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Hello, everybody! The state of me is really desperate and depressed ,so I figured out I could seek help or any kind of advice here . So ,to begin with, I am 20 years old and have never had any kind of health issues and my family does not have a history in endocrine-related problems. I have recently been diagnosed with partial hypopituitarism(secondary hypothyroidism and secondary hypogonadism) and I am still in the middle of nowhere in the diagnostic of the problem.
It all started 3 months ago. I used to lead a really active life – I went to the gym every day and ,played football 2-3 times a week, studied intensively at university and worked part-time in a disco. I used to be really sporty, muscular and happy person. I started having a chain of symptoms ,which came one after the other and are all present today, many of them gotten extremely worse and unbearable :
-extreme fatigue
- dry mouth , polyuria (about 6l per day) and nocturia – wake up to go to the toilet twice every night
- severe constipation – my bowels just don’t work anymore. One day 3 months ago,I got constipated and since then I have not been on my own in the toilet. Need to overdose with laxatives every 4-5 days to keep my bowels relatively clean.
- Complete muscle loss and joint pain – I have lost all my muscle mass during these months and my whole body is aching every single day – now I sleep 10 hrs a day and lie in bed another ten.
-weight gain – not that noticeable,since I barely eat….that constipation is killing me!!!
- Fat gain on thighs and face,abdominal fat
- Low blood pressure ( 80/40) and heart pulse (40 per min)
- Ringing in the ears – 24/7
- Dry hair and face
-Loss of pubic hair and absolutely NO libido,erectile disfunction
- Brain fog – I cannot think straight at all!

So after a long time suffering and different doctors , I got my hormone tests done several times and here are the shocking results :
TSH 2.3 mU/l (0.270 – 4.2)
FT4 10.59 pmol/l (12 – 22)
FT3 2.24 pmol/l (3.54 – 6.47)
LH 2.62 mU/ml (1.5 – 9.3)
FSH 1.16 mU/ml (1.4 – 18.1)
Testosterone – 2.9 nmol/l (8.64-29)
Free T - 0.0446 nmol/l
Cortizol – 920 nmol/l (171 – 536)
Estradiol 153.63 (0 – 146.1)
Prolactin – 2.71 ng/ml (3.9 – 19.7)
Growth Hormone (serum) – 0.747 ( less than 7 )
IGF1 – 157.4 ng/ml (110 – 489)

Given these results,I got diagnosed with secondary hypothyroidism, hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and hypercortisolism ( high cortisol was measured 3 times in a serum tests,now I am waiting for my saliva test results).They tried a test with Clomid (Clomifene citrate) to trick the pituitary into producing Testosterone ,but it did not give any results.They did a CT on my pituitary,wich showed no tumors , but now I will be doing a MRI to make sure,because the doctors just don’t find any normal reason for the state of me. I have never had head traumas and contact with radiation and so on.Everything is going really slow – now I did the Dexamethasone- Cortisol suppression test(To check for Cushing’s syndrome) and I have to wait 2 weeks for the results to come .My condition is getting only worse – it is like a survival every single day…They wanted me to start Levothyroxine 50mcg and I have been drinking it for 2 weeks ,but I think It makes me feel even worse…Shall I stop it and wait till they do the MRI of the brain and until the proper diagnosis is 100% sure? I am afraid of starting a life-long treatment, I am really scared of taking Testosterone and FT4,GH and so on,because ,the side effects will basically ruin my life(if not already ruined). I am only 20 years old ,used to be really muscular and sports person…It is like the devil messed up my life out of nowhere…. I am extremely depressed already….

So,how would you comment the test results? Any sort of advice is highly appreciated!I am scared to death and I just want my normal life back …I can’t keep struggling like that,It is just not worth it. Thank you in advance!!!
Hi,there.So,I went to an infectiologist,who was quite amazed by my condition and said he will probably want me stationary next week to do some tests,because he said that my physical state is probably not all due the hormones.He drew blood for several antibody tests,he is checking on ferritin and parathyroid hormone as well.He meant that some of my symptoms are really strange and could be a marker of neurological or rheumatological conditions - really dry mouth,total loss of muscle (my hips and everything are shaking,everything hurts me 24/7,cannot bend or climb stairs),he also ment that such a severe constipation could not be all due the thyroid(In the end of the day I really have not been on my own(without laxatives) in the last 4 months....So we will wait till next week and see what comes out.

Nevertheless,my endo thinks it is all thanks to the hormones...I got my latest bloodwork results (Here I am on Lthyroxine 50 mcg for approx.10 days)

[B]ft4 - 11,7 (9,14-18,1)
ft3 - 3,62 (3,4 - 7,7)
TSH - 0,714 (0,4 - 4,0) - seems already really supressed....
Testosterone 0,553 mg/l (2,8-8,0)
SHBG - 42,9 nmol/l (13 - 71)
LH - 1,3 (0,8 - 7,6)
FSH - 1,39 (0,7-11,1)
IGF-1 88,1 ng/ml (147 - 527)[/B]

Cortisol was in range...I am getting the results from Dexamethasone supression test this Friday.He did a full anterior pituitary stimulation test,which results I will get again on Friday and I am scheduled for a MRI on 9th of July...It seems to be an important week as it goes to my diagnose...So my endo has came up with the following problems for sure - hypogonadotropic hypogonadism,growth hormone deficiency and secondary hypothyroidism...Still not sure how this all happened out of nowhere,hope to get any relief soon...I am working with a private endo practice,first went to the 2 university ambulances (one of which is rated the best in Germany) but they simply wanted to get rid of me,started explaining me that my LH,FSH and so on are allright just because they come on the lowest part of the range...needless to mention,I was really disappointed by the attitude!

I am not in the army,here the army is voluntarily.I have chosen to go to college earlier and used to play football for a local team here as well...It all seems so impossible now,I keep on laying in bed the whole day and pray that things will get someway, somehow better....

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