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... ounces doesn't sound like a lot to me either, since babies eat when they're hungry and stop when they're full, and if she's not full at 3 ounces, most doctors would tell you to let her keep eating. But, for now until you figure out what the problem is, do what the doctor recommends. ... (24 replies)
... I wouldn't rush to give solids just to get longer time between feedings if the baby isn't ready for them. ... (7 replies)
... Yeah I have the same goal as you, have time with hubby, but unfortunately, just as everything was going well, as soon as I went back to work, everything fell back to the way it was again. My DD is 4 mos. old now, she started sleeping through the night at 2 mos. ... (9 replies)

... I have an 8 month old who will NOT take a bottle!! She never has! I tried and tried from month one to supplement breastmilk, but she has never taken it. Therefore, when she stayed with my mom, or DH, she would just cry and go without food! ... (7 replies)
... If weigt gain is good and there are enough wet diapers I wouldn't worry too much. But if you want to get some sleep there are some things you can do. ... (3 replies)
... and that's still mostly what he gets. ... (15 replies)
... My DS is 5 and half months old, and since he has been eating solids, he has become sooooo impatient when it comes to feedings. And he want's to eat a lot more often. He will cry and cry if he isn't fed right away. Otherwise, he's a happy and content little guy. ... (8 replies)
... old daughter of my own. She has one tooth half way in and another one that just burst through her gums. Her teeth do bother her at night, and I give her orajel to numb the pain, and sometimes tylenol to help it stay away for a while. I am also breastfeeding my daughter, and she does not sleep through the night at all. ... (10 replies)
... Others might disagree with me, but personally, I would forget what they told you to do with the 2oz. every 3 hours. He might be hungrier than that, and he may not need to eat as often as every 3 hours. That being said, whomever told you that probably knows that he won't be able to keep down much more than 2oz. at a time. ... (12 replies)
... Hi all. I'm sure that this has been a very common topic on this board, but I am looking for some encouragement! Our DS has regressed to waking up at least 4 times a night. He used to only wake once or twice to eat, but no more. ... (1 replies)
... hours. Then when he goes to bed at night he will sleep for 9 hours. Although most nights he will wake after 4 hours for a little top up and go right back to sleep. ... (1 replies)
... nausea medicine, but they only gave me enough for one day. When that was finished, he started to seem like he was getting better, but then the older kids got worse and then he began getting worse too. ... (5 replies)
... I found it was all in the mindset of being 'healthy' rather than eating strictly low fat. Also when youre breastfeeding it is important to get enough nutrients you may not get from low fat food. ... (5 replies)
... So, while I was breastfeeding I lost all of my pregnancy weight and then two pounds. ... (5 replies)
... All 3 of my kids were different. My first who is now 3, slept a lot like yours does now. I started breastfeeding him, but he had jaundice badly and I wasn't producing enough milk for him to help get rid of the jaundice. I gave up after 2 months and went to formula. ... (12 replies)
... We used a bay food grinder... they sold for ten dollars then and the funny thing is that when I was looking for shower gifts for the arrival of my first grandbaby, they were on the shelves of baby stores and still selling for ten dollars! ... (6 replies)
... My son had a similar problem. It turned out to be that he had a slight allergy to milk. I had to go dairy free since I was breastfeeding him. It could also be AR, but I'm not sure because my boys never had it. They did however spit up alot. ... (3 replies)
My milk is gone...
Feb 21, 2007
... You got in 5 months which is great. Most of the immunities and things that are passed on to the baby are in the colostrum during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. After that your body is basically making milk. ... (18 replies)
... got that way too at 3 weeks. It was a growth spurt along with me still drinking milk. I too didn't realize that breastfeeding was so challenging. ... (18 replies)
... am. Occasionally she wakes in the middle of the night for no reason. She will cry, and we will give her a pacifer, and she falls right back to sleep. I have not fed her in the middle of the night since she was about 5 weeks old. Some nights we don't hear a peep out of her, and other nights she seems restless. ... (5 replies)

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