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... Sounds like you are in Perimenopause. That is the 10 years before the actual menopause. Your symptoms match that. The sweating and feeling hot. With mine I have many more symptoms including itching. I am taking bioidentical hormone creams that are helping alot. ... (6 replies)
... This post describes me almost exactly. For the past 4 years I have been hot ALL the time! If I move or exert myself in any way I turn bright red and sweat profusely all over my body but especially on my face and head. ... (6 replies)
... Could they be causing my feeling hot ALL THE TIME and SWEATING? ... (10 replies)

... lowering medication. An internal medicine doctor had given me a whole bunch of them, enough to last for months and months. There was a point when the sweating suddenly stopped, and I felt normal again. How nice that was! Sadly, though, it didn't last. ... (6 replies)
... meone has some I ideas I came on hear looking for answers to exactly what you are describing,I am in menopause but this started before that.And this is more then hot flashes. ... (6 replies)
... I am always unbearably hot, even though I am not hot to the touch and my temperature is actually below normal. I have had my thyroid, ovaries, and hormone levels tested. ... (10 replies)
... can open another avenue of searching for the answer by my situation. I am post menopausal so I thought the sweats were part of it. However, 5 years later I am sweating more than ever. I also shake at night. Recently I also started cramping really badly. Jumping out of bed at night because my toes or my calves were in knots. ... (10 replies)
... ke a cluster. I don't think that doctors test hormone levels regularly, however, I requested it and found that there are some underlying reasons for my excessive sweating and joint and muscle pain, none of which are menopause. ... (10 replies)
... The sweating is so profuse, that if I put chin to rest on the back of my hand, both the chin and back of hand perspire. ... (10 replies)
... Mizzsicko - wow, that has been some medical journey for you!! I can't really comment as i'm not familiar with what you are going through, but just had to say congratulations on not letting the doctors brainwash you into believing it was 'nothing'. I had the same scenario with my thyroid, adrenals, hormones and digestive issues. Yes, we do know when something is wrong with... (6 replies)
... Have you had a full thyroid test eg: TSH, FT4, FT3, Thyroid Antibodies? Even if your results come out as being "normal", but slightly off where they ought to be you can still suffer thyroid symptoms. With thyroid problems they can lead to your bodies heat sensors going totally off the rails. Not everybody with a thyroid problem feels cold. Not everybody with a thyroid... (6 replies)
... It depends on how old you are. If you are at the age perimenopause is likely. However, if you're a bit younger, and depending of how frequently this is happening, you estrogen might be plummeting. This is about older women but it can happen to young women as well. I had one 2 weeks ago and it scared me silly. (6 replies)
... Your TSH is on the high side which would indicate hypothyroidism. HypoT usually causes you to be cold, but everyone is different. The doctor also needs to check your Free T3 and Free T4. I noticed you had a Free T4 but you didn't put the lab range. Do you have the range for that test? Adrenal gland problems can cause you to sweat like you are describing. Has anyone ever... (10 replies)
... Hi Everyone, Although you have gone to an endocrinologists I think the best option is go to go specialized physicians about hormone levels. Endocrinologists are not experts in my opinion and even though it may be slightly "abnormal" these specialized physcians look at the hormone levels very closely and offer solutions to you, and not the "general" person. Hope this... (10 replies)
... Remember, Secondary Raynauds is usually caused by only a few illnesses such as: scleroderma and mixed connective tissue disease systemic lupus erythematosus other connective tissue diseases, including Sjögren's syndrome dermatomyositis, and polymyositis Unless you are on meds that can cause it or are using jackhammers - my opinion is that Raynauds is a clear indicator... (10 replies)
... I'm 30 and am having this trouble. I will ask my doctor about my Cortisol levels on Friday. She did say something about sending me to an endocrinologist if they can't figure out whats wrong. They even mentioned wanting to do CT scans to make sure I didn't have cancer. YIKES! (10 replies)
... I have the same problem and had blood tests done and was told all my levels were fine. The doc put me on Robinul and that hasn't helped much at all. I just recently had more blood tests done and go back to the doc this Friday. I'm so frustrated and can't figure out what's wrong. If you find out more info, please let me know and I'll do the same for you. Hang in there! (10 replies)
... Hi, thanks. I am 29 years old - and not starting / going through the menopause the Doc. said, following testing. So I'm still no nearer to the 'truth' or solution. (10 replies)
... t progestrone and estrogen. Currently, I am estrogen dominate and having problems taking progestrone. Also, I feel the adrenaline running my body, heat racing, feeling hot, and something sweating fo long periods of time. I had a partial thyriodectomy in 1988 because of cancer. ... (1 replies)
... The reason for getting the test as I mentioned is a general feeling of something not being right. ... (2 replies)

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