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I feel so sad when reading postings like this. I hope you're aware that some anti-psychotics will raise your prolactin levels. Many will also "cause" pituitary tumours to grow, so if you're taking these things and feel you aren't seriously mentally ill, get off of them ASAP! Many will also raise your triglycerides so high that you will be a huge candidate for a heart attack.

I hope you're one of increasing numbers of people who at each doctor's visit, ask for a copy of lab work from previous visits. It's important to look at the numbers on the sheets, which should show normal readings and abnormal. The more people learn about the figures on their lab reports, and the more they look up the meanings on the Internet, the more knowledgeable and empowered they become about their health.

I'm afraid for you because not all tumours can be seen at first, but high prolactin is deadly and you can end up with not only breast cancer, but actually a cancer that will head directly to the lymph nodes! You will also be a good candidate for osteoporosis. If you get a doctor who says, "don't believe that, because if that were the case, pregnant women would all get breast cancer," seek a more knowledgeable doctor."

Pituitary tumours tend to make people sleepy. In fact, people with these types of tumour can fall into a coma. When my prolactin was high, it was so bad that I would fall asleep at the steering wheel at red lights, so I had to put the emergency brakes on at every red light. I was so tired I could sleep up to 20 hours a day and still feel as though I hadn't slept at all! I constantly feared falling asleep on the spot, even when standing! High prolactin can make you feel as though your heart is so weak you will die tomorrow. The battle to keep from almost fainting from tiredness can be incredibly tough, especially if you aren't strong to start with.

Sometimes I was so tired I fell asleep right on hard floors. I was too tired to even make it to bed, and upon awakening, had trouble remembering lying down in the first place. High prolactin can make some people so weak that they will always feel on the verge of near fainting, so telling these patients to exercise could be dangerous. Their hearts may not be able to withstand that due to such low energy.

If you're overweight and are eating properly (like many pituitary patients are and do), you will quickly learn that even if you AVOID junk food, sugar, carbs, etc. you will still put on or maintain the weight. Your body will just be too "exhausted" to burn the food you eat. When I hear of people getting their stomachs stapled and going through other drastic procedures I often think that if their prolactin had been measured first, they might have been able to take a better route.

The more prolactin rises, the more it may make you sleep, and the more you sleep, the fatter you will get, and then you go right back to square one again. For me it was a terrifying circle that was impossible to get out of without the Cabergoline.

Another thing that pituitary patients offer suffer from in the early stages of a pituitary tumour is loss of cognition, high anxiety, or sometimes even a swollen tongue (which is usually caused by thyroid problems these patients also may have). Most doctors won't have a clue what's wrong with the patients because they didn't learn about pituitary problems in medical school. Many will think their patients are crazy, especially considering that pituitary patients often exhibit symptoms similar to other types of brain tumour patients.

Because these doctors aren't aware, they will then make a huge mistake ad put such patients on anti-psychotics instead of Cabergoline. Anti-psychotics just make them more sleepy and raise their triglyceride levels as well as prolactin and even cause brain tumours to grow larger.

Fat people have more estrogen in their bodies also, and combined with high prolactin, that's a whopping invitation to cancer. Fat people often have quite a number of "health issues" going on that are the "cause" of their fatness -- not the other way around as many corporations like to promote for the sake of their own profit.

There's a high chance that, since one out of about every five people have a pituitary tumour, overweight people in particular may have one, especially if they eat right, avoid junk food, sugars, and high carbs, and still can't lose weight. Their bodies may be simply too exhausted to burn it. Many of us have met people who diet constantly yet can't lose weight.

If your weight is caused by bad eating, Cabergoline probably won't help you lose it, but if it's caused the the tiredness caused by high prolactin, it should help. While it won't make anyone a skinny minnie overnight, because it's not easy to lose weight when so much has been put on as a result of the earlier high prolactin, it should help you lose at least some.

The pituitary gland is the main controller of the other glands in the body, so when it goes wrong, even if a tumour doesn't yet show on the MRI, it can throw out all of the other glands. When mine was less than 3mm, it caused such serious problems even at such a tiny size, that it not only stopped my menstruation but also created the need to sleep suddenly and often. Today I not only have cancer and serious degenerative disk disease, but an endless number of other really deadly problems which can all be attributed directly to the tumour.

I would suggest that you ask your doctor if you can get an IGF-1 test and an OGTT. (Don't let him tell you any other glucose test is just a good as OGTT because every endocrinologist website will explain why that's not true).

After you have taken the tests, ask him if you can "try" Cabergoline (1/2 a pill weekly) for a few months. By then your prolactin should have dropped dramatically and you should be feeling much better than you have been for a long time. Other serious problems may also be cured during that time.

Get your prolactin level also taken again just before starting the Cabergoline because you will need that measurement to compare later. After you have been on Cabergoline for about three months, get him to measure it again. Then try to get off of it for a month and get him to measure it again.

My guess is that the level will lower quickly when you start it and rise quickly when you stop, which may mean you may need to be on that drug for a long time if not for life. In that case, you may also need to go for an MRI every few years to ensure a tumour isn't developing as well.

While medical books suggest that this drug needs to be continually increased, my own prolactin level has kept low on just half a pill a week for a year. While it hasn't done anything to shrink the macroadenoma, it has kept the prolactin at a really safe level.

Because doctors don't learn much about this deadly topic in medical schools, patients themselves have to educate them. Most will have done far more research than their doctors. Doctors don't like that because it hurts their egos, no matter how gently done. Most prefer to avoid such patients altogether, but someone needs to educate them when medical schools don't.

It's so dangerous to have high prolactin. A doctor named Jane Plante recently wrote an article about Chinese women having lower breast cancer rates because most don't drink dairy products. (Milk contains lactic acid). The University of Edmonton is also trying out an anti-cancer drug that I believe suppresses lactic acid. All of these things suggest that not only prolactin, but also milk might not be the best thing in the world for people to drink.

I already developed cancer because my prolactin level was high for too long, so whatever you can do to lower that prolactin, (tumour or not) I think is essential. In fact I believe that women with breast cancer in particular should ask for the simple prolactin blood test. Since about one in five people has a pituitary tumour, I really believe that many women could've been saved from cancer deaths if only their prolactin levels had been measured and lowered ASAP. It also might be in your best interest to avoid milk products too (or at least as lower your intake) and instead substitute it with non-GMO soya milk such as "So Nice" (Make sure it says on the carton that it's non GMO).

I firmly believe you will be headed for serious health problems if you don't get the prolactin reduced quickly, regardless of whether or not a tumour can be detected at this time.
[QUOTE=aschen;4959709]I do not have medical evidence but I do have personal experience. Two years ago My prolcatin was threw the roof. I never was really tired, I was working out and following weight watchers to the T! I was still gaining weight and gaining weight and it would not come off. When I started taking my prolactin meds I noticed the the weight started to come off after about a month of being on the meds. I didnt changed anything kept on the same routine and it started coming off.

Now, I noticed that I started having the same issues and guess what..My prolactin levels are high again..So, I am off to the doc to get started on meds again![/QUOTE]

I’m really glad you’re on them again. Do you have a pituitary tumour, and if so, what size is it?

I have a tumour over 1cm. It's called an macroadenoma now, but most doctors don't know the difference between a microadenoma and macro. This tumour has caused about 50 different serious and very deadly symptoms.

My prolactin level was only in the 130’s by time I started taking Cabergoline, but long before the tumour was discovered, (15 years ago) when it was less than 3mm, it had already started taking a severe toll on my body. It was so powerful then already, that it stopped my menstruation. Tests showed I wasn’t menopausal and no further tests were done.

If this sort of thing should happen to anyone else, I would suggest that they don’t allow their prolactin to climb and that they ask for an MRI. I didn’t because I didn’t know better and neither did my doctors.

I will most likely die within the next couple of years because of all of the deadly crippling, deforming and irreversible diseases now caused by it – way too many to count. If a tumour that tiny has such a great effect on the body as to stop menstruation, I believe that’s a sign it will be “EXTRAORDINARILY” and "UNBELIEVABLY" deadly later!

On its way to deadliness, pituitary tumours costs thousands of dollars to try to keep all of the sub diseases caused by it under control. Many insurance companies still don't realize this.

At the very least, I think “EVERYONE” (especially those with weight gain, those who have been exposed to a lot of radiation, and those who have breast cancer) should have their prolactin checked, and if it's out of range, keep checking it every time they get a blood test, until finally treatment is given.

High prolactin is especially deadly for those with breast cancer because it has a tendency to cause cancer to migrate to the lymph nodes.

Also, anyone who has ever been put on anti-psychotics due to cognition which often surface as one of the first signs, is at extra special deadly risk, because those pills will not only "promote" tumour growth causing even more serious cognitive problems, but will also promote EXTREME weight gain. The increased tumour growth will make them even more at risk so it's a most uncontrollable state to be in.

Those patients may never again be able to lose much of that weight until the tumour disappears; however often even a tiny reduction in the prolactin will often help them lose at least a little. By then though, many of those patients will already have suffered a great deal from low self-esteem due to having learned of the terrible allowable and encouraged promotion of hatred against heavy people launched mainly by corporations who wish to sell diet drugs that will never work until the prolactin and/or tumour is treated.

About one in 5 people has a pituitary tumour and many people who have experienced quite a bit of sudden weight gain without eating anything extra, when they are eating and exercising the same as they have always done, should be concerned.

If your doctor tells you to QUIT READING THE INTERNET when you mention these things, and to disbelieve or not be concerned about what you have read or heard, or smiles when you talk about your symptoms as if you were imagining them, especially when everything you have complained about in fact shows its bad results in your lab tests, x-rays and MRI's, you will know you have a deadly doctor who knows nothing about pituitary tumours and is totally disinterested. Generally those types will also not bother to learn a single bit more about the disease while you will continue to rapidly die.

I stayed with that type of doctor for far too long. Anyone with a pituitary tumour of any sort must NEVER listen to their doctors when they tell them to stop reading the Internet. They MUST, instead, educate themselves about the topic to the nth degree because most doctors know less about pituitary tumours than they do about leprosy, and that lack of knowledge will kill many patients.

The reason many acromegaly patients die 10 to 20 years likely has much more to do with total doctor ignorance and the refusal to learn more about this disease than it has to do with the many killer diseases the patient will develop later.

Most acromegaly patients will be aware of their disease many years before their doctor decides to accept the fact that they aren't crazy and decides to remove the "hypochondriac" label from the acromegaly patient's records. By that time, their patients will already be on their death beds with no hope whatsoever of ever turning the clock back.

It's extremely imperative that anyone with a tumour that continues to grow yearly for more than 3 years find a doctor who is knowledgeable about the topic. It will be extremely difficult finding one, but it's important to keep switching until they do.
Today's doctors "aren't" being trained for the most common and deadly diseases, such as pituitary tumours (one in five people), or Lyme disease, which could be as common as in one in two people, if you count those with Alzheimers, MS, Parkinson's Disease, ALS, Chron's, fibromalgia, lupus, and most degenerative musculoskeletal diseases and neurological disorders. It appears that very high numbers of these people actually had Lyme disease rather than one of the diseases above. That's likely why some MS patients who go for the MS treatment come back unhealed. It's because they never had MS in the first place; they were simply misdiagnosed. It was actually the Lyme parasites that were eating away their musculoskeletal system and organs.

Lyme disease is probably one of the fastest growing diseases in this day and age -- a disease even worse than syphilis because it works in the very same way, and has three stages, but is hard to detect because it will act like many other diseases until it's almost too late to treat.

That's why, when you get a pituitary tumour, Lyme disease, or any of the above, you are basically on your own. Almost all doctors train basically in diabetes, gynecology, and cosmetology, so they are totally unprepared for coming plagues. Governments don't do anything to ensure that doctors are trained in a "wide variety" of fields so most doctors want to learn what every other doctor knows. Few want to get into the fields nobody knows about because there are few teachers educated in those subjects and because, so far, no corporation makes enough money treating those diseases to want to "fund" university training classes for those diseases. That also means that few companies will sponsor nice holidays for the doctors who take up those subjects.

If you have high prolactin, you are also in more danger than most women in the event that you get cancer, because it causes cancers to head toward the lymph nodes; therefore it's really important to keep that prolactin down and to ensure that it's monitored at least a few times a year. You may have to take pills for the rest of your life if no one removed that tumour when it was small (which was the only safe time to do so). If you have a doctor who says this isn't true because if that were the case, all pregnant women would develop cancer, run and find another doctor.

What makes pituitary patients often even fatter is that when they are first diagnosed, they often present with symptoms such as confusion, anxiety and even tongue swelling. Most doctors (including specialists) have no idea that tongue swelling can be associated with pituitary tumours or thyroid problems.
They will therefore tend to not only disbelieve the patient, but also think the patient is suffering from some kind of "need for attention." Those with pituitary tumours should also have MRI's at least once every three years to measure the growth. (I say MRI's here versus cat scans because cat scans emit dangerous amounts of radiation).

Most pituitary and Lyme patients will be treated very badly, not because they are so ill, but because doctors know so little about these diseases that when they don't have answers, their patients will always be deemed hypochondriacs automatically. That is always the result when doctors don't have answers. (Those with diseases such as fibromalgia are often also treated the same).

This behaviour, in turn, will actually cause those patients to take research matters into their own hands and in very short time, learn very much more than the great majority of doctors; and that in turn will make doctors despise them even more. However, your health is at stake so, despised or not, you must do your own homework because most doctors will not be able to protect you when they are lacking in knowledge.

If your tumour turns into acromegaly, most doctors will also be unaware that this disease is worse than cancer because it can actually "cause" cancers as well as diabetes, hypertension, left ventricular hypertrophy, organ enlargement, and so on.

Those with acromegaly in particular (including those with tumours that have all the signs of acromegaly but show now growth hormone or high IGF-1 levels) may be especially susceptible to colon cancers, melanoma, and breast cancers, so it will be up to you to ensure that if you feel there is anything suspicious in those areas in particular, to insist on getting those things looked at, preferably by specialists if you can.

Because doctors are so unaware of these diseases, they may originally "also" prescribe anti-psychotics if you suffer from anxiety and/or confusion. These are the worst drugs you can take because they will not only make you gain weight rapidly, but will also "cause" your tumour to grow very much faster, which will make you gain weight doubly fast, not to mention cause a great deal of harm to your body down the road.

While you may eventually get off of the drugs and might have been able to lose a little weight from that, you will not be able to do so very easily when your tumour has been enlarged permanently from those drugs.

In other words, your chances of losing weight could be almost impossible from then on. (Note here though, that in rare cases, some people with large tumours actually lose weight. This has to do with the way it affects the thyroid. Unfortunately though, most will become gainers versus losers).

Many antipsychotic drugs will also raise your triglycerides to such high levels that this can cause serious heart problems and diabetes later on. Those with large pituitary tumours often have problems controlling sugar levels to start with. High triglycerides and high GGT levels are far more dangerous than high cholesterol.

Anti-depressants are just as bad because they contain very high fluoride levels which will help damage the thyroid as well, particularly if you live in an area that fluoridates its water or if you drink a lot of juices with high fluoride in them, such as grape juice. It's best to avoid juices altogether anyway, because most juices have about 9 teaspoons of sugar in them per serving, and those with pituitary tumours should avoid sugar as much as possible because their bodies can't handle it. So if you drink even your tea and coffee with sugar, it's best to stop that now and start viewing sugar and even a lot of bread, as your greatest enemy.

Even specialists will deny the things I have told you, however, so you will need to become an ace on the topic yourself. You are, after all, the only one who will be able to protect yourself. There are hundreds of articles on these topics that are written by the "few" people "in the know, the few experts who really care, so everything I'm saying is actually quite easy to research.

Note also that large tumours will also cause many people to suffer greatly from heat intolerance and also exercise intolerance. Many people will laugh when you tell them this, so don't tell anyone (because they will just accuse you of being lazy) but the matter is extremely serious. The exercise intolerance will result from muscle weakness caused by the inability of the tumour to regulate your hormones properly.

So again, it's important for those with either pituitary tumours or Lyme disease do do as much research as they can. In as little as one week of research, most will know far more than their doctors will ever learn. Doctors are human, and if they didn't learn about these things in medical schools because they were not taught about them there, they won't be rushing home at night to study them when they are tired and would rather watch a hockey or ball game. You are own your own, period.

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