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... Hi there molly , i to have similar thing to you . i get pain on right side just under rib cage ,very much like a stitch/cramp sometimes i can hardly walk if i lye down and breath deeply and try to relax it seems to go , and i also get alot of wind to . i do have other MB problems ,do you ? look forward to reply . (6 replies)
... I have a little difficulty in understanding the image you are trying to paint. I got lost somewhere in the description of where your pain was. ... (7 replies)
... I am almost sure it is gallbladder related. Go see and specialist and get an ultra sound done. I had my gallbladder removed in 2000. Stay away from fatty foods. (7 replies)

... which often spreads to the area between my ribs and occasionally completely across. It also tends to spread down my right side and many times makes me nauseous. It's also at its worst when I wake up in the morning. In addition to this I'm chronically constipated. ... (7 replies)
... I have had IBS-A,which means you tend to go from diarrhea and constipation. Although mine is leans a lot toward constipation because I have had chronic constipation problems all my life before the IBS diagnosis. The more stressed ,have anxiety,and depression the worse my IBs symptoms are mostly the diarrhea,colon spasms,trapped gas feeling and feeling like I have to have... (12 replies)
... It began one week ago as a dull pain in my lower right abdomen and general nausea with decreased appetite. ... (12 replies)
Side Pain
Mar 9, 2008
... Eventually it went away without a final dx on the reason. The pain was really bad at that time. It hurt just to go from standing to sitting on the sofa. ... (0 replies)
... I just invented something for those of you who have pain in your left sides just under your rib cage and just above your diaphragm. ... (5 replies)
Not Ibs Afterall
Jun 21, 2004
... for endometriosis and a month after that my appendix out due to endo. 2 years later I had another Laproscopy. About 6 months after that I started experiencing pain in my right side under my rib cage. I vomit thick bright yellow stuff sometimes and cannot digest fried foods or alcohol. ... (5 replies)
Is it just IBS?
Jan 16, 2017
... Fast forward to my first semester in college and things started to get worse. I had accidentally eaten some dairy and started to have a similar pain and the university health clinic was closed. I could barely move, it was so bad. ... (6 replies)
IBS or more?
Jun 13, 2007
... what more tired than lately usual, and it all has me really worried, which I head can aggrevate IBS symptoms. I'm only in my 20's, but my grandfather on my dad's side died of stomach cancer in his 50's. I've heard light stools could mean a liver problem. Also, they often seem flat and sometimes long. ... (1 replies)
... My Belly is so bloated, heavy weighed down and looks like i am 6 months pregnant...When I lay down it feels like my guts shift to the back... I get a nagging pain on my right side quiet often... I gnawing feeling in my guts under my rib cage quiet often.... often it feels hard to take a deep breath... ... (1 replies)
IBS or not?
Mar 31, 2004
... like burns and sometimes it feels like prickly. I did notice it gets worse if I eat anything spicy, saucy, or milk related. The pain in my right side feels like it goes straight through to my back and under my right shoulderblade. ... (23 replies)
IBS or not?
Mar 30, 2004
... they did another laproscopic surgery and found no endo. then after that the pain got worse. it has always been real bad on my right side. then it moved up right under my rib cage. ... (23 replies)
IBS or not?
Mar 29, 2004
... i was recently in the hospital for this awful pain under my right rib cage and it went straight through to my back. my blood work showed my white blood cell count was high so they did an ultrasound on my liver and gallbladder. ... (23 replies)
Please Help!
Aug 22, 2003
... I have always been quite healthy, but near the beginning of July, I began to experience dull abdominal pain just to the right of my navel. ... (4 replies)
Pain under ribs
Jul 22, 2003
... Hi kirra, Pain like your description is not unusual for IBS patients is my understanding - I've occasionally had these pains too. Under the left rib, I'm not sure what it is, but under the right rib cage - it is possibly your gall bladder that hurts. Nevertheless, I personally don't believe you are making things worse by worrying about it. I think that worry is often a... (18 replies)
... Yes, IBS can make you have pains under the right hand side of your rib cage. I don't have much of that kind of pain anymore though. ... (4 replies)
... In the last month I had a fairly regular pain which had been constant in my left hand side just under the bottom rib of my rib cage. If felt like stitch so I went to see my Doctor. ... (18 replies)
... my earlier post. I took your advice and went back to the docs. Just before I went though, I was woken in the middle of the night with in absolutely agony, with a pain under my lower right rib cage. Nearly went to the emergency. Went after an hour or so though. Doc said this could be gall stones or a gall bladder infection. ... (2 replies)

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