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... narcotics are notorious for creating constipation. My hysterectomy was a long time ago so can't remember this happening but I would be drinking lots of water and taking in some fiber. ... (3 replies)
... Hi there, I went to by obgyn yesterday for my usual physical and also to ask him what he thought about my fibroid issue. About 18 months ago I had the ultrasound done to see why I was having so much pain when on my period and it was because of a 3cm fibroid (I also have a small cyst on one ovary). It is a posterior fibroid (mucosal). I don't have as much pain now but it... (4 replies)
... I am terrified of having a hysterectomy and have had a lot of trouble coping with it. ... (3 replies)

... perience is well documented in previous posts. It's long and it's depressing, but hopefully will keep someone else from suffering like I do. I am 20 years post hysterectomy with removal of ovaries. ... (33 replies)
... and it has caused problem after problem. I have done SO much research about the adverse effects of hysterectomy and ablation since then. ... (3 replies)
... changes, hysterectomy also causes internal anatomy changes. The uterus holds the bladder and bowel in place so once it's gone those organs drop. ... (21 replies)
... Pain meds cause constipation. I wouldn't worry about it. You could take a stool softener, eat applesauce. You aren't eating anything either so there is nothing much to produce a stool. (4 replies)
... Well, made it through the surgery and got home last evening. The magnesium citrate was some of the worst tasting stuff I've ever had! Yuck! It did the job to clean me out though. It was really rough only being able to basically be able to have sugar water all day long, and the next day I didn't go into surgery until 12:30 p.m. so I wasn't feeling the greatest by then. ... (3 replies)
... Have you been to any kind of doctor for advice regarding whether the changes following the hysterectomy are "normal" and for advice regarding the constipation? ... (1 replies)
... feel very embarrassed. I haven't been with a man in years now do to this problem. My vagina has been falling forward after a full hyst. and also due to chronic constipation my vagina seems to be widened. I have tried doing the kegels but to no avail. Is there a surgery or some other advise to fix this? ... (1 replies)
... I had a laparscopic assisted hysterectomy where they removed my uterus and cervix. I also had a anterior and posterior prolapse repair, a bladder sling, and vaginal reconstruction. ... (0 replies)
... and he also prescribed medication to take that would put water into my bowels to lessen the constipation and another pill for the pain when the bowels go into constriction. when this happens, I wind up in the ER of my local hospital. ... (1 replies)
... discovered some pain in my left side. It seems that I am having discomfort in my small intestine as bm moves around. I was taking some herbs for constipation many years prior to surgery. When I got home I was very constipated which caused trouble when going to bathroom. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for the information. Maybe it is the bearing down. I increased what I take for relieving constipation. I was so afraid that I might have ripped a stitch inside. I do know that my doctor said that I might have some bleeding for up to 6 weeks but when the bleeding stopped, I thought it was over for good and then when it started again I was a little worried. (5 replies)
... The pain meds cause constipation so it is good to be proactive with that. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, I had a laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy a week and two days ago. I was doing fine, trying to take it easy. I woke up this morning with twinges in my abdomen, probably was related to some constipation. ... (5 replies)
... ck to work. Now, thats my healing process without morphine or any drugs after day 3 of surgery.. I dont do well with pain meds. Not to mention the vicodin caused constipation which would lead to more pain. Needless to say it has been almost 2 years now, i now can say it was the best thing i ever did. ... (84 replies)
... For constipation, be careful with the increase in fiber. Make sure you are drinking PLENTY of water (not sodas), you want the water to help move that fiber along or it will compound (literally) your problem. :yikes!: You can always try prune juice. It sounds horrid, but it really isn't bad at all. I usually drank mine cut with some water or with some 7up. That was... (58 replies)
... ll day. My husband works nights and sleeps all day so it is fairly quiet and relaxing here! I hope that all has gone well in your recovery!! And any advice on constipation would be helpful! Thanks! Have a wonderful day!! ... (58 replies)
... dose of pain meds and a shower and feel pretty good. I have some pain in my lower back which I am quite certain is the constipation setting in. I took some dulcolax last nite and again this morning. I know the first bowel movement is not going to be fun. ... (58 replies)

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