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... we had our first attempt of Ivf after trying allother drugs prior with no avail...I really though that this would be it ..yes thinking this time I will become preg.. ... (212 replies)
... (212 replies)
... I'm new to this forum and am due to start my 3rd IVF attempt in Aug. I'm British but live in France. ... (212 replies)

... Hi ladies! I'm new to this board. I came upon it after having a little freak out session last week when I learned that our 3rd IUI attempt hadn't worked, and that our next step was IVF. ... (8 replies)
... one good thing did come out of this last try as it was found that my dh semen analysis is now hugely better than it was the last time it was checked before the IVF attempt,so good that they did not think ICSI was now required. ... (17 replies)
... Kay....I just want to wish you the best of luck. I will add you to my prayer list. I just got my BFP on my second IVF attempt and we were 5 yrs in the trying area. I am not out of the woods yet....I have been spotting a bit, but I am somewhere I haven't been.... ... (17 replies)
... become pregnant after 4 IVF attempts. In other words, out of 100 couples who make it to transfer, 45 deliver after 1 IVF attempt, 24 deliver after the 2nd IVF attempt, 14 deliver after the 3rd IVF attempt, and 7 deliver after the 4th attempt. ... (7 replies)
... FET....I'm doing my 3rd attempt in the next month. I've done one fresh IVF in Sept of last year, BFN, then a FET in May of this year, chem pg. ... (212 replies)
... Hi, I'm trying my second IVF attempt. I had my retrieval yesterday. They got 21 eggs!! I got the call today that only 8 fertilized and 7 look perfect! ... (5 replies)
... Kay, I know how hard more than one IVF can be, how life changing it can be, how consuming it is to endure one bfn after another when you have invested so much. ... (17 replies)
... e details of it all. But I believe they said that my egg retrieval will be the week of the 14th of August. So with the 3 of us we make perfect matches IVF 1 I am IVF 2 and IVF 3. Even though I am pretty familiar with asprou... ... (212 replies)
... then the number of IUI's and IVF we've both done....Then you just celebrated your 6th wedding anniversary last 5th is this Friday. ... (212 replies)
... Hi ladies, just wanted to pop in and say I was told to call in when I get AF in July so I can start my second attempt at IVF. That I am estimating would give me a late Aug ER and transfer. ... (212 replies)
... I was downregulated for 2 weeks and now on 3rd day of injecting the stims and due to be scanned in 4 days time to track my follies. ... (17 replies)
... ne until 2004. So we started with the IUI's 4 failed IUI's I should say. They wanted to do 6 but emotionally I said no more this is ridiculous. So we moved on to IVF in June of 2005. ... (212 replies)
... at the start of this year went to see the RE for help. Diagnosis is male factor. As you know from previous posts, we just completed 3 IUIs and now we're on to IVF ... ... (212 replies)
... quire ICSI in with my first IVF. But we learned the hard way and had to do ICSI after 24 hours of ER cause the sperm was unable to fertilize the egg. So in doing IVF ask your doctor if ICSI would be right for you.Cause for me personally that was the cause of infertility, trouble with fertilizing. ... (8 replies)
... and I know withinreach is also. So we can all go through this together. This will be my second IVF though so I know that feeling you are describing. Its scary definitely and its almost like you think of everything to go wrong. ... (212 replies)
... Hey Cubed - thanks for sharing your story! I'm so sorry to hear about your m/c - that must have been heart-breaking. But great news to know that you've had one successful pregnancy. If the main problem is male factor (same for me & dh), IVF w/ ICSI probably gives you the best chances for getting pg again. I was also worried about the drugs for IVF... both the effect on me... (212 replies)

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