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Today DH and I went shopping to some outlets and DS who usually never fills his diaper when we are out gave us a real runny/wet one. Basically it was almost diaharea and it was all up the front and back although it didn't come out of the diaper (sorry for TMI) Anyway, my mom was also there and I changed him on the seat of her van. As I pull out my wipes I notice there are only 2 left. :eek: So my mom had a thing of Lysol wipes, which I had to use since DS was naked and full of poop and I was running out of options. So, how bad could it be to have used these on his butt? I am worried but I had nothing and a mess.
I think those contain bleach, might irritate his skin.

I have had that happen too, I took off my shirt and used that, had my coat on over my bra.....
lysol on his skin? I would say if you wouldnt actually spray lysol on him I wouldnt have put it on his skin...are you talking about the wipes you use for counter tops and stuff? I guess just keep an eye on it and watch for irritation, should he break out call the pediatrician
I wouldn't worry too mch about it. You did what you had to do in the moment. I agree with watching for irritation. If it's fine yoday, you're probably good.
i sopose it wouldnt be as bad on a boy then it would be on a girl , the worst it could do is irrate his skin a lil , look we have all done things in diare situations , i dont this is in the top ten of the worst . you 'll probably look back and laugh one day, next time strip him naked and just put him in the sink , but i'm sure you'll never forget you wips
my husband used clorox wipes on accident (had them in a container with skulls and crossbones to represent that they were poison, but apparently he didn't see that)

and our son was totally fine, although i stayed mad at my hubby for a while. :p
Well, so far his butt looks okay. I don't see anything so I guess he is okay.

I had alsways made sure when we used wipes while out that I refilled it as soon as I got home. But the other week I had DS in our church nursery and they never said he had a dirty diaper, but I think some one used my wipes then.
I also plan on putting an emergency bag in our car, with wipes and diapers.
these things happen , it happened yesterday so bad at my moms , that wipes wouldent even do it striped her naked and put her under the sink and used dish soap , the whole family was running out of the room from the stench and we had to throw her clothes in the laundry she wore her older sister t-shirt for an hour till her clothes were done , funny thin is my 4 year old is so skinny , there has been plents of time i have put kadies t-shirts on her and was like why is your belly showing so much (4 year old likes it , she tells me thats the style) but that what happens when you but them matching t-shirts
speaking of wich she still has the runs , and now i can smell her a go

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