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... I think the flaky skin on your genitals could very well be some form of bacterial infection not HIV related. I would go get your nodes checked by a Dr to make sure that they are swollen. Everyone gets ill, just because you're ill doesn't mean that you categorically have HIV. ... (6 replies)
... at had developed around the border of my rectum. My bf saw this and immediately broke up with me. Bummer but this lump often itch as well and eventually it burst during a bowel movement. ... (6 replies)
... swollen lymph nodes can occur for so many reasons, including the ones you mentioned. ... (6 replies)

... Now almost a year later, the whole HIV thing came back to haunt me. I was just doing some research on symptoms and stuff just for the heck of it. Then I saw swollen lymph nodes which literally terrified me. ... (6 replies)
... retty sure there is no cure for all diseases Dr Clark, and i dont think that was remotely close to the answer that drealuv was looking for. As far as i know, the swollen lymph nodes are characteristic of ARS and they go down after this ARS period. ... (2 replies)
... three months ago i noticed that i had some swollen lymph nodes in my neck... ... (2 replies)
... ed Negative for everything. Even after I got my blood test, I felt more relieved and gradually stopped worrying. It was weird, usually people are very anxious during the waiting period, but i took the blood test a cple months after i started worrying, so the test was a relief in itself. I was a wreck last year.. ... (6 replies)
Is it possible?
Mar 23, 2016
... by coughing on the pillows and covers we sleep in. I then experienced tingling and numbness all throughout my arms and legs and heart papilations. This happened during my period however. I also had a severe headache that even made my eye hurt on my next period. ... (1 replies)
... weeks after the incident I got flu. I had fever for 2 nights. Then extreme fatigue, headache and night sweats for a week. Lost over 10 Pounds. No swollen lymph nodes, rash, body pain or joint pain during that time. Been having loose motions ever since. Looks like my digestive system got messed up after the flu. ... (1 replies)
... Mind during this whole period I was checking for swollen lymph nodes and came across none and I didn't have a fever but I had night sweats for 2 days which weren't that severe and it happens all the time when I am stressed. ... (3 replies)
1 in 10000
Aug 9, 2014
... Don't remember it being high, but it's possible, night sweats 3 times, usually during afternoon or evening nap. ... (9 replies)
... I have began to experience loss of appetite as well. I have not had swollen lymph nodes, weight loss or night sweats but I am ALWAYS feeling hot! This has taken over my life in such a short time... ... (2 replies)
... re than five minutes as I when into the restroom to remove the condom I noticed, some mestration blood on the condom and on the bottom of the penis. It seems her period was over and it was just some residual blood. As I removed the condom I used some baby wipes to clean the area as best as I could. I went home and took a shower. ... (4 replies)
... Well to start out, I'll say that my possible exposure was around 8 months ago & was with someone whom "claims" to be 100% clean, but around the time of our encounters he had a spinal tap to test for meningitis(which I know can be related to HIV) which I'm not sure of what his results were because at the time I was not concerned. I was extremely stupid &had unprotected sex with... (3 replies)
... At the end of December, I had a month off from school due to winter break. During this time, I noticed he had large, hard swollen lymph nodes on the right side of his neck and behind his ear. I questioned him about this and he said that this was due to him wearing tight hats. ... (0 replies)
... swollen lymph nodes. I started checking my neck everywhere. I could feel slight pain just under my left jawbone, near the ear, not swollen, just a soreness. ... (13 replies)
... When they say ARS symptoms last for 2 weeks, does that mean you can have mouth sores and other symptoms come and go during that period? ... (8 replies)
... ile I was grieving, and returned to about 148. In fact I felt surprisingly fine physically and decided to go to Las Vegas as planned. I spent 4 weeks in Vegas, during which I developed a very mild lung condition where upon waking each morning, my first deep inhale would feel like it was clearing mucus from my lungs. ... (14 replies)
HIV information...
Aug 15, 2010
... Relating to HIV it's a good sign that your swollen lymph nodes came before you had unprotected intercourse, this indicates they aren't related to you having sex with the girl you mentioned. ... (50 replies)
... g pains on the inside of my legs, my groin and occasional mild pains in both armpits. I went to my doctor and he inspected me all over and told me that I had no swollen lymph nodes whatsoever and that the pains I'm feeling in my groin and armpits must be something else. ... (8 replies)

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