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... My nephew had bronchiolitis and this is the treatment he had. He recovered fully after several months of treatment. They had 2 dogs and a cat at the time and that didn't seem to impact it any. Just my experience. (1 replies)
Skin rash on baby
Apr 18, 2015
... Hi, this type of dermatitis is very common with babies. You may want to try pure aloe vera gel as it is all natural, helps heal and can help with the itch.... ... (2 replies)
... She's eating well, so no need to panic too much. Milk is important as it contains plenty of calcium for growing bones. If you want to stop BF, cold turkey will work quite quickly. ... (3 replies)

... Call you insurance and ask if they have a triage nurse call in line. The one for our insurance was 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have used it a couple times and it was great. Saved us from driving into town. Hope that helps! Good luck. (3 replies)
... We're located in California, we don't have too many on call pediatricians over here. Our pediatrician is open saturday as well. Never thought to check the voicemail so i'll be sure to give the office a call next time! Thanks for all the tips, the wife and I really appreciate it. ... (3 replies)
... I'm just curious as to any alternatives? ... (3 replies)
... My grandson has been bringing his milk back since he was born, five months ago. The important thing we were told was to sit him up when we feed him, as in cradle him. I know this is difficult with twins but feeding lying down is very bad. ... (2 replies)
... s from cow's milk, which not all babies do well with. Its always best to breastfeed, but if not possible, you can change formula to soy formula or something such as Gerbers Soothe. ... (2 replies)
Baby rash
Aug 12, 2014
... You can air dry him and see if that helps. Also do not use any soap for awhile. Sometimes overusage of baby products(such as powders and soaps) can cause irritation especially if the baby is susceptible to allergies. I never use anything except baby wipes(unscented) to clean my baby off, and then in the bath use a very gentle baby shampoo/soap on his whole body, just avoid... (5 replies)
... Some of the health issues were a little difficult at first, but we've taken care of those one by one. Some things he outgrew as he became a toddler. ... (7 replies)
... m has been ready for a long time. Father had to go back to work since in first year of residency and can't get to far behind. He has a strong mind after 12 years as a special forces medic. Got another test back and it was negative too. ... (7 replies)
... I worry that she will continue having this type of temperament as she gets older. When she's in a good mood, though, she is just a joy giggling and smiling. ... (1 replies)
... The only suggestion I can think of is maybe not letting your daughter sleep as long during the night, because she may be getting enough sleep at night. ... (1 replies)
... he parents to learn how and techniques to use that are helping. Some people who brush the infants teeth aren't actually doing a good job. Plaque forms on a tooth as soon as it sprouts. From germs food bacteria formula etc. ... (1 replies)
... suggestions. My daughter is 9 months and although she isn't showing the same signs as yours she does do the same thing. ... (1 replies)
... our body's way of reacting to illness or virus, and so is considered a temporary condition in itself. Small children seem to get them quite often. If it were me, as I am a mom too I would be also concerned, but maybe not extremely so since it coincides with a virus. ... (2 replies)
... Hi ... I am an excessively worried mother of a 17 month old boy. He was recently given MMR and Varicella and right after 8 days I discovered a dime sized swelling behind his right ear, near the hairline. On the first visit to Paed, he said not to worry. After about 4 days from that, I discovered two clusters of small swollen lymph glands ( more like pellets around 0.5 cm)... (2 replies)
... s wrong. Within 3 days I discovered two pairs of swollen lymph nodes at the back of his head, which again were painless and were considered to be his paediatrian as harmless. Only yesterday I disovered swollen lymph nodes in his neck, though as of now nothing is observed in his arm pits and groin. ... (0 replies)
... some sleep in between. Once I started bedtime, no playing or running around. It was all calm. You can even have your toddler do quiet activites during this time as well. ... (2 replies)
... She is almost a year old. I let her go to sleep in it then when she has fallen asleep I put her in a play pin. She will not sleep in crib. She has adjusted good. As long as I let her fall asleep where she is comfortable then change it she doesn't good. All babies are different. So don't let it worry you. ... (2 replies)

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