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... mia had alot of problems from birth so is on high calorie milk so im a little nervous to wean her off it at nite yet x xi mite start trin her with boiled water and see if its the bottle as a comforter she wants or the milk x x i think some times you do what is best for you to be able to get some sleep as long as baby is safe and well x she never uses it in day as a comforter... (12 replies)
... rice cereal. She'll usually have either a fruit or veggie as a snack in late afternoon. Is she not eating as much from the bottle due to eating more food or is this something of a concern? ... (2 replies)
... hi thanks for the message x i mite try that this week with boiled water instead x so she is not relyin on her milk so much x she is teethin also at min so maybe havin her bottle is helpin her teethinx x x i just know if you mention to docs etc they think its really bad that baby has bottle as a comforter x x hope your okay anyway and ill let you know how i go on this week x... (12 replies)

... As long as your child is gaining weight and the doctor isn't concerned, it shouldn't be an issue. Some children are tiny. ... (2 replies)
... As long as the bottle doesn't have milk or juice it will not cause tooth decay and if you are in the room with her just give her water in a bottle and listen closely to make sure she doesn't choke. We did this with my son and he weaned himself off of it because he didn't want the water anymore. He never threw fits about it though. Good luck! (12 replies)
... i would imagine it would get better as she is weaned off milk i can imagine how tired you are our four month old son refuses to sleep on his own in his own bed so he sleeps beside me being cuddled most nights but we are starting to fix that now . i really do hope your little one sleeps better soon . keep me posted and good luck again:wave: (12 replies)
... hi thanks for that message mia used to have a dummy but has sort of groen out of it her bottle is the only thing she uses at nite to help her sleep and of course her winnie the pooh x i dont just give it to her through the day if she is crying its just at nite x im hopin she will grow out of it as i wean her off her milk its just a hard thing to know what to do x x :wave: (12 replies)
... I had alsways made sure when we used wipes while out that I refilled it as soon as I got home. But the other week I had DS in our church nursery and they never said he had a dirty diaper, but I think some one used my wipes then. ... (7 replies)
... wheezing. Both times her doctor asserted that it was just her bronchiolitis flaring up and that I should just use the albuterol as needed until it went away. ... (1 replies)
... to like 2oz combined. For 4 days I started pumping in between nursing sessions as well to try to increase my milk supply. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Manchak! I noticed that my daughter started to get frustrated with the bottle for awhile, too... I just chalked it up to teething. I can feel those little suckers just waiting under the gums to come out and show themselves. I've read where the sucking action causes the gums to ache, so they stop doing it but are still hungry, so they try again, and then it hurts, etc.... (2 replies)
... It's nothing to be concerned about. She's taking more food by eating, so she doesn't need as many bottles. If you are concerned about her not getting enough fluid, try giving bottles of water. With summer, babies need to keep hydrated. ... (2 replies)
... a little anxious about how much Lorelei is eating, because she seems to have decreased a little in the past few weeks. I think that it's because she's not eating as much at night, though, and hasn't quite made it all up during the day. Her little stomach can only hold so much at a time! ... (2 replies)
... why would he suddenly stop eating as much? ... (2 replies)
... mia used to do that with me x x and my boyfriend slept downstairs x she dont do it anymore x we have been to hospital today because mia,s pedeotrition refered herfto have her eyes tested x found out she is long sighted bless her x they got to keep a real close eye on it she may need glasses x anyway talk soon love gem x (12 replies)
... might work might not as ive had no experience with this i dont know but its worth a shot to help you get some sleep. ... (12 replies)
... i sopose it wouldnt be as bad on a boy then it would be on a girl , the worst it could do is irrate his skin a lil , look we have all done things in diare situations , i dont this is in the top ten of the worst . you 'll probably look back and laugh one day, next time strip him naked and just put him in the sink , but i'm sure you'll never forget you wips (7 replies)
... Anyway, my mom was also there and I changed him on the seat of her van. As I pull out my wipes I notice there are only 2 left. ... (7 replies)
... I also learned to watch for other things, as the scale is not the only indication of health. For example, what goes in must come out. Is your baby having normal stools, and plenty of wet diapers? ... (5 replies)
... twice, but I'm pretty lucky that my family is as "attached" as I am. I do have a few rules, if you want to call them that. 1. ... (59 replies)

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