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Do I have IBS?
Jan 28, 2017
... ower, peppers, sets mine off even chocolate does too. You may have triggers that your intestines has a hard time digesting. I've never lost my appetite with my IBS though, I just get the stomach pain that is usually relieved by going to the bathroom. ... (4 replies)
Could this be IBS?
Sep 10, 2016
... Hey so I'm kinda new to this area of the body and Im not sure what's going on. For about a year now Ive been having bad stomach aches in the morning. Usually they start off as normal BM after I eat breakfast and drink coffee. Soon after I notice cramping usually in the LLQ of my abdomen, the sudden urge to use the restroom again and my heart races and i get quite sweaty. This... (0 replies)
... IBS drives me nuts. One week I could be fine, then next week I'll be dealing with 3 days of episodes. I know it's an IBS attack because of the color, smell, and properties of what's coming out of me. ... (0 replies)

IBS 20yr Misery
May 13, 2013
... Hello Rederyn and Bridgett, I think both of you could benefit by keeping a food diary and trying to pinpoint what foods are irritating your poor tummies. I remember when I first tried a food diary, I ended up just throwing it across the room because it made no sense to me. But I stuck with it, using a regular calender to scribble down what I ate. The days my stomach... (92 replies)
IBS struggles
May 3, 2013
... I just saw a nutritionist and found out some things.She will help me.I havesuffered with IBS for years.First,nothing that ends in ose or ol.So I checked my stuff.Threw away my vitamins and will stop taking my colestipol. ... (2 replies)
... When I say "butter" I mean real butter, not margarine. I've never had a problem with eating butter before, but lately I get bad cramping and diarrhea from it. I'm normally only bothered by tomatoes. Does anyone else have trouble with butter? And does anyone know why butter might cause upset?[/QUOTE You could be lactose intolerant like I used to be. Very similar issues... (11 replies)
... Butter is very high in fat and most people who have IBS, like myself if I eat a real high fat meal that can cause severe abdominal cramps,lots of gas and explosive diarrhea. This can last up 2 or more hours after eating a meal high in fat. Also many people have problems dairy products because they're lactose intolerant. Cut back on your butter consumption and see if this helps. (11 replies)
... When I say "butter" I mean real butter, not margarine. I've never had a problem with eating butter before, but lately I get bad cramping and diarrhea from it. I'm normally only bothered by tomatoes. Does anyone else have trouble with butter? And does anyone know why butter might cause upset? (11 replies)
... If you have any links about IBS diets, please let me know. I've been having trouble finding the right foods to eat. ... (10 replies)
... Gigi11, since IBS has lots of different symptoms and people suffer different sets of symptoms, you'd likely have to read a lot of different descriptions of what many people describe to see if your pain matches up with theirs. I do have a gall bladder, so I don't know if the pain in the rib area I used to experience involved my gall bladder or not. I can say that I don't... (4 replies)
... I've had IBS for at least 40 years, and was diagnosed long ago before there was a differentiation between constipation and diarrhea. ... (11 replies)
... are out. If I make a quick marinara sauce from canned plum tomatoes or fresh tomatoes, I'm okay. ... (11 replies)
Help!!!!! Ibs???
Dec 29, 2007
... nd my stomach pain does not go away until i have several. the last couple times i ate it that happened and then i threw up. if i eat broccoli, carrots, sometimes tomatoes i get stomach pains however not as severe as when i eat lettuce. it hurts so bad. and is ibs hereditary? ... (0 replies)
... Gastro Docs are noted for missing all of these problems as many are still living in the IBS catch all era. Do a online search of all these topics for more info. Find a good Gastro Doc, rare but they are out there. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Gerdie: Let's tackle your diet first. I find it to be pretty healthy, but I would put forward a few possible changes for you to consider. Breakfast: 1st) oatmeal ripe bananas OR 3rd) buttered toast + cup of herbal tea or coffee. Choose one option at a time (either oatmeal or bananas, not both). If possible, don't microwave. Take out the apple from the oatmeal. ... (5 replies)
... Hi sasppc: I don't know your name. Well, I am not telling you what to do, but I would suggest the following eating plan for you. Why don't you eat fish? Is it because you don't like it? Afraid of the bones? Breakfast: it doesn't have to be a large meal, and should not contain more than two solid items. Presuming that you have no problem with gluten, I would advise you to... (5 replies)
... n't" eat certain foods, unless they have been individually and specifically determined to be true allergies. In a true allergy, even a small amount is dangerous. IBS is sensitivity, not allergy. ... (14 replies)
... berries, kiwi induce IBS symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... You didn't say how old you are. The younger you are, the greater the chance that it is just IBS and not something more serious. But it still would be good to get that colonoscopy as soon as you can. ... (8 replies)
... n I need. It seems like everything on the list the doctor gave me and told me not to eat were things that were good for me. If I eat junk food I don't have the IBS symptoms, but this is not good for me. Any suggestions on healthy foods that have worked for you? ... (4 replies)

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