

... Thank you.. Is there a test I could get done that would pick it up now, after 17 days? Also the stomach problem worries me, is that a common symptom of acute infection, or is it the stress.. It almost feels like a nervous twitch in my stomach.. Thanks (3 replies)
... 17 days is far to soon with that test, it has little to no credibility until after 6 weeks. You can't change what you have done or your status. You are going to need to test to 12 weeks but a test at 6 weeks would be s very good indication of your status. Their is little point testing every few days due to your anxiety, you will need to gather your thoughts and calm down... (3 replies)
... OK so I had unprotected anal sex, I was the receiver with a transgendered escort. I was out of my mind on ghb. There was ejaculation. Since then I have been to the hospital 2 days later for a panic/anxiety attack. I asked her if she was positive and she said she thought she was negative but everytime I try to talk to her about it I get more paranoid bc something just doesn't... (3 replies)
... The doctor already explained he had a bad batch that's why you other test was negative. All tests test for the same strains of HIV, you don't have HIV. (9 replies)
... Hi all, sorry to keep reposting but i still can't get over the false positive. Just one question, if my faint positive line was caused due to me seroconverting, would it cause a faint line on all rapid tests? Do all these tests test for the same antibody? Is it possible that only one test detected it and the others didn't? Thank you in advance for your replies (9 replies)
... You still never had any risk of HIV buds. More than likely you are stressed which is making you lose weight. Look if their was any chance you had any risk of HIV I would tell you. Please forget this and start enjoying your life, it's way to short to be worrying about nothing. (8 replies)
... e back at 6 months to retest but she said I'll probably be fine but if I'm worried. I knew the 6 months were a bit outdated. I took a standard HIV antibody test. Please HELP! ... (3 replies)
... God bless all of you on this forum! I feel so much more relieved. I guess it's just a series of unfortunate events. Turns out the "lymph node" was just a heat boil.its gone now! I'll be seeing the doctor next week still. But thank you all for helping me with my hiv anxiety. I was on the verge of depression. a heartfelt thAnk you! (9 replies)
... If your last exposure was 2 years ago and you've tested negative, you do not have HIV. The test would have seen it. You need to forget about HIV, and see a doctor with an "open mind". Just simply tell him (her) what's going on with your health and concerns. Have the doctor do an evaluation. They can do blood work, to see if anything else is going on. Be well, SW (9 replies)
... Sero happens in 99% of people between 2 and 6 weeks, in rare cases up to 12 weeks but its by weeks not months or years. Your tests are fine, you don't need another test. I can understand your anxiety concerns but they have no real foundation in factual terms, so just this behind you and forget about it. (9 replies)
... I'm so sorry to sound so obsessed but the anxiety is killing me it's all I can think about for the past 10 days. I just want to know if seroconversion happens after 2 years, regardless of my test results. Also, how big is a swollen armpit lymph node usually? Are there rare cases that seroconvert after 2 years? Do you guys suggest I take another test? (9 replies)
... No, people don't become "undetectable after 2 years for some reason". Stop trying to convince yourself that you are infected despite the evidence and your doctor's advice. As Apollo said, you don't have an HIV concern. (9 replies)
... Thank you for your reassurance. just one more question, is it possible that I was undetectable after 2 years for some reason and I'm only seroconverting now? (9 replies)
... False positives are quite common, more so with rapid tests. The 4th generation test is the latest available and they are extremely accurate. Your test is 100% conclusive, you do not have HIV and you should have no concerns at all. (9 replies)
... Hi everyone. I had a risky exposure 2 years ago, and forgot about it. I'm in a serious relationship now so i just wanted to get myself checked. I went to the clinic and took a rapid hiv fingerprick test, and the result was a very faint line. The doctor immediately told me to take another test which he said was more accurate and it was completely negative. The doctor said the... (9 replies)
... But please clarify if it is advisable for me to get tested after 3 weeks? ... (13 replies)
... Can you please tell what is the accuracy of a HIV PCR test? ... (13 replies)

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