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... We ended up going to see another dr and she wanted my husband to have his sperm checked again. He had it checked 2 times in 2005 which one time it was 20 million grey zone they said and the next it was 35 million. We then found out i had endometriosis and i had a lap surgury for that. ... (7 replies)
... t having the surgery does NOT guarantee an improvement. My husband just happened to have an EXCELLENT result!! In fact there is a slight chance it could worsen sperm count. We went with the surgery because we knew we wouldn't be able to afford IVF. ... (7 replies)
... Interesting... my husband only has one kidney and one vas deferen. He had a low sperm count too (6.5 million). He went to a urologist that specialized in infertility and found out he had a varicocele. He had surgery to correct this in September 2006. When he retested in December 07 his counts jumped up to 114 million!!! We got pregnant in February and had a beautiful... (7 replies)

... He is missing one vas differin because he only has 1 kidney. The urologist said that one vas differin would not cause low sperm count. ... (7 replies)
... Please make sure he has genetic testing done especially since missing vas deferens has been linked to cystic fibrosis. The cause for the lower sperm count is also because he only delivers half the amount. Keep in mind that sperm counts vary naturally. ... (7 replies)
... My husband's sperm is only in the 2 million range. We were told our best option for success was IVF which we did back in '06 and finally got our BFP after our 2nd fresh cycle. ... (7 replies)
Sperm testing???
Aug 15, 2002
... Sperm count. This is a count of the number of sperm present per milliliter of semen in one ejaculation. ... (1 replies)
Low sperm count
Oct 27, 2008
... I know how he feels. We just found out my husband has 8 million. We have been trying for almost 4 years. I did get pregnant during that time but miscarried. ... (2 replies)
... A month ago my husband had his sperm checked and it came back he had 8million but total 20 million. Something about 8 million per half of ounce. Cant remember. Anyway he got it checked again, he has been taking Fertilaid for 3 weeks. ... (2 replies)
... No one in my husbands family has kidney problems that we know of. His dad died when my husband was 3 years old. My husband's dad was adopted by his mom's new husband so we know nothing about my husbands real granddad. We didnt know my husband had one kidney until after our baby died. My first son has both kidneys and no problems. We didnt find out about our second child... (7 replies)
... That is wonderful. Is that yalls first child? They told us that since my husband has one kidney that we have a 13 to 20% chance that our next baby will have some kind of kidney problems. They didnt tell us that when we were pregnant with our first child but after we lost our second baby that was born with no kidneys. Has anyone ever mentioned that to you? My first son is... (7 replies)
... hello..can any one help with this report is it ok?plz reply SEMEN ANALYSIS REPORT Count / ml: 78 Million days of abstinence 04days Interval between start of ejaculation and analysis (before liquefaction) : 10mins Appearance: Creamy White Liquefaction Time(min): 30 min (0 replies)
Oct 29, 2010
... I just wanted to add my little take to the mix. My husband has Klinefelter's and his sperm count was an 8. Not an 8 million just a singular 8. The Doctor's declared for us that it would be impossible to have kids with his sperm. ... (6 replies)
... Started trying again and had a lap in jan 2008. They found stage II endometriosis. Still no pregnancy. Switched doctors and they found out my husband had low sperm count of 8 million. They sent him to a urologist and found out he has one kidney and one vas differin. ... (0 replies)
... d at birth. I want another baby so bad especially after mybaby died. I got pregnant again july 06 but miscarried. The dr said that my husband probably had low sperm count all his life but i was in my 20s and its easier to get pregnant by a man with low sperm count in your 20s. Im a little mad at my husband. ... (5 replies)
... i M Married 5 years, i have no baby. i done all test my test is ok but my husband test is not good. doctor says ur wife cant pregnant like this sperm count. i m realy worried ... doctor says only one way to baby.. ... (5 replies)
... My husband had a vas reversal two years ago. He had a sperm analysis done about 8 months after his reversal. ... (2 replies)
Anyone on the 2ww?
Mar 12, 2007
... re still on that painfull 2ww. I still have 1 week to go. I test on the 19th. I am feeling good about this one. This is our 1st cycle with injectables, I had 8 follies and a sperm count of 23.8 million which DH and I thought was really good. ... (159 replies)
New 2ww thread
Mar 5, 2007
... Hi ladies, today marks the 1st day of my 2ww. I had my 8th IUI today. This was the first month that I used injectables and I responded really well. I had 8 follies between the size of 18mm and 22mm which is really good. I normally only have 1 follie so I am pretty excited. We also had a sperm count of 23. ... (59 replies)
DH's SA Results
Feb 10, 2007
... Hi ckneptune! You're Dh's results are great! Here's some normal number's I found for you. volume of ejaculate 2.0 ml or more pH 7.2-8.0 sperm concentration 20milllion per ml or more total sperm count 40 million per ml per ejaculate or more motility 50% or more with forward progression morphology 30% or more with normal forms (my RE requires a number greater... (3 replies)

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