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Hello all,

I am a 42yo 5.10 175lb male and for years I have been suffering with many or most of the classic symptoms of Low T with the exception of ED. I still had lack of desire but could always get and maintain an erection. I had low libido, lack of energy, concentration problems, depression.
A friend mentioned I should have my T checked and I kinda blew it off but always stayed in the back of my mind and finally while seeing my GP for a depression medication follow-up I asked about getting a T test done. He agreed it was a good idea (somehow I thing he gets paid to come up with the ideas but I digress). The test came back 221 (lab range 280-800). He talked about starting TRT but wanted to test FSH, LH and Prolactin and to retest my T level. The readings came back as.

FSH 1.5 (Lab range 1.5-12.4)
LH 3.3 (Lab Range 1.7-8.6)
Prolactin 4.22 (lab range 4.04-15.20)

While these all fall in the normal range the Dr seems to accept them though seem to be low and I don't know if that means anything. I read from

"Pituitary/Hypothalamus-Based Conditions
Men whose low testosterone levels result from defects in the pituitary or hypothalamus generally have a low or low-normal FSH level and low or low-normal levels of LH."

So with my levels being low normal I wonder if I should consult an endo for further testing?

Today I started my first application of Angrogel 1.6 two pumps a day. I am so hopeful that this will help with what I have been suffering with for years and has damaged my marriage.

I welcome any feedback on this topic of the levels and the use of Angogel.


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