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... Hi all, sorry to keep reposting but i still can't get over the false positive. Just one question, if my faint positive line was caused due to me seroconverting, would it cause a faint line on all rapid tests? Do all these tests test for the same antibody? Is it possible that only one test detected it and the others didn't? Thank you in advance for your replies (8 replies)
... Thank you for your reassurance. just one more question, is it possible that I was undetectable after 2 years for some reason and I'm only seroconverting now? ... (8 replies)
... Is it possible that i am seroconverting after 2 years? ... (8 replies)

... Was I seroconverting at nine weeks post exposure with the neck lymph nodes? ... (7 replies)
Aug 13, 2005
... another thing about seroconverting. I ended up getting the flu at what was about 5 weeks after my exposure. Pretty much scared the bajebus out of me, but it turned out to just be a coincidence because I tested negative at 10 months. Don't stress out about symptoms! Sometimes a sickness is just a sickness. (16 replies)
Aug 12, 2005
... It means the development of antibodies after an infection. (16 replies)
Aug 12, 2005
... Hi, can someone please clarify what seroconverting means. ... (16 replies)
Aug 12, 2005
... I appreciate that, but the point is, surely if you have true symptoms, then you are seroconverting and therefore producing antibodies.A blood test would show this, especially after 6 weeks. Can anyone confirm this? ... (16 replies)
Aug 12, 2005
... If you are experiencing symptoms - ie seroconverting - does this mean that HIV antibodies are being produced and therefore would be detected by a HIV test? Im experiencing general lymphadenapothy(?) but got tested negative yesterday..... (16 replies)
... Hi, I am a single female and I met a guy online and got talking to him. After talking to him for some time, we met up. We had protected sex with a condom, but I gave him unprotected oral sex without a condom(I made sure he didnt ejaculate in my mouth). He also gave me oral as well btw. Anyway, I started feeling anxious, as I don't know this guys status and usually only sleep... (4 replies)
... So basically even if this was seroconversion my 4 and 5 week tests would most likely show hiv because if I was seroconverting it would mean the virus would have been there at the 4 and 5 week tests (obviously) which would be detected because of the type Of test I had?? Sorry if I sound dumb just so worried and I suffer real bad with health anxiety.. Im currently suffering with... (14 replies)
... Thanks for all your support on this matter, this is the best forums I seen in a long time with helpful people. I went into a panic yesterday cause I was researching the internet and found that intermidaite results (my doctor results not oraquick) will most likely be because of seroconverting. With .002-.007 percent chance it will be a testing fault. It was that one sentence... (23 replies)
... Thanks so much. Is it possible of seroconverting?? (23 replies)
... Untrue, that's never once happened. I have only known one case of someone being HIV positive and they tested positive with one test at 4 weeks, (25 replies)
... And also, I have read on here that some people might still be seroconverting that's why their test come out negative and then when they retest they test positive.... That's my fear right there... ... (25 replies)
... I promise this is not just anxiety I seem to get sick and worst by each day... All I need is just some form of reassurance that I'm not actually seroconverting at the moment.. please, don't be offended by my posts, its just that I'm experiencing what seems to be new to my body.. ... (25 replies)
... Hello, someone please ease my mind.. im going crazy over here before i go in to retest.. Lately, i have been so tired and i mean extremely tired and i have loss of appetite as well, i am also losing weight gradually as i haven't been eating... i have pain in my butts and on my legs and shoulder... Can i be seroconverting?? I am really worried i might test positive at my 12... (25 replies)
... First of all I want thank everyone who contributes to this forum. Here is my situation: Approximately 27 days ago I a received an erotic massage. Things got heated and I made a few massive mistakes that will likely change my life forever. I was laying on the massage table and she was on top of me kissing my neck. While this was happening she was moving her body back and... (5 replies)
... oms. I understand that ARS symptoms are not HIV specific, vary widely between individuals, and may not even be present. However, I have heard that those actively seroconverting and experiencing symptoms may not test accurately during that time. ... (1 replies)
... I was Infected from Severe Cold and Soar throat and Muscle Pains .. Is it because .. I am seroconverting Now to HIV ? ... (17 replies)

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