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IVF 2ww worse????
May 15, 2007
... I am about to start IVF so I can't quite relate to what you are going through now, but I know how hard the 2ww is. I could only imagine how much harder it would be after an IVF cycle. My friend did IVF and decided to keep herself busy during her 2ww. ... (13 replies)
IVF 2ww worse????
May 16, 2007
... i would bet a million dollars a 2ww from IVF is worse than a 2ww from IUI. i never had problems with the 2ww from IUI and AF would always come on day 14 like clockwork for me. but i know after IVF i am going to be a lunatic wondering and waiting and biting my nails. ... (13 replies)
IVF 2ww worse????
May 15, 2007
... I've been through numerous 2ww's on natural cycles and many with IUIs and haven't done too bad, but this is my first IVF and somehow it seems so much harder. I have great hope for this cycle because my embryo quality was perfect and I'm so grateful it all went well. ... (13 replies)

IVF 2ww worse????
May 16, 2007
... i never had an iui to compare the 2ww.. but my experience in the ivf 2ww was crazy emotional.. the first ivf i had i swore it worked, to the point of looking at babies r us and almost registering online for fun! ... (13 replies)
IVF 2ww worse????
May 16, 2007
... Hi Lori, I think I will be feeling exactly the same way you are feeling right now when I enter my 2ww. It's completely natural. We have invested so much time, energy, money, and most of all, emotions into going through this cycle. IUI 2wws are torture - heck, any 2ww is torture - I remember reading all the signs month after month even when we were still trying naturally... (13 replies)
... We have no counselling here, i dont even understand much the terminology of ivf talk so excuse the way I explain things. ... (1 replies)
Jul 9, 2007
... Im Positive NO intercourse during 2ww. this is my 4th ivf, and the first thing on the instructions sheet it absolutley no intercourse. actually a few days before ivf you are aloud to have intercourse, you are on lupron, so you are not ovulating.. ... (53 replies)
IVF #1-failed?
Dec 3, 2008
... No known lining issues for me...I was told in my IVF cycle that I had "beautiful" lining. ... (7 replies)
November IVF?
Nov 25, 2009
... Hey asab! Welcome. I think it is just you, me, and Kylie left doing IVF right now. All of the other ladies already had their transfers and are all in their 2ww. Kylie I think just had her retrieval today. ... (98 replies)
Kari's 2ww
Feb 11, 2008
... Cashahn, I sure hope that's true... I definitely think this was my worst IVF transfer yet, and it would be the coolest ever if I could say this is the one that brought my BFP! ... (20 replies)
IVF 2ww worse????
May 16, 2007
... I found the 2ww for IVF much worse....only because it seemed longer to me because the cycle itself seems to run long, and my wait was more like 16 days than 14. ... (13 replies)
New 2ww thread
Mar 5, 2007
... aways with DH are always good to help the 2ww go by a little faster. I know, I can't wait until next week either. I hope we get a whole chain of BFPs! ... (59 replies)
Anyone in the 2ww?
Apr 13, 2006
... about to start IVF but the waiting game is very hard and the more you think about it, the worse you feel! ... (27 replies)
2WW after IUI
Nov 15, 2004
... Wow you really sound just like us. my husband was dx witha vericocele in august. (after 2 years of ttc) in january of last year i was dx with high prolactin, due to an overactive pititary gland. i was given an mri, so no tumor but i've been taking parlodel )a bromocryptine) since and the levels have gotten better. due to the vericocele my husband's sperm issue has gotten... (20 replies)
... I'm not actually in the 2ww myself. ... (116 replies)
... It was my last IVF so now I'm back to doing one IUI. I'm currently in the 2WW. My blood test is on Wednesday. ... (8 replies)
... I don't know exactly what IVF would cost. My RE has been pretty vague about it. She wants me to go to an IVF class, which I assume would reveal more. ... (45 replies)
... Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I am just really bummed out lately. Sorry to hear that rotten AF showed up for you too. I also never thought I would pursue IVF because of the cost, but now am considering rearranging my whole life to afford it. ... (45 replies)
In the dreaded 2ww
Sep 12, 2009
... move on and make a fresh start with IVF. The chances for success are much greater and from what it appears you have already been through, you will sail through IVF like a champ. You will be successful, just be patient with IVF because sometimes it is a learning process as well. ... (4 replies)

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