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... As far as little MoMo, he is not so little. Well, to be anyway as Caden has always been tiny. I don't know all his measurements as I just took him to the doctors to rule out an ear infection. He decided that he could noyt live if I wasn't in eye sight. No ear infection, just being silly. ... (6 replies)
Weaning question
Jan 2, 2006
... continued: I tried to edit the above post but it wouldn't let me so it was easier to just add another reply....I forgot to add, you will need to experiment and find what works best for the two of you, as you can see S&J and I both have different approaches that work well with our little ones. There really is no right or wrong way, you just need to find what works for... (3 replies)
... Kierrasmommie, yes we do have boxing day so l will have a look round then, but l think im going to try not to get one now. As l have had Annaum sleep in my bed, but separate bedding etc and been very precautious and so far its been fine. ... (466 replies)

... He really loves to talk. Like me his dad says! At night he'll sit on your lap and talk to you till you are done talking to him. He'll say something, and as long as you keep answering, he keeps talking. When he's excited, he really lets it rip. He hoots, hollers and flips around like a fish out of water. ... (62 replies)
... ahead when he goes for his 4 months shots in early December to start cereal. I can't wait! He already eyes my food. This morning I was holding him on my lap as I ate my cereal and he stared into the bowl the whole time! I think he was entranced by the Cheerios floating around. ... (466 replies)
... I have been going through the same thing! My son will be 5 months on the 27th. I use the Angel Care Monitor, which actually goes under the mattress, as well as a video monitor. Last month we got hit by a hurricane and lost power for 8 days. ... (11 replies)
A few questions
Nov 10, 2005
... As far as sterilizing I just follow the instructions with the bottles and the formula. ... (10 replies)
A few questions
Nov 9, 2005
... n order to ensure you baby wasn't digesting any bacteria it was recomended that bottles, and water that you mix the formula with be sterile. That's not necessary as far as i was told unless there is any question about the cleanliness of your water. ... (10 replies)
... because I couldn't keep anything down, I was getting dehydrated and was worried about my milk drying up because of it. I think I'm going to get Kierra a flu shot as well, I watched a show a week or so ago with truth and myths of getting flu shots and it actually eased my mind about getting it for her as well as me. ... (466 replies)
... There is new information coming out that suggest most parents are too cautious on when they start and what foods they start with as far as solids are concerned, but i think at 7 weeks he's too young. He needs his formula. ... (12 replies)
... and I'm the one who gets the bottle ready etc so it is just as easy to feed him and he usually complains or yells about something in the process. ... (62 replies)
... i'm glad to hear that your dh is getting better! Good for Kaden for taking a bottle! We're leaving Troy with my parents tonight as dh and i and some friends are going to a "haunted house" or project x as it's called in Calgary. ... (466 replies)
... was useless to her but I found it helpful because Kaden was a bit musousy the first week or so and twice even choked on his mucous, I found the wedge helped him as well as my peace of mind. I'm not sure where you are from but they have those wedges in the Sears catalogue here in Canada in the baby section. ... (466 replies)
Oct 3, 2005
... DD HATED bathtime when she was just weeks old. She'd scream so loud. Then when we moved her to the bigger bath she screamed as soon as she got in and was just wimpering during the bath but as soon as we took her out she'd scream again. ... (16 replies)
Cold sores
Sep 30, 2005
... cups. As soon as one of your sons sores clears up toothbrushes must be thrown out or boiled, and any toys that go into his mouth must be disinfected. ... (3 replies)
Dead Beat Dad???
Sep 29, 2005
... I think that some men are just that way, so I'm not arguing that. But, I think that women also expect them to be as perceptive as we are and they're not. If I need help, I tell DH specifically what I need him to do. ... (15 replies)
... inue formula or nursing till 12 months. It is really all up to you though. Sometimes babies do have to start solids earlier if they are not getting enough, but as far as letting the baby cry it out, you don't have to let the doctor tell you to do that, you make that decision for yourself. ... (9 replies)
Baby spitting up
Sep 17, 2005
... and I don't remember exactly how much he was eating at a time but I figured if I fed him as the doctor said, it would take two hours to get through a feeding! He said if he was still doing it in a couple of weeks he would send us to the pediatrician. ... (9 replies)
... re at 6 months or after. I didn't breast feed though. I wanted to tell you what my kids pediatric dentist told me last week. She told me that things have changed as far as when your child should go to the dentist. Before it used to be 3 or 4 years but now it's as early as their 1st tooth. ... (9 replies)
... he last week he got slightly better, he will sleep from around 10pm to 2am or 3am if I'm lucky, but after that he stays awake. He will cry if I put him down, but as long as I hold him, he is happy. ... (7 replies)

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