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... several day at a time in a month. They said its common and they also said he could just take half of the uterus out, but my thought was why not take the whole thing? ... (7 replies)
... The typical is about 6 weeks but I have heard of women going back to sedentary jobs much sooner. I wasn't even allowed to drive for that soon but don't remember the details. My surgical recovery was no big deal but I've never felt right since my hysterectomy. I became a totally different person. (7 replies)
... just a worn out feeling. ... (7 replies)

... Hi Everyone I am trying to find out the recovery time from both laproscopic and vaginal surgeries. ... (7 replies)
... ectomy on the 28th feb now i have had to c sections is it simular pain to a c section or worse and is there a chance your stomach shrinks cause you have had the uterus taken out? ... (7 replies)
... Hi I had full uterus (inc cervix) removed April this year but kept ovaries. I had already started getting peri-menopausal symptoms and kind of expected my ovaries to fail on me after the surgery as I was warned that this can happen. Also that your ovaries are likely to fail within 5 years but so far so good. I still feel a little discomfort (not proper pain) during... (9 replies)
... HI- I had my uterus removed during a c-section in the birth of my second child in Jan. I didnt have any surgical menopause, and no rapid aging-other than would occur running after 2 kids. :D I do have hot flashes, and my pms symptoms like moodiness, chocolate cravings, etc are more noticeable than before. (9 replies)
... I would like to ask a question to anyone who has had just there uterus removed, and kept there ovaries. After your surgery did you go threw surgical menopause? ... (9 replies)
... Yeah, unfortunately, problems after ablation and tubal ligation seem pretty common. Also seems common not to mention these problems BEFORE doing the procedures. Ditto for hysterectomy. I'd give big $$$ to be go back in time and stay intact. I've spent so much money ahd heartache trying to feel and look normal (and young) again. You can read my other posts here on these boards... (7 replies)
... What's the reason for your hysterectomy? (7 replies)
... My goodness sorry to hear that STLouisgal!!I'm trying to weight the pain of not getting one--and of actually getting one--- so yes I'm still kind torn... (7 replies)
... You need to discuss this with your surgeon. Some won't allow you to go back that quickly and you most likely won't be allowed to drive. (7 replies)
... I think they say not to lift anything heavier than a small grocery bag for 6-8 weeks so a daycare ...I don't know...with kids and stuff I would at least think 6 weeks. they can do abdominal or vaginal but given that you have such problems it will probably be abdominal. For me it took awhile because I also had hemorrhage and had to recover from all the blood loss. being put... (11 replies)
... hi i had hysterectomy,9 weeks ago ,due to fibroid,i was scared to be put to sleep so had it with eperdural (spelling) they also give you a sedative,i remember going in to theatre and the next thing i knew i was in recovery,i tried embolisation but it diddnt work i had an unusual blood supply,im 49,and been on iron for over 2 years feeling like hell,after every period,i couldnt... (11 replies)
... The only thing that worries me is being put to sleep. I'm terrified something will happen to me. I'll find out my biopsy results next week or the week after at my appt but even if they come back i'm going to go ahead and get my uterus taken out. I'm so done with it..LOL! ... (11 replies)
... It turned out it hadn't but I was back in the ER the beginning of April and that's when I decided to have them removed. I could not live on Vioxx indefinitely. ... (6 replies)
Sep 18, 2007
... we feel it's best to take out the ovaries. ... (21 replies)
... Good luck to you nearlythere since you have already been threw it at least you know what to expect, and thank you for the words of encouragement i'm getting more nervous as it gets closer and it's still a month away. Let me know how your doing when you feel up to it . Ok readysetstamp, you have really told me what i wanted to hear, so now i'm thinking maybe i should get all... (13 replies)
... yrs ago because the Dr. said her uterus was enlarged. She has not had a period for that time now. ... (2 replies)
... For now the gyno just said she would only need the uterus removed as it is the only thing with the problem. From today's exam the ovaries looked good and the fallopian tube would improve after the uterus is taken out. ... (3 replies)

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