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... used to like to take long walks after eating my lunch but had to stop because I would end up with diarrhea. So...I ended up adding more weight and limiting the foods I would eat. If I had to go out somewhere for a long period of time, I would pop Imodium AD. ... (2 replies)
Jul 30, 2014
... ngerous if it gets worse because it can perforate the colon and release waste into the abdomen. Also you can get a general infection and need antibiotics. Acidic foods also should be eliminated because they are irritating also. Hope this helps, if you have extreme pain on the left side of abdomen that's probably what it is. ... (3 replies)
Jul 20, 2014
... Its possible the combination of foods that he is eating throughout the day has been messing with this stomach. I had the same problem. Certain foods mixed would cause me problems. I started taking a probiotic, which has helped a lot. ... (1 replies)

Jul 20, 2014
... I'm going to start keeping a list of the foods he eats just before the diarrhea begins. Maybe that will help. ... (1 replies)
... to pay it all off. I went to a gastrointestinal doctor recently and I now have inflamed intestines, ulcers that bleed, and a messed up esophagus that limits what foods I can swallow. A recent CT scan shows my colon is twisting again. ... (5 replies)
... 1. Do you have any blood in your bowel movements? Was a colonoscopy done? This test is designed to rule out Crohn's, UC and cancer of the bowel. 2. A DNA stool test for bacteria (good & bad), parasites and yeast as well as inflammatory markers, fats etc. This will show what's going on "down there" as far as gut ecology. 3. Food allergy panel could also be useful... (1 replies)
... You had a DNA stool test or a regular stool test? The food allergy panel is an IgA/IgE/IgG blood test. It is then ran against 100 types of foods. Is that what you had done? What is your diet like? What do you eat? (7 replies)
Yeast overgrowth
Jun 3, 2014
... The worst thing people can do is guess. Proper testing can reveal what's lurking in the gut. I am beginning to feel the Western medicine is just a big FAIL. I would ask for a comprehensive stool test, the one that shows good bacteria, bad bacteria, parasites, yeast, amount of fats and all sorts of other markers. Furthermore, it can also be some sort of a food... (11 replies)
... The only helpful advice I can give is to look up diets for IBS and pick out the foods that you would like and even then it's a case of finding what agrees with you and what doesn't. ... (2 replies)
... a. There were times when I had no appetite at all but not too often. I have given up the diet until I can recover. It got to where I could only eat bland starchy foods and chicken or my stomach would start aching. ... (1 replies)
... I have ibs that makes me use the bathroom at least 4 times a day. Was just wonderiNg if there were certain trigger foods that I should avoid. I also am lactose intolerant. ... (0 replies)
... of the time this happens I can't say it is certain foods that cause it. i can eat fries one day without problems then the next day it can cause problems. I have IBS i take donnatal for the cramping and gas pains. ... (2 replies)
... I had narrowed some foods down, and almost thought it was oils that I possibly was allergic too. ... (2 replies)
... fter suffering bowel problems for ages now,my GP has indicated that I might be suffering from IBS. She has suggested I keep a food diary to try to identify what foods are causing me problems. ... (1 replies)
... I have just learned about fermented foods. For years I have been suffering from proctitis. I have been treated with conventional meds by a gastroenterologist to no avail. My condition worsened this year with the humid rainy summer. My GI provider returned my phone call and said that I would have this the rest of my life. He said that another colonoscopy was not... (1 replies)
... I think the fermented foods helped my bowels but I also think it's something in the foods here doing it....some preservative, pesticide, etc...that is in American food products...but not in South Korean ones.... ... (1 replies)
... I've had IBS for about 14 months now. It was IBS-D, but is now IBS-A. Per my GI doc, I've avoided raw fruits and veggies for a long time now (about 10 months). Things have been better, but I still have a ways to go to get back to "normal". It has been tough eating a balanced diet without raw fruits and veggies being an option. I've had to rely on canned and cooked... (0 replies)
... I've had IBS-C for about 6 years and it has been such a struggle of pain and suffering.I went to 3 different specialist and had every test you can think of done,it came down to it being "mentally related".I read so many articals and do alot of research on this from time to time,I read mostly everyones bloggs on IBS.The few things I learned is that(not to be negative)no food... (11 replies)
... I've had IBS for about 10 years and have found that with foods you can and can't eat can only be learned through trial and error. I find that greasy foods are out, although I can have a hamburger without problems. Fries done in the oven make me sick, but I can have fries in the fryer fine. ... (11 replies)
... I've had it since 2005 and recently was diagnosed with IBS. My periods now make me sick because of IBS. I am seeking surgical results on this problem now. I totally agree with you though KD86. I find if I eat in moderation, and smaller portions then I am usually fine. That is until that time of the month then it wipes me totally out. Temperature, vomiting and nausea... (11 replies)

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