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... she will literally be awake from 8am to 4pm! She does get tired during the day and as soon as I see her yawn or rub her eyes I take her upstairs and try to lay her down in her cot. ... (4 replies)
... Oh how i've had it! I've had it with myself and feel as though i've reached my end. Now before I begin let me first say that I love my son with all my heart. He is mommy and daddy's pride and joy. ... (16 replies)
... it would never have occurred to anyone to think that kids should stop nursing at 13 months!! Before our modern ideas it was natural for kids to wean themselves as late as 4 years old! ... (13 replies)

Teaching infants
Jun 19, 2008
... e that is not the way it came off. My point was that she can say these few things, but will not say something easier that a lot of kids her age are saying, such as momma. My best friends little girl is four days older than Ella and has been saying momma for ages. But she won't say as many other things as Ella. ... (11 replies)
... you wouldn't see anything harmful in your DD yet, as the reports say it causes troubles later in life such as early puberty and certain types of cancers, as well as some reproductive issues. ... (13 replies)
Dec 3, 2007
... as to wear wet and dry suits, so we put him straight into this as it soaks into the suit instead of just rubbing off on clothes, its important to moisturise them as much as possible, we find we have to keep changing the ones we use as his skin gets used to them and its not as effective. ... (10 replies)
... managed cry it out system that is very specific to keep you from going insane from the crying, but it really only takes a couple days to a week to be effective, as long as you're consistent. ... (7 replies)
Silent Reflux
Sep 26, 2007
... Well, I would have drawn that conclusion myself but the bottle he cried after was the one he took following his second dose of Zantac. As I said, I guess I just have a weird guy. ... (8 replies)
... so when we found out i was quite worried as to how she would take it. ... (14 replies)
... SOrry that your baby has eczema. My dd3 does as well as i do and she had it from infancy. My nephew is severe as well. ... (8 replies)
... taking place. Just think, she's only 20 days out from being warm, cozy and constantly fed inside of you!! If you're breastfeeding, keep at it and try and feed as much as you can during the day. You will have to wake at night at this age, but that too will end soon. ... (5 replies)
... I wouldn't go as far as North and say adamantly that your mom is WRONG... ... (24 replies)
... lso the very important medical records from any docs that he may see,including the current docs records.these are just very imporatnt to be able to actually read as they would contain all of the docs actual clinic notes that a doc makes after every visit with any patient? ... (3 replies)
... Kaden was good, but didn't sleep in as late or go to bed as early while we were there, it screwed up his sleep pattern, so when he'd wake up we'd go into my parents house and make breakfast. ... (132 replies)
Am I in the wrong?
May 29, 2006
... swim like women do. i am sure if he struggles he will call mil or if he really struggles may call you but i would just offer advice and not necessarily run back as soon as he calls me. ... (36 replies)
... rned, I will try to feed him but he drinks so little, he eats OK though...he refuses to drink formula, he'll drink diluted apple juice but it's not as nutritious as the milk so the pediatrician said I can try giving DS Homo milk if I need to or yogurt and cheese to help fill that dairy need if he won't drink much. ... (132 replies)
Lactating Ladies!
Mar 21, 2006
... We haven't started any solids on doctor's orders till 6 months due to a mild excema rash DS has. Adjustments to diet can cause allergies to worsen. As for pumping I just started adding more sessions yesterday in the evenings 10 pm and early mornings 7 am. ... (11 replies)
... Well, I tried the bottle before bed with a bit of cereal in it, but as usual Kaden refuses to drink from anything except his Mommy! ... (466 replies)
... old for friends. It's actually nice having more than one toddler in the house because they have someone to play with when you are busy taking care of the baby. As far as breastfeeding, the other two will learn quickly that mommy cannot help them while she is feeding the baby. They will live and they do get used to it. ... (6 replies)
... kiera, great post, as always. i have been wanting to reply, but it seems that the babies know when i sit down to type and loose it. ... (11 replies)

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