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... Hi Canyondweller, Let's hope you're on the home stretch finding things that will help this gas. In case you have a flare ... The OTCs I was referring to are simethicone preparations. You can also get simethicone + antacid in Di-Gel. Simethicone is quite helpful for gas. Stomach dysmotility and/or gastroparesis give upper abdominal bloating, gas & nausea symptoms. ... (8 replies)
... Canyondweller, I hope they can find the cause of your gas & nausea & that it is something that is easily fixable. A friend of mine had a child w/nausea going on several yrs. The family had evals done by 19 different docs; all sorts of docs, incl. numerous gastroenterologists. They even went to the Mayo clinic. In the end, acupuncture helped the most. Not sure... (8 replies)
IBS 20yr Misery
Apr 19, 2013
... Thanks for the reply! The appointment went well. I was there for almost two hours! It was nice to just 'get it all out' to someone who wasn't only able to give me 5 minutes before rushing to the next patient.(ie: doctors!) So our plan is this: Since going gluten free, she noticed that my food diary is lacking in protein and fat, so I will try to add healthy sources of that... (92 replies)

... I get the sweats and nausea every once and a while, but I get the sweats the most. Right now I am treating mine with taking a Hyoscyamine Sulfate tablet before my evening meals. ... (2 replies)
... certain foods that cause it. i can eat fries one day without problems then the next day it can cause problems. I have IBS i take donnatal for the cramping and gas pains. it relaxies your digestive system. it helps. i get it so bad that i start to shake, sweat and have nausea. i feel like passing out, crazy i know. ... (2 replies)
Burning Hot Gas...
Feb 15, 2010
... onstipation. I was also told that char caps are good, but they never helped me. Hope this info helps you. In the meantime, I am also still suffering with chronic gas and gas pains. Also nothing is helping. I am going back to doc soon. ... (5 replies)
... ly prior to elimintion, that it would make me want to throw up. Same thing with products like immodium, which arrest the D. In my opinion, these products cause nausea because they are interferring with the process of the bowel. ... (18 replies)
Nausea with IBS?
May 12, 2007
... k it goes with the disorder. My biggest complaint is constipation and feeling all clogged up and gassy and bloated so bad I can't stand it. I bet I got 10 pds of gas in my stomach right now. I wish I knew of a product that would release that gassy feeling...hey better go to Gastro doc and get checked out. ... (3 replies)
... thanks alot! I'll get in touch with a nutritionist a.s.a.p. my symptoms are diarhea, abdominal cramps, gas, nausea, and a lot of pain. I was checked for crohn's disease and i had the celiac disease blood test and everything came back negative. (6 replies)
... Ginger relieves my nausea. You can buy ginger capsules at the health food store, eat candied ginger. I also take peppermint pills to get rid of the gas and bloating. ... (5 replies)
... Nausea is not an IBS symptom but constipation certainly is. Nausea is the pneumogastric nerve acts up to try to get rid of something that you ate. It could be gastitis. To have normal BMs everyone needs 25 to 35 grams of fiber in their diet. It needs to be a combination of both soluble and insouble fiber. All meats, seafood and all dairy products contain NO fiber. ... (5 replies)
... I have pretty much gotten mine under control by using a strong gas-x after I eat and a Pepcid before I go to bed. I also take a Prevacid in the morning(for acid) and take Acidopholouas and a Probiotic (bufudea or something like that) I was taking a lot of Pepto, maybe 4 times a day but not now. No dairy, no red meat and trying to limit sweets. I don't know which is doing it... (8 replies)
... i have this. i wake up COMPLETELY nauseous and the minute i release gas i feel better. it happens after eating sometimes too. its embarassing and i dont know why it happens. ... (8 replies)
... Hi canyondweller - do you find that Pepto really works? I wonder if it really works for stomach issues, esp. nausea. But i will check into the ginger capulues too. I hear a lot about those. I do drink caffenie free herbal ginger tea at times to relieve my stomach. (55 replies)
... I would not take a fiber supplement till you get the sayso from Dr. as for the Maalox Max it is for gas and in pill or liguid but i take the liguid. Lemon creme as it seems to work faster for me. ... (55 replies)
... need to keep the acid down. Once I get this under control I think I may just go back to Pepcid, the Digestive Advantage, Motilium and see how it goes. As for the gas products I have taken them for years. I usually take Phyazme which is 166 simethecone and I find the most effective. Sometimes I take Maalax Max. ... (8 replies)
... It sounds like you may have a possible bowel obstruction. The pain you are describing and the nausea is what i experience when my bowel becomes obstructed. ... (55 replies)
... or a couple of hours and then they would pass. I found that if i lay down on my side in a ball, it helped. NOT this time though. Worse pain ever, and then the nausea hit. And i HATE feeling nauseas and 'waiting' to vomit. ... (55 replies)
... r of things over the counter. I have started taking a Pepcid before bed in addition to my Prevacid in the AM and that seems to be helping as I am pretty sure the gas is coming from too much acid since belching helps the most. I don't have any really bad bathroom problems. ... (8 replies)
... Canyondweller, Have you tried those OTC anti-gas remedies? In Canada we give 'gripe water,' an herbal remedy with fennel & dill to colicky babies & it is quite helpful in relieving gas. I wonder if there's a grown-up equivalent? Not that it's a cure or addresses why this is happening ... Best wishes. (8 replies)

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