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... I just try to keep a blank face! When I'm at home I run into the toilet but at school I just try to hold it in...its so bad though. (7 replies)
... It is not unusual for IBS sufferers to suffer from extreme flatulence. I suffer from the same problems myself. I have yet to work out a visual technique that will help me overcome this situation. ... (7 replies)
... For the past month I have been experiencing very severe pains and bloating. I don't remember it ever being so bad. I have flatulence at least 5 times every hour, and it is deadly! ... (7 replies)

... I suffer from the same thing but i can't cut out foods as the foods that affect me change on a day to day basis, for instance one day i can't even have milk in my tea and a week later i can drink several pints without a single symptom of IBS and the same with beef mince; I can't eat it for months without having severe problems then suddenly its fine. The only thing i know for... (7 replies)
... Mine got better when I cut everything out for a few weeks. The only thing I was eathing was water, muffins, that I made myself without sugar and Rice cakes. It seems like everything settled down and then as I felt better I started to eat one thing at a time. I'm still having some problems but not like before. I try to eat a bran muffin in the morning and veggies at night.... (7 replies)
... I would eliminate the chocolate and perhaps substitute carob. While chocolate doesn't necessarily give me gas, it causes a lot of other issues for me (potential diarrha, intestinal discomfort, etc.) It is my #1 irritant. the veggies will definately cause gas, but you need them. fiber supplements also cause gas, but they help with bowel movements (at least for me) ... (7 replies)
... Right now it seems like everything I eat gives me this problem. I don't think the soy milk is the problem. I will try to cut out bread, and other carbs that are hard to digest. Lettuce, i don't like much anyway so I will try going without it. I guess its all a matter of trial and error. I have seen lots of doctors about my IBS but they all seem totally not interested in what I... (7 replies)
... It could be the vegtables those are what bothers me along with lettuce and bread and milk as far as whats giving you gas it could be in general the stomach problem itself my suggestion is see what you can handle and what you cant try a otc medicine like beano for the gas it may possibly help.. you can also try prescribed meds like zelnorm or nexium have you asked your doc?... (7 replies)
... ese doctor looked at the ingredients, and told me that usually chinese herbs have a combination of several different herbs to optimize improvement. However, for flatulence only a few herbs are helpful, the rest apparently made things worse for me. ... (2 replies)
... Hi. I'm a 38 year old female. About 7 weeks ago, I out of the blue, after lunching with friends one day, it began-- anything I ate gave me a stomach ache (a knotted feeling), extreme burping and flatulence. Turned out everying okay with the female plumping, so I went to my family doctor and she said gastritis and gave me nexium and it hasn't really helped. Now my symptoms... (5 replies)
Is This IBS?
Nov 17, 2003
... Very brief history: Visited a GP in June for ongoing problems. Was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (constipation is a primary symptom). Mentioned an intermittent "squeezing" sensation immediately below and between my breasts. She sent me to have a sonogram of my gallbladder. Results were gallbladder cysts and she sent me to a gastroenterologist. Unfortunately, her office... (2 replies)
... a major concern as I thought most people have these probs from time to time but mine have never seem to have gone away. In the beginning of the year I was under extreme stress which sent my body into mahem. This coupled with a bad diet over the last years has finally caught up with me. My tummy is at war with me! ... (1 replies)
IBS cure
Jan 15, 2001
Originally posted by Krissy: Copper,what were your symptoms? C/D ? i tried the flax,but didn't see much results,i have the capsules.Thanks Krissy
extreme gas/flatulence, stomach pain/cramps, back and forth diarrhea/constipation, inability to digest raw vegetables, meat, most dairy,... (13 replies)

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