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... I am 7dpiui. I can not stand the 2ww. :p My beta is scheduled for June 18, but I always hpt a couple of days early. +++++++++++++wishes for a really happy Father's Day this year! _______ gmom DD #1... (21 replies)
... at 7dpIUI for me... ... (2 replies)
... Princess, thanks for asking. I've had two IUI's with no med's, but I am considering my options at this point. I will be definitely be going for my 3rd IUI here in the next few weeks, but I'm not sure if I want to use clomid, the Hcg injection or both at this point. I talked to the nurse at my RE office (he is on vacation) about our next move to increase my % of conception.... (78 replies)

... I still have 5 days before I can POAS - but I got some good news. I had my progesterone levels checked at 7dpiui and my number was 17 :D - My RE said that was real good for a natural cycle :bouncing: :blob_fire :bouncing: I can't wait to get a BFP!! The wait is killing me. Ok - I'm done - I just needed to share with someone :) (78 replies)
... Hi everybody, I have updates! :) My first beta was today, 14dpiui, and it turned out 197.9 mIU/ml, progesterone is excellent 99.8 ng/ml (7dpiui was 41). My doctor said beta is ok, although to me it seems a bit low :confused: I just got home and I'm dying to search the net for beta levels, I'm an internet addict! What do you think? The doctor said it's not about the... (47 replies)
... Hey girls, Ruby, I'm so sorry for you! On the one hand if it's any consolation, at least AF came and like me, I'm always late, so it's always a mystery asking myself if i tested too early, etc. At any rate, it's never fun to see that evil witch. I'm also sorry for you Kat. I saw your BFN on the other board, so if you're still reading this thread, my heart goes out... (32 replies)
... Thank you for your wish. From 7dpiui until today, I've been feeling so crampy. I kept swearing that AF was arriving and not a single day I was spared from the cramp. ... (28 replies)
... Hi Julie. I'm doing fine here. How's your 2ww? Any symptom yet? I started having pre-AF cramp, comes and goes. Today is CD17 (7dpiui /8d post trigger) and still counting every second. (28 replies)
First IUI !
Dec 3, 2006
... Hi Black Kat, Welcome to the 2ww! I'm glad it all went well. I'm now 7dpiui #2 so I'm in the 2ww with you. I'm happy things went well with your parents too. I felt much relief when I was able to tell mine as well. Plus it stopped all those "when are you going to make us a grandparents?" questions. Lori (7 replies)
Beta Positive!!
Oct 18, 2006
... mommy I know...The 2ww is horrible! I tested everyday from iui until my first real faint positive at 10piui. I only did 5000iu of trigger so it did get out of my system by 6 or 7dpiui. I just had to think positive, this was my last attempt of trying to get pregnant so i needed it to work. Even now I am so scared that my lil baby wont want to stay so i worry about ever lil... (43 replies)
Beta Positive!!
Oct 18, 2006
... Pennie - I am very happy for you. So is my sister. She is now reading the posts with me. Janice (Little sis) is now 7dpiui and 6dpo(first IUI Wed, 10/11, HCG shot, 10/11 second IUI 10/12). She says she is feeling very bloated, gassy (TMI) and boobs are hurting just like right before her AF, so we thing it is coming. She is refusing to POAS, which I can not blame her, it... (43 replies)
2nd Iui
Oct 6, 2006
... Pennie~ I triggered on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 10:30pm and had my IUI on Friday, Sept. 29th at 10:00. It was supposed to be at 9:00, but we were late to the clinic to give my dh's sample. So I guess I am 7dpiui. I had my prog. drawn yesterday per my request to see in fact if I ovulated. I hope this round works, I don't feel any different and that worries me. But I know... (23 replies)
... Hey S- On Christmas morning i was 7DPIUI. The cream is usually white. So I am hoping and wishing that this will be it for me too. I can't wait to here if you have twins in there! OMG :bouncing: won't that be great!?! Let me know after your appointment on thursday!!! D (7 replies)
... MaryAnn, 7dpiui isn't a bad thing if you have no symptoms. you wouldn't have implantation until 5-10 dpo. So, it could be that you don't have enough hcg in your system to give you any symptoms, yanno? Don't despair quite yet. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. (11 replies)
Baby Asprin
Jun 10, 2003
... My RE started me on baby aspirin when he found out that my previous m/c was a normal girl (i.e. no chromosomal abnormalities). I had gone to see a perinatologist to get a CVS at 11 weeks. When she did the u/s, there was no hb. She estimated based on the size, that I m/c at around 10 weeks. Well, she did the CVS anyway just to see if there were chromosomal abnormalities... (3 replies)
... Today is CD24, 7dpIUI so I am trying to think positive that it is just that egg implanting in there. I just wish Monday would hurry up so I will know one way or another. ... (11 replies)
Ams37 . . .
May 2, 2003
... I am 7DPIUI and just waiting to see a BFP next week. ... (8 replies)
... I know when I am pregnant, Ha,ha. No, really do you get the symptoms just the few days before your period would be do. I am only 7dpIUI I wouldn't have symptoms yet right? ... (32 replies)

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