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HIV scare
Apr 16, 2015
... st seems to odd that I felt like the condom broke and all these symptoms. I also have had bad stomach issues and I have had a feeling I had a swollen lymph node swollen under my armpit but my dr felt it this week briefly and said that it did not appear to have swollen lymph nodes and not sure what I was feeling. ... (1 replies)
So stressed
Apr 14, 2015
... Hi all. i jus dont know wht to do. am still testing myself. Its now 11 months post exposure and still antibody negative. Wht is freaking me is persistent painful swollen nodes on groin,armpit,neck,below collar bone. I still have a white patched tongue with ridges on its sides that look exactly like OHL. ... (6 replies)
Please help
Apr 8, 2015
... t became filled with pus, I went to the doc who told me it was an abscess and put me on Bactrim. That pretty much worked, another small one showed up, not in the armpit but below it. It never came to a head and is kind on still there. ... (13 replies)

Very Nervous
Apr 7, 2015
... red up and lasted about a week and went away. The lymph node in the arm pit has been around for months but I can not feel a lump it just feels like something is swollen under it like clothes is bunched up. ... (3 replies)
... Hi and good day to all. This is my first I am writing about my condition online. So feel free to inform me if I may have written something that violates the rules on this site. I had 3 risky sexual encounters this year (2015). All of them involved unprotected anal sex. 1st encounter: last week of january 2nd and 3rd: 1st and 2nd week of february, respectively. A few... (2 replies)
... e it's all I can think about for the past 10 days. I just want to know if seroconversion happens after 2 years, regardless of my test results. Also, how big is a swollen armpit lymph node usually? ... (8 replies)
... t i thought its probably just food poisoning. But today, i noticed a very small lump, like a pimple slightly above my armpit. It hurts to touch it. Could it be a swollen lymph node? ... (8 replies)
... Hello guys, I am glad that forums like this exist! Here is my story and questions: 3 weeks ago, I have had what I think is the biggest mistake in my life, I am 26 years old male, I got interested in gay intercourse(just curiosity) I went to meet a guy online, he gave me a blowjob(sucked my ****) and after that I started reading that I could get hiv from that.. I made him go... (8 replies)
... I only thought about hiv after symptoms. So 2 days after exposure my armpit lymph nodes swelled and were painful pea sized. Then after 4 days after exposure. ... (7 replies)
What's wrong
Feb 14, 2015
... I never had this many issues with my health. I have felt like I have had swollen lymph nodes under my arm for months but find no lump just occasional pain and discomfort and it feels like my shirt is always bunched up under my armpit. ... (4 replies)
... I wonder whether sore painful swollen armpit glands could be a sign of hiv? ... (11 replies)
Swollen glands
Jul 10, 2011
... I think you should stop playing out worst case scenarios and calm down. Test out at four weeks and please stop examining yourself. Your test is pretty accurate and to be honest your risk was small. You used protection up to a point, HIV is more difficult to transmit from a female to a male and you don't even know that the lady actually had HIV. Please, buddy, relax, test... (33 replies)
Swollen glands
Jul 10, 2011
... Its fair to day your test was negative yes? A test at 4 weeks with a HIV DUO will be 99% conclusive, your test With a PCR if a RNA is again 99%, if a DNA arouns 95%. (33 replies)
Swollen glands
Jul 10, 2011
... I slept with a sex worker and the condom broke a week later i had a sore throat and lost my voice. A week after that I had swollen lymph in my neck, then I had sweating and fever and finally my armpits, and then last my salivary glands are swollen right now. ... (33 replies)
Swollen glands
Jul 8, 2011
... The PCR test is very reassuring. The PCR wil detect the virus in most people, so its fair to say yout 95% ok. A HIV duo at 30 days will be 99% conclusive. If you havnt, you should test for all STD's as they can make you ill and are far more widespread and common to catch. Forget your symptoms, they have proved over time they mean nothing. 99% of people who post have your... (33 replies)
Swollen glands
Jul 8, 2011
... The more u touch it the day, the more swollen it will get. ... (33 replies)
... Btw u don't have to wait till 3 months for a fully conclusive results though. You can go for a PCR test or a duo test. It's better to get tested than searching google for symptoms. Having no symptoms doesnt mean you hiv- or hiv+. Every infection caused swollen lympnodes and furthermore, the more u touch/feel it, the more it will get swollen! Like what they say, stop the... (11 replies)
... I have had unprotected sex with 2 people I don't know and have concerns about their health status. I know the only way to know this is a hiv test, but before three months it is not very likely to get certain results. This is why I am trying to get some idea through symptoms. I would really like to know whether the sore swollen glands due to hiv would develop in a nearly 4-week... (11 replies)
... Many thanks for the reply. Yes, I've had risky exposure, but am in the window period and guess have to wait a little bit, but have a lot of worry as I have had 4 painful sore armpit glands (not big in size though) within past 25 days. So basically I wonder if I am infected would they develop in a 25-day time span? and if so would they be painful and sore? Cheers. (11 replies)
... Hey can someone describe what swollen glands are? ... (3 replies)

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