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... Thrush from oral sex was very common before AIDS and will continue to be common during and AFTER (one hopes) the AIDS pandemic passses into history! Never use a symptom to diagnose early just cannot do it! (13 replies)
... My results were ready last night as my family was over for Thanksgiving. No one knew that I was waiting for the results. As a precursor, after giving oral sex to a woman and having minimal unprotected intercourse, three days later I developed THRUSH and a fever of 102.7 degrees, which lasted about a week. ... (3 replies)
... As a follow-up to my post about thrush, I am still very concerned. I know that one would not get thrush from HIV two days after exposure - I gave vaginal oral sex (as I got oral thrush - along with a fever). But what if your CB4 cell count was already low at the time the virus entered? Say, if it was at 400 when it entered, could it go down to 200 in just two days b/c of... (0 replies)

... Thank you. That's very encouraging. I took the test today and am supposed to get the results back in two days. I am hoping it was just a case of thrush from oral sex and a hard lesson learned. I can't stop thinking about it though. The fever is what is throwing me off I think. ... (13 replies)
... Question regarding Early HIV Symptoms. I am a heterosexual male and have never done IV drugs. About 4 months ago I had unprotected sex with a female friend on one occasion. The vaginal sex only lasted about three minutes, but I gave her oral sex for a total of about 20 minutes. ... (13 replies)
... The only thing one doc could tell me is that adults don't get it, that it is caused from a weakened immune system. Before she told me that she wanted to do a thrush test just to make sure, which I had thrush before and knew what it was. She also did a blood count, and my count was low. ... (6 replies)
... Not to get to personal...just thought it might be something else to consider...if you possibly performed oral sex on her. If she had a yeast infection, you could have gotten the trush in your throat from that. ... (13 replies)
... i had protected vaginal and unprotected oral sex both ways with a hooker whilst i was working in China .The next morning i noticed i had bleeding gums. ... (8 replies)
... Hi there go to your doctor and suggest a ana blood test this test is for auto immune desease, and its a test that if positive then may suggest one has a collegen disease,and some of the symtoms are a rash on the face painful joints ans enlarged lymph nodes, painful joints,so ask your doctor for a blood test called ana its antinuclear antibodies,but theres too many symptoms... (16 replies)
Please god
Jul 25, 2004
... u know my story if u look at my other posts i dont want to bore u it was protected oral sex with a escort who has been in the buisness for two years. ... (24 replies)
... and protected sex and little bit of foreplay. In between I actually don't know during the foreplay if my penis came in contact with her vagina or not. ... (16 replies)
... Hello i am really worried for the last year i have been getting strange symptoms they come on last a few weeks or so then dissapear then a couple of months later they come back they include severe headaches feeling sick lack of appetite lumps on my hands up to 50 last time chronic tiredness this time i also had vast thirst even though my blood sugar is normal pain in kidneys... (2 replies)
Anxiety I Think
Jun 20, 2004
... HIV is not transmitted through Salvia. HIV is not transmitted through skin. The chances of HIV contraction through oral sex is something like maybe 1 in a BILLION. ... (31 replies)
... Approx 8 months ago i had a oral sex encounter.... ... (5 replies)
May 21, 2004
... you can also get it for no reason at all. As far as HIV is concerned, thrush is a symptom of ADVANCED HIV disease and would probably not be seen in someone who was infected 9 months ago. ... (3 replies)
... anal sex as far as risk factor goes, so that should give you a whole heap of comfort for a start. ... (7 replies)
... I gave unprotected oral sex in which there was ejaculation and i did swallow it. The next morning, I woke up and my glands were swollen. ... (7 replies)
... I had some oral thrush at the 3 week mark. ... (1 replies)
... Your exposure is LOW risk. The CDC reports only a FEW cases of HIV transmission through oral sex, and in your case, it only lasted for a moment unprotected. ... (5 replies)
... The CDC reports a "few" cases of oral sex as transmission, a "few", oral sex is VERY VERY Low risk. Her negative test is a good thing, but is only accurate if she tested three months after any chance she had of becoming infected. ... (3 replies)

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