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... I'm thinking this is familiar. I'm under a cardiologist for repetitive palpitations. I think it's peri menopause and IBS causing mine. I'm about to have a calcium ct scan this coming week. As holter monitors can't catch much at all. ... (5 replies)
Is this IBS?
Oct 29, 2015
... Interesting. How do you take the coconut oil? I've been taking probiotics, which has helped some, and fiber and calcium, both of which I didn't get enough of. It seems to be improving of late. I've been taking a probiotic and half a loperamide right before bed and that seems to help with what happens in the morning. (4 replies)
Is this IBS?
Oct 26, 2015
... Just looking for some input and what other IBS people have experienced or if any of this sounds familiar to anyone. ... (4 replies)

IBS not sure
Jan 8, 2015
... HI thanks for the info, im seeing my gastro tomorrow to discuss how i can cope with the pain and diarreah until my colonoscopy which is over a month away. My last stool test from 2 days ago came back CLEAR !!! im not making presumptions until my colonscopy but im steering towards allergy or colitis, but i have no raised inflamation markers which would suggest colitis etc,... (9 replies)
IBS not sure
Jan 7, 2015
... From the way it was explained to me, IBS is frequently a diagnosis of exclusion. When everything else has been excluded, that is when they diagnose the IBS. ... (9 replies)
... I want to thank you for writing all of this HUGE HELP. Can't wait to try this advice out. Hopefully I start feeling better! (2 replies)
... Take calcium supplement, this helps with the diarrhea. ... (2 replies)
... I know calcium counter acts the magnesium but it doesn't seem to work with me. ... (2 replies)
... Dear Donna022, It certainly does seem it is known now. My gastro doesnt want me to take anti inflammatories, osteoporosis meds, calcium or vitamins! Even antibiotics. But, other drs want me on them! Hope your report of colon comes out great! Thanks for posting this. Glad polyp is out! ... (12 replies)
... Hi - I too have gained weight. I have had "IBS" for a very long time, but something changed with the symptoms 2 years ago when my menopause started - horrific gas and bloating and what sent me to the doctor was my stools started floating - not just occasionally - all the time for 3 mths. I got concerned and when they tested them, they had fat in them - which is not good - I... (39 replies)
... or Fructose me. Just my opinion now...I think what is called IBS is actually just a cluster of symptoms. not a condition. ... (39 replies)
... I was told that I had a low calcium level and that I may need to follow up on it. In the hallway, my husband was told that I was having an anxiety attack. ... (9 replies)
... e I was telling the salesman about my weight loss goals, and he recommended the GNC Women's Ultra Mega vita Pak as a multivitamin. It has an energy enhance plus calcium and other vitamins. I kind of laughed because this salesman was pushing a womens vitamin on me, but I thought why not. He said most of their sales were to men. ... (0 replies)
... now taking a Probiotic things have changed dramatically. I knew that too much vitamin C could give you Diarrhea, so now after supper I take my multi...500 C..600 calcium and then about an hr. after supper take a Probiotic. ... (12 replies)
... with my Vit D and Calcium supplement. It never occurred to me, that my IBS symptoms could possibly be caused by the vitamins I've been taking. ... (12 replies)
... mg of Calcium a day and a lot of prayer. ... (2 replies)
... Have you tried acacia fiber? Its been a life saver for me. None of the other drug store brand type fibers help, in fact, made my IBS-D much worse. I still get flare ups at times, but it has made my days and nights so much better. (3 replies)
Ibs vs colonoscopy
Mar 20, 2010
... I, too, was diagnosed with IBS/CV. I was comfortably, slightly sedated during my colonoscopy and I am glad I had it. My diagnosis turned out to be diverticulitis. Never regretted getting that treated. Would like to mention, though, My "IBS" has turned out to be a problem with my elevated calcium levels (in the ten range) in correlation to a parathyroid tumor. Really... (8 replies)
... let everyone know , im a 29yr old guy single with a good social life. For the past year i have had many test and no doctor could give me answer except i now have IBS hmmm great..... i was getting depressed i stopped wanting to meet girls cause 24hrs aday i had loud gurgles coming from my guts and what follows that. ... (9 replies)
... ess whether symptoms of lactose intolerance are mimicking those of irritable bowel syndrome. Persons who avoid dairy products should exercise and consider taking calcium supplements. ... (4 replies)

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