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... Hi, I am on my third attempt with chlomid in the last six years. The first time I got pregnant on the first month with just 50 mg. I now have a wonderful five year old daughter. ... (1 replies)
... Do any of you who have taken chlomid have these same effects? ... (3 replies)
... If I was you I would give chlomid a try. Has your husband had a count done. If not they my start you on the chlomid then have him do a count. ... (4 replies)

... of my cycle and this was our first attempt...i'm not sure if the feelings i'm having are side affects from the chlomid or if i'm pregnant because they are symptoms of pregnancy so i'm told.... ... (1 replies)
... at least I ovulated. I haven't done that since I got pregnant with my last child. He doubled my Chlomid and I have talked to a lot of people and they all said that is when they got pregnant. I have read SO much on Chlomid and I like it. ... (5 replies)
... I was just wondering what some of the side effects of chlomid have been for other people. I am starting chlomid at the end of the month and just wondering what I might expect from the chlomid. ... (5 replies)
... any good results of using chlomid after having a ectopic pregnancy? ... (2 replies)
... day cycle she would be visiting next tuesday. But the truth is since i never ovulate i normally get it after 6 weeks or so. Having said that we are hoping the chlomid works and either i get pregnant or get my period. The dr had said if i get my period by day 35 then given my history it means i ovulated. ... (13 replies)
... For all of you veterans on the boards. Have you ever really come across people that have PCOS that have gotten PG on the first few rounds of Chlomid when they arent doing IUI or anything else? ... (15 replies)
Nov 6, 2005
... Hi, this is my first time posting here. I have heard a lot about Chlomid and wonder if it would be right for me. I have been having a very difficult time with my cycle since August. ... (3 replies)
... My first ovulation took too long, so they put me on two. It took three days for my temp to completely raise. So then I tried two and he said it peaked good but now my after ovulation wasn't right. I still haven't started my period and it has been 2.5 weeks since. I am not on the chlomid. I am on another pill that will help me get my period then I start on the chlomid. If... (3 replies)
... Sorry to hear about AF. I still haven't gotten anything. At least you now know. You need to just pick yourself up and countinue. Are you on any meds. I am on Chlomid. (100mg) I have two kids so it's not like I am totally unable. I had a tumor and it was removed in May and that is why I am having all the problems. It caused me not to ovulate and it was blocking my... (8 replies)
... Well, I still haven't started, but did take a pg test. It came out negitive. I was really hoping that it worked. We were on double the chlomid and really had faith that it would work. I just understand why. The only problem we started with was that. ... (8 replies)
Aug 13, 2002
... ct to them and it did. I was never so happy to start a period. The pains are a little painful but I can deal with that for a baby. My doctor now has put me on Chlomid to make me ovulate. I have looked up a lot on it but still would love to talk to someone who is or has gone through this whole process. Please contact me at . ... (7 replies)
... I just started chlomid today. From what I read, doses ususally start at 50mg per day and are increased if necessary. That does seem high. ... (3 replies)
... i just started my second dose of chlomid today. i am trying to stay hopeful but its hard. need some encouragement. ... (1 replies)
... Should I ask for higher dose of chlomid to compensate? ... (0 replies)
... I saw this yesterday but cant find the thread if anyone answered. So if you answered I apologize for making you repeat yourself. what is the difference between taking chlomid days 5 - 9 (like i did) or 3 - 7 like i hear a bunch of you talk about? does anyone know? (13 replies)
... c. I have PCOS too. Why did they decide to go straight from Chlomid to IVF as opposed to injections and IUI first? ... (15 replies)
... My FI spoke to some other doctors at work and hes heard that multiple rounds of Chlomid has been linked in some instances to higher rates of ovarian cancer so he is very cautious about me doing this more than once before I go see a specialist. ... (15 replies)

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