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... What time in the pm did you do the cortisol? 8am is better... Your symptoms point to high cortisol - and you could be cyclical as is cyclical Cushing's. Better thyroid tests are free T3 and free T4 which tell what the thyroid are actually doing. Sounds like you need a battery of pituitary tests, DHEA, vit D, B12, adrenal hormones and the male/female hormones to get the... (1 replies)
... I take B12, D3 and Mag every day. I sure hope it is either a Testosterone or Thyroid problem. My old primary doc keeps telling me it is anxiety and depression, however I am not depressed or anxious about anything. He kept telling me that I am and I just don't know it. HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT?!?! He takes no labs and gives me some diagnosis and some SSRI's that I refuse... (5 replies)
... Wow with the exception of a couple symptoms, you sound just like me! I have suffered from low testosterone for years, but my health declined when I stopped a med that was controlling my anxiety a bit. Anyways back to you. ... (5 replies)

... If your B12's aren't getting you higher then buy Sublingual B12 which you dissolve in the mouth. It's absorbed much faster via saliva. ... (5 replies)
... low cortisol levels, you should do a read and you will most likely identify with a lot of the symptoms. ... (5 replies)
... Is your doctor doing anything regarding your cortisol levels being so high? ... (7 replies)
... Your morning cortisol is too high. Of course your night cortisol would be fine as cortisol diminishes throughout the day. Waking with too high cortisol levels could indicate something, i'm sure i've read it somewhere, but then again i'm not a doctor. ... (7 replies)
... My main issue right now is treating my excess estrogen. Aside from that i'm on med's to raise my thyroid hormone T3. I"m on cortisol to help my adrenal function. I've been on iron supplements for just over 3 years as my iron stores drop too low if i stop. ... (20 replies)
... Hi, i had high testosterone and it self corrected after i was on thyroid meds and cortisol supplements to help my adrenal function. I'm hypothyroid and have the auto immune thyroid disease Hashimoto's. ... (3 replies)
... I had low cortisol and i don't have Addingtons. Mine was linked in with my thyroid condition. ... (7 replies)
... that a professional had declined to give me treatment due to him feeling that my thyroid results were "within range", yet i still had symptoms. I also had very high thyroid antibodies back in 2000 and the Endo ignored this. He was only interested in TSH. ... (3 replies)
... and at any dosage levels. My doctor is now suggesting adrenal fatigue but what about the contradiction of extremely low testosterone and high DHEA, as well as extremely low cortisol but very high BP? ... (3 replies)
... m 30, diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency via an insulin tolerance test. I have borderline low hypothyroidism, low prolactin. No cysts. I am 40kg, 5ft tall so I am very petite. ... (0 replies)
... I went to a new D.O. about a month ago. He was insistant that my problem is partly due to low progesterone. He wanted me to start taking some natural Prog. right away. I said I wanted to wait for labs. Well, the results are below... ... (0 replies)
... whatever that is. He said it's normal, a little toward the low end, but still normal. My sex drive is still pretty good, I usually 'satisfy' it once a day or every other day. ... (18 replies)
... a lot of people with low end B12 have been told it was fine, same goes for ferritin and Vitamin D, when in fact all these need to be at the high end of the lab range. This is why you need to have a copy of your labs so you can post your results on the healthboard and get added advice. ... (5 replies)
... dding makes me think you are most likely experiencing thyroid related symptoms. Problem is that a lot of doctors wont treat until your lab results come back too high or too low. Have you posted your lab results on the Thyroid section of this board? ... (1 replies)
... Hi Nichole, it could be your cortisol levels as they can have those symptoms you mentioned "cognitive problems with my memory, attention, and depression". ... (7 replies)
... I think it would be wise to check your Vit D and your Ferritin levels. Most people are low in Vit D these days and it wouldn't hurt to even buy some in a healthfood store and supplement 1000IU a day, which is only the daily requirement. ... (7 replies)
... Hi All- I'm female, 36. My primary doc sent me to see an endocrinologist because my DHEA was high at 1052 ng/dL. Saw the endo, and after first visit, she thinks it could be adult onset congential adrenal hyperplasia. She ordered blood work, and I am to see her again in a week and a half from now. These are results: All normal comp. metabolic panel (14)... (6 replies)

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