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:mad: Hi everyone

im 22 and my stomachs being [COLOR=Blue]growling/rumbling [/COLOR] since i was 15. It growls through out the whole dam day it crazy, even right after i eat it still growls. Sometimes It will growl, rumble make all kinds of noises i lie to you not, just about ever 2 to 5 minutes for hours on end. Thats my main problem but i also have a slight problem being [COLOR=Blue]constipated[/COLOR] sometimes. My stomach nosies have caused so many social problems its crazy, not being able to lay down with a girl without being scared my stomach will growl,or any other quite situation you can think of. All the doctors i see say i have IBS, theres no way to stop the rumbling nosies, and i feel like they dont take it Serious, but i bet if they had a rumbling stomach all day they would take it very seriously hun! So i need your guys help and info to try to silence the beast. Here is a list of the things i have tried and what they have done for me, PLZ if you have beat this problem or suppressed it somehow let me know thanks again.

1)Metamucil/citracel= the fiber helped my constpation a little but not the nosies(on and off for the last 5 years about 6 to 8 months constant)
2)Digestive enymes=first 3 days i took them my stomach made no nosies, but on day 4, back to same old nosies, (discontionued after 5 weeks )
3)Calcuim=didnt help much with nosies but made my constipation a little worse (tried 600caltrate and 1200mg name brand for 4 weeks)
4)Prozac=to help relive my stressfull stomach and life (didnt work)
5)Eating meals on a reguarl time basis through out the day= (nothing)
6)Tried every med that my 3 different Kaiser doctors prescribed for me, that they thought that might help me (about 5 or 6 different ones, NOTHING)
7)Probotic= called primal defense has helped a little with the nosies nothing drastic (on them for the last 5 days, to eairly to tell)
8)Im not lactose or fructose intolerante(tried cutting them out for weeks each,(made no difference)
9)I dont swallow air (aerophagia)

There you have it the list that kills me to see that all this, and yet no solution to my problem, on the flip side mybe i'll find a beautiful girl on this site who has the same problem as me, we can fall in love , and grow old together lol jk :jester: Thanks till we meet again!
Wow, I totally know what you are going thru! Having this same problem has seriously caused so many problems in my life. It started about a year ago and has gotten worse by the month. My anxiety because of it has become so bad, I hate it! Im scared to be in quiet places whereas I used to love silence. I cant get close to anyone because im so worried about my stomach going crazy, I cant sit for too long cause I feel like im gonna have a panic attack. I actually lost out on a potential great relationship because I was too scared to get close and stuff ... and he thought it was because I just didnt like him but it wasnt that at all. I have a hard time talking about it with anyone and only 2 people actually know about it. AND im starting a new job on Monday and im soooo scared that im going to end up walking out of there and quitting if my stomach starts acting up too bad. And ive waited about a year to actually get this job, this sucks! Today I went and bought Magesium and some Reuturi pills and im now eating yogurt everyday and my mother is sending me some of her Zelnorm pills to try out ... so I guess we will see what happens. Alll I know is that I cannot keep living like this ... I dont know what I will do. SO yeah, for anyone who does have good advice for me and "No Fear" PLEASE post it cause it would be sooo appreciated! And "No Fear", I totally feel for you because I know how it is and its horrible. :( Thanks in advance!
Eating bran cereal the All-Bran cereal with extra fiber helps.
Also, try eating some Altoids (peppermints) during the day. Peppermint is a natural anti-spasmodic and it helps cut down on stomach rumblings.

Also try to avoid dairy products and greasy foods.
Hi guys,

I've beaten the stomach growling, but I can't explain, so thats beside my point.

How do I explain this? By avoiding situations that you guys think is potentially embarrassing, you are creating a situation in which fear can grow, and the ultimate end of fear is anxiety and panic attacks and panic disorders. The situations you guys are trying to avoid are pretty important in ordinary people's lives.

Many people have fears, but a lot of those fears are ok, because they can live with them: For instance, the fear of heights, or the fear of public speaking. However, when you guys start fearing things that don't allow you to function in ordinary life, then it is a big problem you need to overcome.

The only way to overcome your fear is to go back and practice being in the situation that generates fear, until you've finally come to the point where you overcome the irrationalities that bother you. I call it irrationality because fear often arises from thoughts that are irrational.

For instance, you guys mentioned how you shot down opportunities to do ordinary things that "normal" people can do without hesitation, because of your assumption that your growling tummies would interfere. But the truth be told, it is all just in your head. You didn't actually experience a rejection, but you allowed your anticipation of rejection to take over and cause the fear and anxiety. My understanding is that fear is now taking over what growling tummies used to occasionally do.

Bite the bullet and eat your fear for breakfast. Yeah, it would be nice if you didn't suffer from growling stomachs, but it would also be nice if none of us suffered from IBS.

Cheers, Raju.
Have you tried to eliminate gluten from your diet? Even if you do not suffer from celiac disease, gluten can cause a lot of problems to sensitive bowels. I have improved a lot eliminating it. There are some other foods that can be very upsetting: peanuts, eggs, tomatoes... You should check. There is a book that have helped me a lot: "improve your digestion" by Patrick Holford. I have read the spanish version and do not know if the english one is exactly the same.
You can also take into account the intestinal candida overgrowth, that can cause these noises. I have noted an increment in growling if I take some antibiotics.
I hope this helps a little. I still have panic attacks when I have a meeting.
Thanks for all the info people, right now im looking at trying to reduce my gulten intake to see if it help only time will tell, this site is great thanks alot again for the advice,and i hope your problems resolve quickly too!!!

till we meet again,
I had this when i was around 15. It would do it all the time, in class we would have to be so quite and with that happening to me , it was so embarassing. I had to stay off for a few months in the end.
Doc gave me some tablets too, he said it could have been something wrong with the bowels and such. I still get it sometimes now though, but not as bad.
[B]I completely relate to all of the people that have this problem. I am a 22 yr old male that has lived through this since i was in 6th grade. I am now in my third yr. of college, and still deal with it. I have always been an excellent student in school but found this stomach growling noises always effecting my life in a big way. i think that having this problem as a student is the worst time to have it. It has changed me completely. I thought i was the only one with this problem, until i started surfing the web about othere people that are undergoing the same thing i am.Its extremely tough dealing with stomach growlings at times when ure in class or in a quiet place. I mean i dont have to go to the bathroom and im not hungry ,but i'll still get these annoying embarrasing noises coming from my stomach when im in class or something. i have learned to change my lifestyle and live with it and get me thru it this much. for example... certain times i'll be sitting in class, ( i try to get the farthest seat in the back of the classroom) and just start thinking about it to myself, and my palms start to get very sweaty, and my hearts starts racing, and im sitting thier praying to God that my stomach doesnt make any noises. i hate it very much. To me, the problem has evolved from a small thing to a huge psychologically ordeal that i have to deal with everyday. The funny thing is that im a pre-med student and i gotta sit in a class and deal with this thing for a good chunk of my life... ive made some changes to deal with this problem and some things helped a lil bit... i dont wana make this too long.. but i can totally relate to people with this problem... obviously if ure reading this right now you also deal with something like this or similar to it...
So I went to a dr for this problem for the first time the other day because I FINALLY got health insurance and I basically told her my symptoms and I told her that I really just wanted a referral to a specialist (GI dr) and she kinda looked at me funny and said ok lets run some tests first. So I went to the lab and they took some blood and I guess theyre testing for H pylori and several other things, I didnt totally understand. And she prescribed me Nexium but I didnt get it because I just dont believe that that drug is going to help me. Isnt that for people with acid reflux type problems? Does anyone know anything about this drug? I dont know, im so worried about taking stuff that isnt going to help. Im so worried that what I have may never be cured or atleast helped enough to the point that I can live my life without this constant anxiety! I cant even stand being at work full time anymore and now I have to beg my supervisor to let me go part time just because I have such bad anxiety at work due to these noises. I have noticed that it helps when i dont drink anything so when I eat lunch and anytime that I am at work I will not drink and I especially dont drink carbonated drinks before I go to work and I have to eat like plain things all week. The weekend is basically the only time that I can let loose and eat whatever I want. IM SO SICK OF THIS!!! AHHHH. And I have also noticed that when I drink alcohol my stomach does really well .. I mean, I do like to drink and im not using that as an excuse to constantly get drunk but when im drinking my stomach is fairly quiet and feels better, am I crazy? Haha I dont know. But thats all I have to say for today. Any comments appreciated!
I also feel better when I drink beer are we wierd? But my stomach gets yucky the next day so its just a short term fix or I'd probably be an alcoholic.
Hi There!
Well I have been ignoring my noisy tummy but I decided tonight to do some research on the internet and found this site. I have been experiencing some loud noises coming from what I think is my large intestine area (below the navel). This has been going on for roughly 6 months (could be longer but I dont often pay attention to these things and always think the problem will solve itself).

I do have regular bowel movements (usually once a day) but usually with some effort. I would get the urge but once I get there, I need to work at it. I am also a very sensitive bathroom user so much so that someone on the phone outside the door or a leaky tap could mean no action that day.

I drink lots of water ( I am up to 3 litres now) and eat pretty normally. I have moved to a different country recently and I eat a lot more bread (brown), cheese and jam and fruit. My meat intake has been significantly reduced though.

The noises are quite loud at times so that people can hear it. I'm not all that embarrassed by it though - I just make a joke of it but I guess I just want to make sure all is Ok with my health. It will be difficult to go to the doctor where I am as well since I dont speak enough of the language to make myself understood. It might also be important to mention that I only know something is going on because I hear it and not because I feel it. There is never any feeling associated with the noise and I cant even predict when it might happen.

If you have any ideas, I look forward to hearing from you.
Rumble Tumble
guys, I have the same exact problem+ many many other problems, and what I found to be quite a good remedy for the noises is dicyclomine...its a prescription drug..not expensive..although i have a feeling it could be constipating a bit..which is a problem for me. however, if i take it right before i have a meal, my stomach would rarely make these weird noises...
I had the same problem for almost 30 years! It started when I was a young teenager. I remember my stomach (intestines) used to growl and rumble so much in church, that my parents would allow me to sit in the balcony! School was awful - I would end up sitting in the back of every classroom with a textbook smashed into my lower stomach. I learned to live with it as I got older.

Out of curiosity I began researching it on the Internet a couple of years ago. I was amazed to find out that women who have hormonal imbalances - right before their menstrual cycle or during peri-menopause - were complaining of growling stomachs with hunger pangs. I started keeping a log, and sure enough! My "rumbly tumbly" stomach growled during hormonally imbalanced times of the month.

Now guys, I know what you're thinking..."but I don't have hormonal fluctuations."

Oh but you do! Men have different hormones, but imbalances just the same! A male friend of mine in his 40s just found out he had low testerone after feeling tired and out of sorts all the time. They also know now that men have male menopause.

Anyway, I had a salive test done and found out I produced WAY too much estrogen. I've been taking a compound for that, and I have noticed a BIG difference in many things, including the growly tummy!

Another thing that may be of interest to all of you is ridding your body of parasites with a parasite cleanse. The human body can harbor up to a couple of thousand parasites at one time, especially if you eat a lot of meat. These parasites cause all kinds of problems, among which is gassy intestines. Look up "parasites in the human body" in a search engine online - you'll be amazed!

Good luck to all!
I posted yesterday on the general health section, just found this today. Its good to know I'm not the only one. Mine started rather suddenly about 3 months ago. I knew I needed a hernia repair and I thought the noise was a symptom of the hernia getting worse because it often came from the same area but sometimes higher up, even into my esophegus. I got the hernia repaired almost 2 months ago, but surprizingly the rumbling didn't go away. I have no diahrea or any other symptoms so I'm not sure this qualifies as IBS. I have felt a little nauseous the last couple days but not sure if its related. I had a colonoscopy, nothing unusual found. Getting a CAT scan next week. This is really making me uncomfortable. Ive tried every diet even fasting, rice only for 5 days, nothing helps. If anyone has found a remedy please post.
:wave: Hey guys, i've tried a few things that really helped...and i blended it with some other things i saw on this site.

1. the advice of taking peppermint in (altoids, certs etc.) does actually help the intestinal muscle spasms that can cause the growling. -so pop a few peppermint certs in ure mouth about 20 minutes before ure gona be somewhere quiet.

2.DONT DRINK ANY WATER OR LIQUIDS BEFORE going to a quiet place, because that can cause some trouble especially when the intestinal spasms play catch with the air inside mixing with water will make some loud firecrackers within go off...LOL

3.This is a good one... At the drugstore they sell this thing for treating IBS. These little pills are chewable and taste like controls the noises significantly.. i have been using it for a couple days now...the main ingredient in the pill is "Lactobacillus"- which is a "freindly bacteria" which doesnt cause harm to the body and amino acids... by taking this over the counter pill this healthy bacteria colonize within the intestine, and produce enzymes that support normal digestion.. they taste awesome too they are chewable.. the brand is called "Digestive Advantage IBS".Its actually Dr. reccomended!~

4. if you have to go to a meeting where it will get quiet get there early enough and get comfortable with the place. That really helps.It reduces the anxiety levels a bit.

5.Contract ure muscles... i know this sounds wierd but its actually proven that it can relax you... what i mean by this is.. when u feel the axiety of a embarrasing growl coming.. contract ure leg muscles and arm muscles for about 5 -6 seconds and let go... this in turn relaxes ure nervous system!

6.ok this one really works!!.. now pay attention.. grind up a 1/2 ounce of earthworms, with 3 cricket antennas with a dash of salt.....Im just joking, but hell, if this was true and worked id defianately try it, lol...

These are some things that wont eliminate the problem but will help out alot...a lot of the doctor's can be jerks out there and really dont take much interest..and prescribe things like nexium which im pretty sure is mainly for preventing acid reflux...its good to know that theres a site like this which can help an induvidual feel a bit better knowing that ure not alone in this... i feel for everyone that deals with this.. but what ive learned is that u gotta deal with it and dont let it take over ure life!!!!, i mean worst comes to worst u'll be very embarassed, but oh well..its something that natural and out of ure control..i let this thing run my lofe for about 3 yrs until i was sick and tired of it controlling me, it was getting in the way of my dream of becoming a doctor, until i said ***K it! so yea all u guys keep it up.. and let me know if this helped! wish me luck im going to be taking my MCAT's pretty soon!!!
Wow.......I can not believe it....I honestly thought I was the only one with this problem... a few weeks ago a friend of mine told me she has the same problem, which shocked me!! and now to see all of you suffering also is unreal... I don't understand why this happens to me... she thinks its a stomach problem...I think its all in my head because it only happens sometimes... in quiet not at home!!! I really wish it would has held me back so much... I can't stand it!!! :(
Me too. I've recently found that activated charcoal capsules help for an hour or so (sometimes) but I want to get to the bottom of it and make it go AWAY.
Thank you everyone for the great advice. I really want to meet someone who has the same problem as me, so if anyone lives in the bay area let me know if you want to talk about it. I have never met anyone with my stomach problem and it will be nice to talk to someone about it. Lord knows it would be the first time. -the smiths
i have the SAME problem!! i have such hard time concentrating on work because of it.. i hate silence.
reply # 15 : --"a lot of the doctor's can be jerks out there and really dont take much interest..and prescribe things like nexium "-- . Yeah , That's quite common I'm afraid ...
So true. I just wish that my gastro could at least take my place for a few days and see how it is "NOT A BIG DEAL" right....
Has anyone tried Acacia fiber for this? (sorry, I probably mispelled it)
Acacia fiber? I thought fiber makes you even more gassy?
Hi Everyone,

It's been a couple months since the last thread, so I wonder if people are still checking on this topic. Of course, I'm also one of the unlucky ones to be affected by these noises. I started having IBS in middle school (I'm now in my first semester as a masters student at USF) but the noises didn't start until my freshman year of college. It really does distract from just concentrating on what the teacher is saying and can really affect your performance as a student. I haven't too many meds because I do think it's psychological and stress adds to it, but taking something also does help you relax because you think you're doing something about it..until that first growl comes up.

My noises don't seem to come often in the morning, but more frequently in the afternoon and on till the night. This is a problem because my classes in the fall will be all afternoon and night. I am already stressing about it and I'm exhausted from all the stressing. I also get very gassy at night...does anyone else have this problem? I don't have a problem going to the bathroom...

I totally hear ya MTV82, it's crazy because I keep going to school even though being a student is the worst time to have it! But hopefully, I'll be working in a few years as a nurse, so I won't have to worry about sitting down all day in a quiet classroom and no one will hear noises. But you're right ***K it, it's just human nature. But I'm sure to a lot of other people this is easier to say than to believe, so... to everyone out there with this problem, I'm just glad there are more people with this problem and we're here for support.

To Tennispro78, I just moved up to the bay area. If you wanna chat, that's cool. And everyone else, keep posting your replies! I love reading these messages and hearing everyone's advice and stories. It really helps.
Hello all, I feel for everyone with this problem. I have had it for about 7 years, I just finished my bachelors degree two years ago. I want to go for my masters but I am afraid of the noises. I have found nothing to cure the problem. I am currently taking beano and phazyme. It helps ,but again,it doesn't eliminate noises.

People don't take this problem seriously and that is probably the reason there is no cure that we know of. I wish the shoes were on the other foot that way researchers could understand what we are going through.

I am sitting here at work right now, in a quiet office with the music at medium level so no one will hear my stomach. The sad part about it is that my stomach could still be heard. This problem is taking control of my life and stopping me from promotions because I don't won't to be in meetings.

Just wanted to share. Good luck to all.

I took phazyme too, but I'm not sure if it worked or if I was just more relaxed because I took something. Sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn't, so I'm trying not to take phazyme regularly.

I just wanted to reply to say that I was in a meeting once and my stomach started to make noises, and it was so stressful! Thinking (and PRAYING!) that the noise wouldn't get louder and trying to concentrate on what the speaker was saying. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that you're holding back on promotions because of this (though I TOTALLY understand). This really sucks, doesn't it? I'm in school now and it's about two more years until I finish (I'm just trying to make it through this summer session!), the thought of which drives me nuts, but I really hope I'll be able to deal with it. Find seats in the back corner, etc.

I haven't tried calcium, eliminating gluten, charcoal tablets, digestive enzymes or aloe vera juice. Do these work for anyone?

For people who check back on this site, I actually started a post under "embarassing stomach/abdominal sounds" a long time ago under the name chrisy82 (i forgot my password so I started this name) and there are some helpful posts under that thread. I wish all of us could group together so we can create some sort of message board of what works and what doesn't.
I find it a great idea to post here what have helped in some way.
I was looking for an answer for years. I am feeling much better since about two months when I realized fructose was one of the culprits for me. So, my advises are:

1. Search for some intolerance (mines are lactose, fructose and maybe gluten, still checking although not celiac disease). This means, in my case, no dairy productos (even cheese), not sugars (regular sugar contains fructose) and no cereals.

2. Activated charcoal is a powerfull helper. Take some capsules before the meals if you need it.

3. Gas is not the primary cause of noise. Noise is promoted by the bowel/stomach movements, and gas can cause it. This means that some help can come if your digestive system is calm (even if you have gas). Peppermint oil capsules can help here, as well as some drugs (for me is alprazolam).

4. It could be a good idea to compose a list of your daily meals along with the symptoms they originate, in order to discriminate what food you should avoid. You have to take into account that the symptons can remains even some days after you have eaten the culprit.

5. Be carefull with your fiber intake. This can cause much gas to some people. Insoluble fiber can cause a big trouble.

I hope this help to anyone. Please let me know what you think
I check this board once a month or so and have posted here. My growling is getting worse. Doc says its probably a nerve acting up and prescribed Hyocyamine which is a tranquilizer acting only on the digestive tract. It helps but makes me tired. Charcoal helps unless its a really bad day which I'm having more of. Now I'm feeling nauseated at times when the noises are bad. Question: someone mentioned fructose could be the culprit. Does that include natural fructose in fruit or just foods with added fructose? I have tried eliminating fruit anyway. I thought it may be stress related but then on a perfectly calm day it comes back. Last week on a trip to Arizona I had 3 days in a row of feeling OK then it came back. I read on here somewhere it could be yeast infection. I think I'll tell the doc about that, he didn't mention that. I don't get diarea or constipation so Its not IBS I just don't know where else to post.
you may want to try to take 3 pancreantin enzymes....three times a day w/ meals...and see how that goes.....i am going thru some big time changes...i am having hormonal issues, adrenal...which is possibly causing my digestive problems...i am on primal defense also and also on food on other supplements...i would have diabetes or worse if I wasn't on my doctor is going to put me on some hormones next month...
i have ibs also and just had ANOTHER COLONOSCOPY...just found some melanosis of the colon but other than that...everything is ok...are you having any other problems???
What are pancreantin enzymes? Do I get it with a prescription? I don't have any other problems. Just this nauseous feeling when the noise is at its worst. My bowel movements are normal. I'm 90% sure diet has nothing to do with it after trying different things. I have stopped all coffee and sweets for 2 months or more to no avail.
Hello everyone,
I have been taking acti-Zyme it's an Activated Digestion Aid. I got it at the Vitamine shoppe and it works wonders. I have tried a lot of meds throughout the years but this one actually helps me. I hope everyone is doing well.

To Cy2004 i would love to chat with you about our stomachs :)
AIM KsmithYYYFan if anyone has any questions
where do u get acti-Zyme?
I couldn't find it but I bought Ultra-Zyme at a vitamin store. I have been way better for 8 days in a row since taking it. Time will tell if it helped or if my problem just subsided for whatever reason as it has before but not this long. I'm hopefull! Thanks Tennis Pro.
Hello Charlie P,

How is the Ultra-Zyme? Do you still have the stomach noises? What ingredients does it have?

Thanks again for sharing all of your good information and results!
I'm over 2 weeks now doing a lot better. I'm going to try not taking it for a few days to see if it helped or if I'm better for some other reason. It sure is nice to be able to have a quiet body after several months of discomfort. Its not totaly gone, but at least 70% improved and I can live with that. Ultra-Zyme is made by Nature's Plus. It says: Pancreatin 4x,Glutamic acid, Acidopholus, and about a dozen other things.
How bad were your stomach noises? So you say that you have tried everything and the only thing that has helped so far is ultra-zyme? Have you ever tried beano or phayzme? That is what I am currently taking, sometimes it works 100% of the time,the next time it doesn't.

Is two weeks without the bad stomach noises a record?

Keep me informed on your progress and I will keep you informed on mine.

Also, I was going to do a colon cleansing, because I think it could be a lot a parasites or bad bacteria in my body and then take the ultra-zyme. Because if you still have the bad bacteria or parasite, ultra-zyme would probably not be 100%
Im much improved about 2 1/2 weeks now. I have not tried colon cleansing. Does the stuff they made me drink that cleaned me out before having a colonoscopy count? I sure felt cleaned out. My noises were louder than I've ever heard coming out of a person. I couldn't sit in quiet rooms, meetings, etc. I'm still not all well but much better.
yes that counts. Was it in a green bottle?

I went to buy ultra-zyme on Saturday,it cost $27.99. I guess it's working, I still hear the noises though. But I think this weekend, I will give myself a colon cleansing and continue taking the ultra-zyme.

They say you should clean yourself out about once a month, if you continue eating unhealthy. Who knows what is living in your intestines!

Also, have you ever tried beano or phayzme? They seem to help me sometimes.
Hello everyone i just wanted to say that i found a new product that works wonders with my noisey stomach. The product is called BH1-Heel Stomach it's helps your indigestion, stomach discomfort, Nausea and Heartburn. I had to special order it from The Vitamin Shoppe. I can't believe my stomach noises has stopped, i can go to the movies and to restraunts and not get nervous and I can actually go to my girlfriends house to have dinner with her family and not be embarrassed. So if anyone else wants to cure your stomach problems you should please buy BHI-Heel Stomach. I promise you that it will work.
let me know what you guys think.

How long have you been taking this product? How bad was your stomach problems?
What other medications have you tried that didn't help?

Thanks for sharing, I have been trying to quiet this noisey stomach for years.

I will go and buy it today.

Thanks again!!!
Tennispro, can you now eat anything you want since taking BH1-Heel Stomach or do you still have to cut certain foods from your diet? :)
Well im 22 years old and since i was 19 i have had horrible stomach noises. I have tried all kinds of stuff to silence my stomach, i've tried activated charcoal, calcium pills, altoids (peppermint kind), beano, vinigears, tums, etc
I can pretty much eat anything now. I never really had food alergies before, all i know how is that i can eat actual meals and not worry about my stomach anymore. I just take two pills with some water before i eat and im good for a long time. So im happy right now.
I hope it makes you guys happy too.

Oh and i have tried those IBS pills that i think everyone has tried. They tasted like candy but they never worked.
good luck everyone
Oh my gosh, this happens to me too, but after I eat. It's soooo embarressing. I remember it happening in high school when we were working quietly by ourselves, my stomach was so loud people were turning around in their chairs. I wanted to die!!!!!!! It happens still, last semester, during my mid-term in college, my stomach was soooooo LOUD!! People across the room were looking toward me and I pretended not to notice. Later, my friend asked me if that was my stomch growling and rumbling. I'm not kidding, its sooooo embarressing. I remember my mom having that problem too, when I was a kid and would be next to her in public, I'd hear her stomach growl and was embarresed. Man, its frustrating!!
Oh ok tennispro, I'm glad you've found something that works good for you. None of us deserve to have such a crippling and embarrassing problem like this. I have the same problem you have or rather had. I'm definitely gonna try it. Thanks for the information. :wave:
Believe me, I understand. I have suffered from the SAME exact embarrassing and frustrating problem for over ten years now. I hope we all can find some relief very soon, and will be able to enjoy our lives.
what two pills do u eat??
tennispro78, you got BH1-Heel Stomach onlne at the vitiman shoppe right? i went online to try and order it and i can't find it when i search for it... is that the correct name?? thanks and p.s how much does it cost and how long have u been taking these pills and are u takin them with the ultra enzyme?
I know exactly how you feel alsaser, but i don't have to worry about that anymore. It's a huge relief on my social life. I remembered not wanting to go anywhere or do anything because of my stomach. I didn't want anyone to know about my noisey stomach. I was just really embarrassed and i didn't know anyone who had the same problem, i felt like i was the only one untill i found this messageboard.

Well i just went on the Vitamin Shoppe wedsite and i found the product number #1365587. The only draw back is that the vitamin shoppe has to special order the product so it took them 5 weeks to get it. But believe me it is so worth it!!!!! Im eating pizza right now from Round Table and my stomach feels great. I could have never had pizza and soda before this, my stomach would of been killing me. All i do is take two pills with some water before i eat something and all is well for the rest of the day. It is a life saver.

I hope everyone gets better no more embarrassing situations in your lives.
peace everyone
I would suggest that you write down this number #1365587 and go to a vitamin shoppe near where you live and tell them to order it for you. This is the name of the product I use-- (BH1-Heel Stomach).
Just went to buy two bottles of BHI-Heel Stomach(Since there seems to be a shortage). I hope it helps! I want to eat pizza and drink soda too without my stomach farting all day.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Keep in touch all to let me know if it has helped, and I will do the same.

CharlieP- How's the Ultra-zyme? It hasn't helped me much. I've been on it for about 4 days.
My problem came back for one day. I'm OK today. That was 3 weeks of pretty much OK, the longest stretch I've had in 10 months now. I ordered some BHI today. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat, this is really wierd.

How is the BHI-Heel Stomach,Is it still working for you?

I don't know if it's working for my stomach noises yet, I still feel a lot of popping. It's too early to tell if it's 100%

I do know that it works great for nausea. But these embarrassing stomach noises is my nussiance.

Thanks again for your information and sharing! Has anyone else tried BHI-Heel Stomach? Please share your experience.
Yeah the BH1-Heel Stomach is still working great. A few nights ago i went to my girlfriends parents house to have dinner and to get to know them better. So throughtout the night my stomach felt great and didn't make one noise. I was there for a good amount of time too. I just took pills before i left my house so i would be good for the rest of the night. Im telling you this product really works for me. I hope it's working for you guys too.

I can remember all of my embarrassing moments because of my stomach and so i hope you guys will never have to go through that again.
how is the BHI-heel Stomach working for you?? and Tennispro about how long have u been on it for. i just ordered it onlline and im so excited to see if it works for me.. the only downside is it cost 27.99 to get it shipped out to me:S oh well i realy hope it works

It only cost $8.99 per bottle and I bought it at the health food store.

It is still too early to say it's 100%. When I take it before I eat, it works, but when I am not eating, I still hear the noises. So I guess I have to take it even if I am not eating.

I just started taking it last friday, and took it once over the weekend because my stomach was a little upset. I only take it when I am at work or going to be around people other than my family.

My stomach is bubbling right now, I just took two tablets and I will wait to see if it stopped and I will write back to tell you the results.

I hope it works for everyone the way it's working for TennisPro78.
I really appreciate her sharing the information and keeping us posted. I see that over 3,000 people have viewed this post but only 53 have posted. There has to be a reason so many people are reading this post, but no one is sharing. I really appreciate everyone that does share.
Yah its way cheaper if you live in the States... but since i don't i had to order it online and it cost 11.00 or something but then shippin fees to canada were lots:S lol oh well i don't care how much it costs i jus hope it really works for me... im going back to school in septemeber n i wanna be stress free and be able to only concentrate on my school work not my noisy stomach:S thanks for replying Mztami!!
sorry TennisPro78, referred to you as (her). Thanks again for sharing and please continue to keep us posted.

By the way, how long have you been taking BHI-Heel Stomach?
How did you hear about it?

Thanks again!!

Where are you CharlieP...Is BHI-Heel working for you?
my stomach growls a lot too ... but it seems to happen only during class for some reason. it does not happen when i am with friends or just sitting by myself or meetings etc. It happens whether or not I am hungry too.

i think it happens during class (and it happens A LOT during class.. maybe every 10 minutes, sometimes it's very loud) is because: 1) i am nervous about everyone looking at me when it goes off 2) I chew gum, which causes my salvia production to increase, causing me to swallow more spit and air.

the only way i have found to fix this problem so far is by holding my spit in and not swallowing. i only swallow if i have to. i also slouch at an angle in between 45 and 90 degrees, which allows the air i swallowed to move down with less noise.

im more worried about the noise coming from my lower abdominals, after i eat anything it makes these loud noises that sound like i have just farted.

maybe i will try this drug you guys are talking about...
I am waiting for my BHI to come in the mail. I hope it helps.
Oh my Gosh!

I had a meeting today with the head people and guess what?

My stomach was making all kind of noises and I did take the BHI-Heel before the meeting.

I was very embarrassed and hope that no one heard it. I wanted to hide under the table. I don't think it's working for me.

I don't want to discourage anyone, but it's not working for me.
sorry to hear that MzTami...

I have a question about the Digestive Advantage IBS tablets... could chewing this tablet reduce its effectiveness? When I chew the tablets, i find that i do not swallow 100% of it. Some of it may get stuck in my teeth, on my tongue, maybe even in the mucous in my throat. Will swallowing the tablet as a whole still provide me with the same results?
Sorry to hear

MzTami, How long have you been taking the BHI-Heel? Maybe it takes a while for it to work for some people. :)
I have been taking it for about a week. I think it's more for indigestion, nausea or upset stomach.

Where are you TennisPro78, How long have you been taking the BHI- Heel Stomach and are you taking it with anything else?

CharlieP and Krizzy have you all come in yet?
I have been taking it for 6 weeks now and for the most part it has been working great for me. Although this past week my stomach has been making more and more noises. A few days ago I had dinner at my girlfriends again and it sucked really bad. I didn't want to eat anything and i felt so uncomfortable just sitting there. I was so afraid that my stomach was going to start growling and i know all of you know that feeling. I took two BHI-Heel before i left my house, maybe my stomach is getting use to it now.
What do you guys think????
Maybe it something im eating, i don't know.
Eating helps my stomach noises, for a little while anyway. I've been living with this since it suddenly started last October. Lately, it goes away or lessens for a week or so, then returns bad. Mine is sometimes my stomach but other times my lower abdomen making bubbling noises. Some days I have nausea. Cat scans, Colonoscopy show nothing. Doctor says not to be concerned, but he doesn't have the problem. Do you others' symptoms sound like mine? I'm 52 years old and otherwise in excellent physical shape.
Yes CharlieP I have the same symptoms that you have. I think everyone should propbably keep taking the ultra-zyme and acti-zyme(good for digestion). The BHI-Heel works for indigestion,nausea, and upset stomach. I plan to stop the BHI-Heel and start taking the ultra-zyme again.
Hello All,

How is everyone?

I decided that I need to detoxify my system. Therefore, I went to buy ParaStroy by Nature's Secret. This is my second day and I haven't seen any weird stuff coming out of my poop.

Anyone ever detoxified their system?
Let us know if it helps. Thanks.
Oh my God! I am so glad to have found this site and realize that I am not the only one suffering from this! Everyone always thought I was crazy when I told them about my problem. I have suffered through high school and college with it and am now starting my Master's degree at UPenn in the fall. I am scared to death to start classes b/c of my stomach growling problem. I seriously think that it is a mental problem b/c whenever I think about my stomach growling, it happens. If I am busy and don't think about it, it doesn't happen. That is fine and good but when you are sitting in a quiet classroom or meeting at work, it is hard not to think about it and keep it from happening. It usually affects me most in the morning. I have to eat huge breakfasts and snack all morning but it still affects me. I just assumed that it was b/c I have a very fast metabolism so I am always hungry, hence why my stomach growls. I don't want this to affect me for the rest of my life so I hope someone finds a cure. I guess I'll try some of the things you guys recommend on these posts but it doesn't seem like any of them are foolproof. :::sigh:::
Just want everyone to know that the ParaStroy is going good. I am on day 3.

I feel a lot of movement in my stomach. I wonder if its the worms or parasites dying? It's like when you are pregnant and you feel the baby moving.

I have been a little constipated, I don't know if it's because of the ParaStroy or me eating so much cheese. I am not sure. I feel a lot better though, I am not as sluggish as before. I heard the stomach growls on day 1 and 2, but not much on day 3, I feel a lot of movement, like stomach flutters.

I will continue to keep everyone posted.

Welcome growl girl. I hope this board will help you, it has helped my self-esteem tremendously!
Welcome from me, too, Growl Girl. Mine too is not bad when I'm busy during the day, usually. Its worse when I'm in a meeting in a quiet room worrying about it. That leads me to believe my doc is right in thinking its a nerve acting up causing my digestive tract to overwork. He gave me medication for it but it makes me very tired so I don't take it. Charcoal helps some. Sometimes it the sounds wake me up at night. Ultra-Zyme seems to be helping, but I'm not positive. I have tried eliminating every food I eat so I don't think diet matters in my case. The rest of you, keep us posted, its important to me to get to the bottom of this, as I'm sure it is for you, too.
Hello everyone,
well i have been gone camping and i think i found what works for me. For the past three days my stomach hasn't beem making a single noise, let me tell you what i have been taking. Every morning before breakfast i take two BH1-Heel and Two Beano because sometimes my stomach gets gassy after i take the BH1. So everything is going great with me right now. When i went Camping i ate Burritos, Pizza, Spaghetti, and even Breakfast.
Alright let me know how you guys are doing
TennisPro78, I think it may be the digestive enzyme(beano) that is working for you. I take beano and phayzme sometimes and they do relieve me, but not always. Beano and Phayzme seem to relieve my stomach more than the other medications. Also, when I took the BHI-Heel, I was gassy and had more bloating. I actually returned both bottles and got a refund.

I am leaning toward the ParaStroy that I bought. So far, I have not been as gassy as before and stomach noises are slowly decreasing. It is still too early to say, Yes! it's wonderful or Nay it's no good. But so far, so good.

I will keep you posted with my results
I think the suggestions on this thread will be helpful--- I need to really try those peppermint altoids.

This problem is really impacting my social life... even for the summer Im taking a math class in the morning where there is a quiz usually every week--- during which all is quiet. And my stomach will not be quiet. It's really embarassing because I know everyone can hear it, and it keeps me distracted from the quiz itself. I don't feel hungry AT ALL... yet I find myself scarfing down anything I can find in the house before I drive off to school... I don't want to live like that--- I am not even hungry and have to eat food, which doesn't even fully get rid of the problem.
Electricchild I know how you feel. I graduated from college 2 years ago and missed a lot of classes due to my embarrassing stomach.

Have you tried beano or phayzme? Those seem to help me the most.
peppermints did nothing.

Also, I have a question, does anyone take a multi-vitamin? The kind that is free of allergens?

About 9 months ago, my stomach problem had stopped completely for about 3 months. During that time, I was taking so many things for it such as, super digest, probiotics, beano, vitamin c, a, zinc... I stopped taking everything all together because the noises had stopped. It lasted for 3 months.. Then it came back. I just can't remember which of these things I was taking was so effective.

I went and bought me an organic multi-vitamin last week. I figure it could be something just as simple as lacking nutrients. So I said, why not give it a whirl.
My parents take multivitamin pills--- the reason I never take them is because I am young (20) and eat healthy foods... I am a person who HATES taking pills... due to the fact that they all have side effects. The fact is my body wont even absorb most of the nutrients in there considering I probably get enough in my diet. But if it stops this incessant growling then I will certainly try it. Thanks for sharing your trial error process!
ur stomach noises had stopped for 3 months?? that is amazing i hope you find wat works again soon :) i used to use hyland Gas pills.. usually my stomach noises are causes by trapped gas in my intestines (but not always) and they used to work i would jus take two pills b4 my classes in the morning but i guess my body became used to it bcuz it stopped working for a year and a half now:( but i also think this can be causes by holding it in if u need to go to the bathroom... i used to do that bcuz i once watch oprah and she showed us all the germs in a public bathroom and i got soo disgusted i used to jus hold it in until i went home. i jus went out today and bought a pack of multivitamins i hope this helps..
Yes, I stopped taking what I was taking because my stomach noises had stopped completely for 3 months. I wish I could remember everything I was taking. When the noises came back I started taking probotics, beano, and phayzme again. But the noises continued. So I am going back to the basics and taking an organic multi-vitamin/mineral.

Kriddy I use to hold my bowel movement. I did this for years. I have never used a public bathroom even when I was a little girl in school(that I can remember). I recently started using the bathroom at work. I think this is the cause of my problem. I thought I was the only one that held my bowel movement.

I have been taking the organic multi-vitamin/mineral and my stomach has improved tremendously. I take the one that is free of allergens. You should take an organic multi-vitamin/mineral and see if it helps you. I stop taking the Parastroy for parasites because it contained cascara. I read that you shouldn't take cascara for more than 10 days.

I will keep you informed on the organic multi-vitamin. Since I have been taking it, I haven't taken any beano or phazyme.
hows the organic vitamins commin along? i have been taking a daily vitamin as well i havn't noticed an improvment so i think i will go and by the organic ones. ok well thanks for posting :) hope all is going well

The organic vitamin *appears* to be working better than anything I have ever taken for my stomach. I have been on vacation; therefore, I have not been in a stressful situation. I will be back at work on Monday, then I will give you the verdict. Until then the jury is still deliberating.

I have not noticed any major noises since I've been on this organic multi-vitamin. I feel good, I think it is helping me, but still too early. I want to be 100% sure before I make the judgement. Even if it the organic multi-vitmain/mineral doesn't completely cure my noises, I will continue taking them and will buy them again.
Hi Kriddy,

I found what I was taking to make my stomach noises go away. I was taking a digestive enzyme that had ginger in it. I think this is what was quieting my stomach noises. I read on another board where this girl said she calmed her stomach noises by taking ginger. I read that ginger is good for the digestive system too. I went to buy me some herbal ginger root capsules today. I am 99% sure that this is what kept my stomach quiet for 3 months. Because I took everything that I was taking back then except for that digestive enzyme, because it would burn my throat when I took it. I think I may open up the capsules this time. It still burns my throat, I have to drink a lot of water to soothe it.

Try the ginger root capsules or tea. It is cheap and you buy it at Wally World.

Good Luck,

Where are you Charlie P, TennisPro? How are you all doing????
I am so glad the ginger tablets are working for you MzTami. Thanks for the info! I think I'll try the ginger tablets as well. :)
I am taking the Super Digest supplement capsule that I was taking before. It has ginger root in it along with other ingredients too. I bought them at Sun Harvest for 5 something last year.
I'm trying everything I hear of. I stopped taking Ultra-Zyme for a few days and it seemed to take a turn for the worse, so it must be helping but not completely fixing it. My new doc says to get an ultra sound on my gall bladder. May be something I'm not getting.

Try ginger capsules if you can't find Super Digest Supplements by (Solaray)
I've heard two people talk about their stomach noises went away after taking ginger capsules. Do research on Ginger Root (good for digestive system)They said it takes about a week before noticing results. When I was taking the Super Digest Supplements last year, it took about 2 weeks, but I heard absolutely nothing. I would take 2 with meals. I was taking them along with Ruetri probiotic,I took both for about a month and then I quit taking them because I thought I was cured. After 3 months, noises came back and they havn't left since. I started taking those two again this past week, I also bought the ginger capsules but ruled them out too quickly so that I can take my Super Digest. Both have ginger root, it's just that Super Digest has more herbs such as pepsin, aloe, and other herbs that are good for the digestive system. I am running low on my Super Digest so I am still taking the Ginger Root Capsules until I can get some more of the Super Digest. I feel that it takes time, noises will decrease and then disappear, but continue taking them, don't make the mistake I did by thinking that you are cured.

I wish everyone well, Keep in touch.

Where are you TennisPro???
I started drinking ginger tea a couple days ago and have been fine so far. My problem comes and goes so, we'll see.

That's good, keeps us posted on your progress. Remember keep drinking or taking capsules everyday, it won't work over night but noises will decrease and then disappear. Give it a week and a half, noises should be 90% better.

Ginger root is good for the intestines. Read about it.

Keep in touch
Thanks, MzTami. I'm OK so far. It would be nice if this really turns out to be beneficial, since its not really a medicine or drug. I like natural things. I have learned a few things about my body through all of this the past several months.

How are you all doing with the ginger capsules? Any improvement?
I am still taking the super digest along with the probiotic reuteri(sp?). My noises are decreasing slowly but surely. Also, I must warn you all that be careful when taking the ginger capsule on an empty stomach, it could upset it.

I hope all is well. Keep us posted on any progress.
Has anyone tried taking glucosamine? It's supposed to be good for intestinal mucin. I've been taking it the last week. The noises have definitely reduced, but have not gone completely. I'd recommend other people taking it and seeing if they have any positive results.

Is this a prescribed medicine? I have never heard of it. Please advise.

I am continuing my super digest + probiotics and my noises have decreased tremendously. I have been slacking off this past weekend and today. But today, I only heard maybe 2 noises. I know I need to take my super digest and probiotics even if I don't hear the noises.


How are you all doing with the ginger capsules? Any improvement?

It's not a prescribed medicine, it's a protein/sugar compound that's found in your body naturally. You can buy it from most health stores or over the internet, but I think you shouldn't take it if you are allergic to shellfish or seafood in general as it's made from them.

Do you have the bottle with you? What ingredients does it contain? Also need the correct spelling of it. Is it capsules or tablets? Also, is it still working for you? How did you hear about this medicine or herb?

Thanks, sorry so many questions.
hi mztami,
hows the noises comming along? lol anyways i was jus wondering if the ginger capsules ever make u have headaches or make ur stomach upset??

At times they make my stomach very upset, but I never get headaches. They burn my throat badddd too. I had to quit taking them for about two days. My hubby gets upset when I take them and have those ailments because of the ginger capsules.
Hi MzTami,

I haven't gotten a chance to try the ginger tablets just yet because I am currently seeing a chiropractor about my stomach problem. So if the chiropractor doesn't help me then I will try the ginger tablets. :wave:
Oh Okay..good luck and let us know the outcome. I haven't been taking the ginger capsules or super digest consitently, they burn my throat too bad and wake me up in the middle of the night with reflexes. I am still taking the probiotic and organic multi-vitmain.. I am improving but nothing significant.
Hello Calling CharlieP, TennisPro..How are you all doing? How is the ginger tea charlie?

I have stopped taking the super digest and ginger. It burns my stomach and makes it upset too. I am taking the organic multivitamin and reuteri probitioc. Results still the same, nothing has changed much. Noises still going on strong.
i stopped takin everything as well except my vitamins... the ginger made me wanna throw up all the times:S im jus going to live with it haha and b4 my classes i jus pray it won't growl and it usually works(Y)
I think this is something I just have to live with. I drink ginger tea and take Ultra-Zyme and it might be a little better than a few months ago but not much. I've been feeling well, its just the embarassing loud noises coming out of me that bothers me the most. I do think stress aggravates it, although it is still there when I am as relaxed as I can be. If I get too hungry my stomach moves abnormally, not just regular growling. Or if I eat a large meal that does it too. I'll check in here now & then to see if anyone finds a solution. By the way, my doctor did diagnose it as, if forget the name, but he says its a nerve acting up. He gave me medication but I rather have the noise than feel the way that stuff made me feel.
Thanks for checking in CharlieP...I hope we do find a solution quick for this embarrassing noise. I will continue to check in daily and if I find something that is working, I will post immediately.
Has anyone tried Chamamile tea/pills or Agrimony drop to releave the stomach noises?
I bought Gastritix from Sun Harvest on Saturday that has Chamamile in it. So far so good, but I didn't want to jump the gun, still too soon to tell if it's 100% I will keep my mouth shut until then! I need to give it at least another week.
I'm kinda of curious as to what the chiropractor is doing to help. I had never thought of asking my chiroprator about my stomach problems.
This is something that I read on the internet last night and shared it with the other thread. This could be the problem for our stomach noises. Everyone, please test yourself and post your results. Thanks to all that participated and posted results.

I read that you get a clear glass and fill it with bottled water, do not use faucet water. In the morning when you wake up, take the glass with the bottled water and work up some saliva in your mouth and spit into the glass. Check after 15 minutes, if the saliva starts turning in to specks and sinking to the bottom of the glass, then after 1 hour check to see if the saliva sinked to the bottom of the glass and if it looks cloudy. If so, you have an overgrowth of yeast in your body. If the saliva stays at the top of the glass then you are okay.

I tested myself last night and this morning, I got the same results. I tested positive for having an overgrowth of yeast. I took the test even further, I had my son, spit into a clear glass of bottled water this morning and his saliva did not move, it stayed at the top of the glass. I plan on testing my whole family. By the way, my kids or hubby do not have the same problem that I have.

Everyone, don't forget to post your results. Also, they say to do it in the morning, since you haven't had anything to eat. But I did it hours after my last meal and this morning and got the same positive results.
MzTami, what does it say to do if you do have an overgrowth of yeast? Thanks
[QUOTE=Charlie P.]MzTami, what does it say to do if you do have an overgrowth of yeast? Thanks[/QUOTE]

Charlie P..Immediately stop eating things that contain sugar. Also, take anti-fungal supplements. They say take Fungal Defense(anti-fungal) and probiotics such as Pearls and Biobeads are enteric coated and are able to get into the intestines. You have to rebuild the good bacteria. You can get these at any healthfood store. Do not take the Fungal Defense for more than 14 days. Also do not eat breads and things that contain yeast... and especially soda, candies, fruits..etc.. Also, what I have been doing is putting garlic powder with my meats to kill the yeast. Also, I have been cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil so that the yeast could not hide in the tissues, it could slip right off. They say it could be difficult to get rid of the over growth of yeast and that you have to stick to the candida diet. If you keep feeding the yeast sweets, it will continue to grow. Also, make sure that your bowels keep moving..Yeast love contipation. I went to buy benefiber (soluble fiber) so that my body can get fiber and keep my bowel moving, which is ridding the yeast. Benefiber has no taste, I mix it with water and I can not taste anything.

Also, be careful with the anti-fungal supplements, you may have die-off(that is during the time your body is ridding the yeast) Also, continue taking your digestive enzymes to aid in your digestion. I also bought some Kefir(plain) it contains 10 live cultures of good bacteria. The idea is that you have to find things that yeast hate and continue feeding it to them. They hate spices too oregano, garlic...etc

Hope this helps..remember do not take the anti-fungal supplements for more than 14 days..yeast can adjust to them. Keep plenty of probiotics in your body and digestive enzymes . Also, I have been taking an organic multi-vitamin/mineral. I have seen some improvement, but it's still to early to tell. I will keep in touch and you do the same.
OMG I have the same problems! There was a time when I was symptom free for a few eeks after I was put on three antibiotics and nexium (tested positive for h pylori). I had NO symptoms for over a month and then again little by little it started acting up. Then I tried zentel and I was fine again for 2 weeks and then the same problem again. Then I went to a colon/rectal surgeon and he put me on debridat and initially i had bad diarrhea but after 2 weeks on it my smyptoms improved 90%.
What kind of drug is debridat? What does it contain and how long have you been taking it??
Debridat is Trimebutine. It is a motility drug. I have been on several motility drugs like motilium, zelnorm, propulsid, and many others. I was on debridat for 2 weeks. I was symptom free for weeks after that but now I am getting more and more constipated (I can go every day but sometimes feel incomplete evacuation) but my stomach growling has decreased a considerable amount. Have any of you guys checked for parasites? h. pylori? Please do a routine stool test. All other tests have to be exhausted because what you are going through IS a big deal and don't let doctors just tell you there is nothing organic and so it's just stress or anxiety. Stress and anxiety might exacerbate symptoms but it is not the cause. HAve you been to a gastroenterologist? or a bowel specialist? what tests have you done?
Oh, I also tried the elimination diet including fructose, gluten, diary products. No palpable change in symptoms. But DO NOT drink carbonated drinks and pop. They do aggravate the symptoms. A bland diet does improve a little too. Eat your meals at regular intervals. Exercise made the symptoms worse in the begining but if you put up with it improves a little. While you are walking, do you have the symptoms?? Let's say you are having a pretty bad "attack" and if you start walking does it continue? or do the symptoms start when you stop?
I really don't notice the noises when I walk. I generally notice them in a quiet environment.
I have been to my regular doctor and she has prescribed nuleuv(sp) and zelnorm..I did try the nuleuv(sp) but it gave me cramps..didn't need any pain so I discontined. She diagnosed me with IBS without doing a single test, just based on my symptoms. She will not give me a referral until I see her again, which she is useless so I haven't gone back for my problem. Also, I have heard a lot of people say that doctors are pretty much useless when it comes to curing diseases.
Yeah, same here. Only notice it in a quiet environment like in class, library, movies (yikes!). Zelnorm didn't do much for me. From my experience too I feel that doctors are generally unhelpful when it comes to IBS patients. I have been to several docs and specialists over a period of 11 years. I can say my symptoms are less frequent than before but I still have them. I will go back to my doc and see if I can be on debridat again. I hope it would give me the same results as before. BTW, have you ever treated yourself for any parasites? Get a stool test done. Do to a new doc until you find someone who is helpful. Ever tried something like Controloc or nexium? I found that these two helped a little but not much. You have to keep on trying different meds and methods and see what works best for you. This is a cruel condition to live with. Worse than an organic disease!
I have tried ParaStroy(Parasite cleanse) before but I stopped taking it after a week. It constipated me too much and you would think it's supposed to keep you moving. Other than that I haven't tried anything else. What about you, have you tried a parasite cleanse? If so, any results?
Yes, tried zentel. It did help me for about 3 weeks. Remarkable difference. Symptoms did come back unfortunately.
Hey everyone,
I wasnt checking in here for a long time, but today something horrible happened. I was in the middle of taking a test in a big lecture hall where everyone sat right next to each other. And stomach got our of control with all the noises...AGAIN. I had to leave the room without finishing the test. I decided to get some special testing accommodations for next semester because I just cannot function like that anymore. Plus it is not fair that while other students have to worry solely about the test material, most of my brain is occupied with my stomach. Was anyone else able to get these sort of accommodations. I am just really scared that my "disability" would leak out even more, and also what if the administration wouldnt find it to be a reasonable request??
hope the rest of you are doing better than me!!!!
I know how you feel and sorry that you had to go through that embarrassing moment. Why don't you make up an excuse so that you can take the test in the professor's office. I use to do this all the time. They had a area designated for people that were not able to take the test at the specified times. Also, have you tried beano and phazyme? These seem to help me the most, especially beano. Well I hope they let you make the test up. If you had been diagnosed with IBS, I would tell them I had to leave because of my IBS. If you need a note from the physician just go get one to let them know that you have been diagnosed.
My primary care thinks I might have IBS-C, but my gastro doesnt agree. I guess I just have a mixture of different symptoms including the grumbling..AHH.
Thanks for your suggestions., mztami. Could you tell me how often and in what combination you take the beano and the phazyme? I think I've tried them before but not sure.
In the morning when my stomach starts to make those noises, I'll take the beano. When I have bloating and gas and beano isn't stopping the noises, I'll take the phazyme. I prefer the beano thought, it helps the most.
I've had the same problem over a year now and have made a few observations. My Dr. ruled out IBS because I don't have constipation or diarhea. He says its nerves acting up which is probably right. I notice when I'm busy doing something I'm enjoying either work or play, it doesn't happen as much, but its still a little noisy at times. If I'm sitting around just thinking it gets bad especially if I'm worried about something and worrying about my stomach making noise in a meeting will do it. I'm just trying to accept that I must live with this and grateful I don't have something worse. Activated charcoal tablets work better than anything else for me. I think its because gas makes the noise. Without the gas my stomach or colon still twitches at times but no noise. Kind of like a water pipe, if its just water going through its quiet. If theres air in it, it makes noise. My 2 cents worth.
hi everyone
i am unbelievably glad that someone else finds this so embarasing!! i know it sounds really pathetic but it is such an awful problem. and its even worse when people notice and turn around / laugh. i also try and find somewhere away from everyone else and i avoid quiet situations to the point of riduclousness but its unavoidable because i am currently at college so silence is enforced in practically every lesson. and all frees are spent in a library which must also be quiet.
i know what its like i also get all sweaty and fidgety and my head feels like its going to blow when i think its going to do it. its got to the point now where i feel i cant pursue my education anymore. which i know is ridiculous because i cant help the problem but its how i feel.
i find that eating a lot does nothing - if not makes it worse
i also find the drinking stops it if you feel one coming on but then makes them return quicker.
and not drinking is bad because i just get hungry and it rumbles because of that
i discovered that drinking tea and coffee makes it especially bad - by about 100%!!! so definately avoid that...
i feel so silly having this fear but it is ruling my life :confused:
I know how you feel flowerypants about not wanting to complete your education. I am ready to go back to school for my masters degree and I fear my stomach noises. I pray that one day there is a solution, because it's embarrassing!

These aren't "irrational" fears, we don't think we're going to suffocate if we're in a small room, or a giant spider is going to eat us; we are embarassed because we [I]know[/I] our stomaches are constantly making it sound like we're farting all the time! I have heard people snicker when I'm sitting in a silent classroom. I have seen the disgusted looks on my guy friends faces while we're lying down watching a movie. I tell them, "no, it's my stomach, it's just really loud!" But I know they don't really believe me. If if they did, I can't annoucne to al my classes, "Hey, I'm not really farting, I just decided to eat breakfast this morning." My grades are suffering because I can't sit and concentrate on an assignemtn because I'm too busy trying to cover up a rumbling stomach. My digestive system is [I]always[/I]on my mind. I can't function anymore. I'm glad that you were able to "overcome" your noisy stomach for whatever unknown reason, but do not tell me I have an "irrational fear." This is not something in my had that I can control, psychological counseling does not make my stomach shut up.

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