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Jul 9, 2007
... Im Positive NO intercourse during 2ww. this is my 4th ivf, and the first thing on the instructions sheet it absolutley no intercourse. actually a few days before ivf you are aloud to have intercourse, you are on lupron, so you are not ovulating.. ... (53 replies)
Jul 9, 2007
... ARe you sure you re not meant to have sex in the 2ww after IVF? ... (53 replies)
... Last time you posted you'd said you were having some spotting issues during your 2ww after IVF ET. ... (0 replies)

IVF 2ww worse????
May 16, 2007
... i would bet a million dollars a 2ww from IVF is worse than a 2ww from IUI. i never had problems with the 2ww from IUI and AF would always come on day 14 like clockwork for me. but i know after IVF i am going to be a lunatic wondering and waiting and biting my nails. ... (13 replies)
2WW after IUI
Nov 15, 2004
... Wow you really sound just like us. my husband was dx witha vericocele in august. (after 2 years of ttc) in january of last year i was dx with high prolactin, due to an overactive pititary gland. i was given an mri, so no tumor but i've been taking parlodel )a bromocryptine) since and the levels have gotten better. due to the vericocele my husband's sperm issue has gotten... (20 replies)
... why cant you BD after IVF? ... (10 replies)
... Wanted to respond and ask how things ended up for you. I just read this I think if I'm doing this right you wrote this in 2004.. wanting to know your outcome ? :) (17 replies)
... I am on my 2WW after doing IVF. Freezing left over embryos that may never get used weighed heavily on my mind and in my heart. My husband and I have been trying for almost 5 years. ... (17 replies)
... well right after my failed ivf we wanted to start again, but they make u have a period right after ivf, then u have to wait until ur next cycle!! so i am awaiting my af! i feel like ive been waiting forever.. ... (85 replies)
Aug 31, 2007
... First beta Tuesday after IVF. This 2ww SUCKS!!!!!!! How is everyone feeling? ... (63 replies)
2WW after IUI
Nov 13, 2004
... hi kmlow. I am also in the 2ww, find out on the 19th if it worked. I did an IUI with gonal f. I think gonal f and follistim are the same (both brands of fsh). This is my second round of gonal f with IUI. Had two clomid cycles with IUI as well. No luck so far. It sounds like you really responded well with 7 follicles. You have lots of reasons to be hopeful with all... (20 replies)
... We started our 2ww today. We had three rounds of IUI in two days because DH sperm count was low again. Our RE suggested we move onto IVF if this does not work. That thought scares me to death. I just pray 3rd time is the charm. ... (10 replies)
... This is my first time here on board and my second IVF Trial. ... (1 replies)
... I've done 3 fresh IVF and 3 frozen cycles, so I know all too well the craziness of the 2ww after the ET! ... (8 replies)
... maya, I am sending you a hug and positive vibes. Hopefully the third time works for you. No one can ever know why IVF doesn't work, but most likely there was something wrong with the embryo. ... (1 replies)
2 week wait UGG!
Jan 2, 2011
... I am in my 2ww after IVF #2. Transfered 2 embies. Will call early this week to find out how many were frozen, but probably 6 or more based on how many were available on transfer day. Feeling cautiously optimistic about this cycle. Baby dust to all! (116 replies)
Period after IVF
Sep 8, 2010
... No it was my second failed cycle. But a year and a half ago I tried my first cycle and got pregnant with my son on the first try. I was 39 then. Now I am 41, I think I am just going to try on my own. We don't have the insurance anymore and can't afford it on our own, so that is why I am anxious to know when my period is going to come! (13 replies)
Period after IVF
Sep 8, 2010
... My cycle was delayed about 6 days. All thoughts were going through my head during this time, it was about as torturing as the 2ww. 'Maybe the test was wrong' 'maybe this, maybe that'. I'd wait ! week the go and see the doc, or call him. Was that also your first cycle? mt3 (13 replies)
Jan 30, 2003
... girl, from what I understand cramps and lower back pain could definitely mean pregnancy. A lot of girls I know in another IF group had these same symptoms in the 2ww after IVF and they ended up pg, so there is definitely still hope. ... (5 replies)
IVF 2ww worse????
May 15, 2007
... I am about to start IVF so I can't quite relate to what you are going through now, but I know how hard the 2ww is. I could only imagine how much harder it would be after an IVF cycle. My friend did IVF and decided to keep herself busy during her 2ww. ... (13 replies)

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