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After iui
May 1, 2010
... days after iui, so probably no symptoms of pregnancy yet. You might experience implantation spotting, some people do, and then after implantation any of the early preg. symptoms might apply, like nausea, light headed, sore bbs, frequent urination, fatigue, cramps, bloated. Hope that helps! ... (1 replies)
... years...but started with the RE this year. I was on clomid and IUI for two months only...I understand that I am VERY lucky!! I had 9 eggs for this IUI!! ... (50 replies)
... I'm in on my third day after my second iui. To be honest I am so scard that this one will fail also. What I wanted to as if you know...after your iui during your ovulation time, are you still suppose to feel like you're ovulating? ... (41 replies)

... I wasn't cramping after iui but was extremely bloated with gas, almost made my abdomen explode! ... (3 replies)
... I had my IUI 6 days ago and prior to that 6 days of 2amps of Repronex. Ever since I finished the shots and had the IUI, I am soooo bloated. ... (1 replies)
... This month, after IUI I feel fine, for the first time in years. Nothing sore, nothing bloated, no cravings. ... (1 replies)
Apr 8, 2008
Cramping after IUI
Jan 29, 2007
... Also, I feel extremely bloated and my breast are tender. This is definately too earlier to show signs of pregnancy, considering my IUI was only a week ago. Could this all be from the injections? ... (8 replies)
... April: I think you are right, I do feel more bloated, swollen and pressure around my belly area. It gets better now. Thank you so much, I will keep you updated! Coco (2 replies)
... really wish it will be successful after so much pain and discomfort. ... (50 replies)
Question on IUI
Jun 9, 2010
... Hey, just had my first IUI today. ... (35 replies)
... Hi Jody I am so sorry u are not feeling well.I have never heard of fever being a side effect.Maybe u caught a cold or something.Now being bloated is natural yes I had 7 follicles this month feel bloated and feeling some pain in my overies but nothing to bad. ... (50 replies)
... Hi... I had really bad pain after my last IUI...felt like I was bloated and gassy SUPER bad. I had 9 follies......the most so far...and the most painful IUI too!! ... (50 replies)
Question on IUI
Feb 11, 2004
... and started up again and had my first IUI on Feb. 7. The procedure itself lasted 30 seconds. My husband had to give his donation and then an hour wait for the wash and 30 seconds for the IUI. ... (35 replies)
Painful IUI
Jun 9, 2010
... Hey, I had my first IUI today. The procedure itself didn't take long at all, and no pain what so ever! However, after the IUI, I had to lay flat for 15 minutes. ... (19 replies)
... urgh. Right after the IUI, my breasts were very much bloated, but until 3 days ago, the bloating was "miraculously" gone when I woke up in the morning!!! ... (10 replies)
... hey got my 2nd iui dun 5 days back and put on progesterone feeling very dizzy,feel cramps in the stomach and pain in legs and knees all the time feel bloated ,y is all this happening wid me wat r my chances to concieve? ... (1 replies)
... I am doing that plus the bravelle right now. After my first shot of the ganirelix, I feel bloated and my left side feels crampy. Could be something else going on, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. ... (6 replies)
AF coming :(
Jun 15, 2004
... of May. I really don't remember how long I was bloated. it was on and off foer the first 3 weeks after IUI. ... (356 replies)
AF coming :(
May 21, 2004
... I'm sure you look great. You probably are just a little swollen from the drugs, hcg and 2 iui's. Like I said I get very bloated after my hcg. It is finally going down but it has been 10 days since I have taken the hcg. ... (356 replies)

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