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IVF #1-failed?
Nov 29, 2008
... Hey Canuck, hang in there, I just read you "coping" thread, I can totally relate to the whole unexplained issue. Don't give up hope, wait for Tuesday. Maybe your bleeding is the implantation one, blood test is the best answer in IVF's. Good Luck and I'll keep checking your posts for your great news in a few days. ... (7 replies)
... I go back in tomorrow for another follow up estiadiol. ... (9 replies)
... Sometimes you have what they call "breakthrough bleeding" when you stop birth control...that is probably what it is. ;) (9 replies)

... I just went through my first IVF cycle, and am dealing with an almost certain failure. There were a few bumps along the road, but in the end it seemed to have gone fine. ... (4 replies)
... Hope you all are having a good weekend so far! I had FET this past Monday and go in for the beta on Wednesday. ... (0 replies)
... women have spotting or bleeding before their blood pregnancy test, and go on to have a positive pregnancy test anyway. So, it doesn't necessarily mean that anything is wrong. ... (20 replies)
... At 6 weeks gestation, I started bleeding and having light cramps like a period. ... (39 replies)
... S that showed only a sac with nothing in it. My FET cycle was a hard one for me because I was likely carrying twins. ... (21 replies)
... Generally, implantation bleeding is very light spotting, dark brownish red, and usually only lasts for up to 48 hours. ... (6 replies)
... HCG levels dropped and eventually went neg. I bled heavily right after my first Beta and kept bleeding for about 10 days. ... (1 replies)
... HI RWL i have some questions for you: - i had a first IVF and it resulted in an ectopic pregnancy (for no reason as i was checked for all immunity issues and did an HSG before IVF and all was clear). now am planing to repeat another round and am scared of having it repeated. did you do IVF #2? and if so what was the result? did your DR tell you why it happened to you? and... (6 replies)
... Each time I have wanted to call my doctor in the last two weeks the bleeding stops so I don't call and then about two days later it starts again. I am worried that something will go wrong with the IVF because of this. ... (6 replies)
August IVF
Sep 4, 2007
... CBB, relax honey I think you are ok. One drink is not going to have a large effect,those vitamin waters really have small amounts of the ingrediants in them.........I am really keeping my fingers crossed that this is the one for you. Your posts earlier sounded like implantation bleeding for sure.. ... (157 replies)
... from O to AF is supposed to fourteen days, in IVF with the meds it makes your cycle longer in the beginning before O. ... (78 replies)
... we had our first attempt of Ivf after trying allother drugs prior with no avail...I really though that this would be it ..yes thinking this time I will become preg.. ... (212 replies)
... i am undergoing IVF because my husband is azoospermic, as for me all is fine and i dont know till the moment why the ectopic happened to me since noone in the familly ever had it and i am free from all things that might cause it... ... (6 replies)
... Anyway, I began the lupron, the cyst was gone and now I am currently almost 13 weeks pg. with twins!! So, I really don't think the bleeding will cause you any problems with IVF. However, if you are still having reservations and worries, call your RE. ... (6 replies)
... with all of the meds, shots, etc. Maybe I was just lucky but I haven't really heard any horror stories to date. I think the protocol is generally the same for IVF but I'm sure there are differences here and there based on people's individual "problems" and medical needs. ... (3 replies)
... I went through 3 IVF cycles (one of them was frozen and a LOT less involved). My 2 fresh cycles were about 30 days each for the whole process and then a 2ww from ER . In a nut shell, you're usually on bcp for 10 days (following your period), lupron for 10 (this is where "another period" comes in but it can be called "break-through" bleeding) and stimming (follicle stimulating... (2 replies)
... I am amazed at how many embryos you can get transfered!!WOW! We have lots of restrictions here in Aust as they are are very proud of their IVF success rate here! ... (36 replies)

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