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... Wow, I just found this post. I see this last post is over a year old, but I really want to respond. Beth67-:) I am not sure if you remember me. I have not been on for a looong time, on the slow road to recovery. I had a work up for Gittelman's syndrome which was negative. I also had a thyroid lobectomy/thyroid issues so that is how we "met" here on message boards. ... (32 replies)
... and Tachycardia all were related to a poor autonomic system my Neurologist says is caused by autonomic nerve damage due to undiagnosed Celiac. What got me on the Celiac road though was I became slightly anemic and bone marrow was starting to suppress, so the Cancer specialist said she wanted to test for Celiac before I saw her. ... (4 replies)
... I was diagnosed a year ago. My main symptom that was finally linked to celiac was anemia. I have had I.V. ... (4 replies)

... I know they tested me for quite a few others when they did the celiac test and they came back negative. Diabetes runs in my family too. ... (4 replies)
... It took almost ten years for me to get diagnosed. I could never get a straight answer from doctors to what exactly was wrong, just alot of "well, we think it's this . . .", I was misdiagnosed with anxiety, gallbladder trouble, lactose intolerance, GERD, atypical premenstrual symptoms, and the classic catch-all irritable bowel syndrome. I was 35 when dx. Multiple sclerosis... (4 replies)
... My Dr let me know Friday that a blood test was positive for celiac and I have to have an endoscopy to confirm. ... (4 replies)
... A skin biopsy could rule out DH. I'm surprised he didn't take one, if he suspects DH. Untreated DH, like celiac, can lead to intestinal cancer, among about a hundred other unpleasant disorders. Were you already dx with celiac? Or is this out of the blue for you? I have celiac, no DH thankfully, but I do have... (3 replies)
... I have requested a Celiac Forum. You have to go to the Moderator and ask. ... (32 replies)
... Feel free to vent away Oleander - what you must have gone thru ! So sorry that happened and ((((Oleander)))). You experienced one of the most dreadful of fears: WAKING UP DURING PROCEDURE WHEN NOT SUPPOSED TO! I can't imagine. I have nothing to add, I am sorry to say. My colonoscopy and endoscopy reports were ok. I do have some narrowing of some sphincter... (32 replies)
... So today they call me and tell me my Celiac biopsy is not back yet but I showed positive for Acute and Chronic Severe H Pylori Bacteria. Which he pointed out has very similar symptoms as Celiac. ... (0 replies)
... So today they call me and tell me my Celiac biopsy is not back yet but I showed positive for Acute and Chronic Severe H Pylori Bacteria. Which he pointed out has very similar symptoms as Celiac. ... (32 replies)
... hydrotherapy, professionally, that was very uncomfortable. It did not help. I have been tested for celiac and that was negative as well. I have an appointment with another gastro doc. in March. He will probably want to give me another colonoscopy which I dread. ... (32 replies)
... I take CODE women over 50 vitamins...... Gluten free , Vegan, Dairy free and so on.....they have Probiotics and everything in them. Pricey but worth it. Many vitamins have undisclosed gluten. Depak Chopra's do and I was sooooo sick from them. I take extra Vit D for my skin cancer and extra Omega 3 for many general reasons. I have a positive biopsy for Celiac. Good luck... (32 replies)
... Not only will the endoscopy check for problems but a biopsy can be done for Celiac too. ... (32 replies)
... lala, Sounds like you need to be checked for Celiac. Try some coloidal silver and Olive Leaf extract to get rid of the Bacteria. You need to get rid of the bacteria first and then deal with the yeast. I think you would feel alot better. If you are not sure you have the Candida then take the antibiotic and start there.....Just a suggestion. You can deal with the yeast... (32 replies)
... Oleander53 Yes!! My dd did just recently! A strange redness in some strange places. Looks like a burn - superficial - within days of eating cookies with gluten. Then the fog. Irritable. It was unreal. She has a weakness for the goodies her father eats and eats. I have tried hiding them. (32 replies)
... y this morning it was my lower back and my lower abdomen on both sides. It is very painful but only if something touches my skin. I believe it is connected to my Celiac and is some type of Neuropathy. Has anyone experienced this? ... (32 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 1998, and with celiac disease in 2004, but I had symtoms of that since 1996, only my doctor couldn't figure it out, I thought I had IBS instead. ... (32 replies)
... I have hashimoto's and candida. I have been tested for celiac and it was negative. I am suffering with the same symptoms but just a different diagnosis. What do you think? ... (32 replies)
... This is advanced celiac disease, but that doesn't mean your intestine won't heal itself quickly. Everyone is different. ... (12 replies)

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