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... I am only in my early 30's and my BMI is 20.4 I am having symptoms of: Hot Neck extreme dizziness extreme fatigue and sleepiness (0 replies)
... Hi there. My son, who is 2 today, has C4 levels at 0.6 or below. He was tested for lupus which he doesnt' have. ... (0 replies)
Low C4 Comp?
Mar 23, 2009
... I have all kinds of health problems, but I had some blood work done recently that I don't understand. I was hoping someone would have an idea. My C4 Complement came back low and then my CK-MM was low and the CK-BB was high. I don't really know what any of them are and would really appreciate hearing from someone that knew. Thanks! (0 replies)

... Hi all. My son has almost non existant C4 complement. ... (0 replies)
... My son had low complement levels and I found out what he is low in. He is low in C3 and very low in C4. Do you know what these low levels indicate? ... (0 replies)
C3,c4 low,why?
Feb 7, 2008
... c3,c4 low,why? (0 replies)
... hi there and thanks for replying. Luke is low in Iga and Igg and is not producing antibodies. ... (3 replies)
... cle burning pain in actual thigh and shoulders accompanied my weakness and "aching" throbbing pain in shins, ankles back of thighs, lower back, wrists etc. Some low grade fevers. No rashes other than a couple of "quarter" size red scaly patches on my legs about 5 years ago that resolved on their own. ... (0 replies)
... Also, thyroid testing led me to being treated for low thryoid. ... (3 replies)
... high MCH, high monocytes and absolute monocytes, and low C4 complement. My urine tests have all come back normal, except for one very recently with high bacteria and protein. ... (3 replies)
Cancer risk
Apr 9, 2004
... my mind to rest. The drs thought my son had cancer in June and did a bone marrow test and it was negative but now I am scared he will get it. He has geneticly low c4 level. 0.05 is his level and the normal is 1. ... (3 replies)
... en known to be associated with lupus for over three decades and in the diagnostically difficult patient, especially where a family history is present, borderline C4 levels can be significant indicators. ... (1 replies)
... CMV (Cytomegalo Virus) is not just associated with HIV. This can be a symptom of many disorders. CMV can be associated with Hepatitis and other disorders when your body is trying to fight off another disorder that is over whelming to your immune system. It's almost like your blood becomes confused when fighting something chronic, creating CMV. Often CMV is non-symptomatic,... (10 replies)
... Hi, I could not help but reply when I saw CMV. I assume you are speaking of Cytomegalo Virus. I too have CMV. I had it when doctors were not aware of CMV in adults 1970. They always thought babies died of this within 3 months, or were deformed or retarded. This is no longer the case. They have found many adults of whom were born with this and more common in adults... (10 replies)
... etc.. The docs put me on a beta blocker and Klonopin for awhile, but still had attacks and had very low heart rate with the beta blocker so I stopped. ... (10 replies)
Please help me
Mar 13, 2007
... I don't put much stock in a low sed rate. ... (34 replies)
Need support
Jan 18, 2007
... I totally understand how you feel.. I almost feel as if you all are describing my experiences.. I have been diagnosed with Undiffentiated Connective Tissue Disease. I have been sick for about 3 months, gained 20lbs, have joint pain, weening off the prednisone, just started plaquenil 2 months ago, just stopped taking Zyrtec (not sure if it was doing anything b/c I still have... (7 replies)
Need support
Jan 25, 2006
... I am so frustrated right now I could scream!! I've been seeing a rheumatologist for the past 1 1/2 years for cross-over between lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Basically, to make a long story short, for the past ten years I've had +ANA and RA factors (although low titers), miscarriages, "villitis" in pregnancy with two IUGR babies, arthritis, malar rash, neutropenia, mouth... (7 replies)
... got a specialists attention and they suggested some immunology testing for IgG, IgA, IgE, IgM, titers, C3 and C4. All of her Ig tests are normal, IgG is on the low end of normal. ... (1 replies)
Please help me
Mar 14, 2007
... Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. My name is Tara and I am a 22 yr old girl who just graduated from college. I have had some issues for about 2 years as of April that no specialist has been able to diagnose. I was recently on the lyme board on this website and someone suggessted that I get tested for myositis since my CPK enzymes were over 600 once (however, this was after... (34 replies)

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