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Started some solid foods about 2 weeks ago. she was, prior to eating solids, taking 8 oz per feeding which she took in about 32 oz each day. She doesn't eat solids with each feeding, but does take it usually at breakfast-rice cereal and at dinner-rice cereal. She'll usually have either a fruit or veggie as a snack in late afternoon. Is she not eating as much from the bottle due to eating more food or is this something of a concern? I'm now lucky if i get her to DRINK 24oz a day. She's also very fidgety with the bottle any more...sometimes i feel as if i'm force feeding her.

It's nothing to be concerned about. She's taking more food by eating, so she doesn't need as many bottles. If you are concerned about her not getting enough fluid, try giving bottles of water. With summer, babies need to keep hydrated. If you're really worried, check her weight. If she's gaining, you have nothing to worry about.
Hi Manchak!

I noticed that my daughter started to get frustrated with the bottle for awhile, too... I just chalked it up to teething. I can feel those little suckers just waiting under the gums to come out and show themselves. I've read where the sucking action causes the gums to ache, so they stop doing it but are still hungry, so they try again, and then it hurts, etc. Eventually she just gets hungry enough that she sucks the bottle, but usually only for a few ounces at a time (sigh).

As the other poster said, if she's not crying because she's hungry and she seems to be gaining weight, then don't worry about it.

Besides, this stuff changes every week (sleeping and eating habits...) -- ha!

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