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... Wishing, I can try to answer your question. I was doing IUI with Clomid, HCG, etc and the last 2 months, my RE had me using OPK also to ensure we were capturing O even though I was also being monitored by u/s. Well, I did detect my LH surge before I was to do my injection so on the last cycle, I also had to inject myself with Antigon to prevent me from Oing before I... (5 replies)
HCG & Clomid
Aug 30, 2006
... Just wanted to give you some answers and maybe a little bit of hope. I was taking Metformin for three years, and then with Clomid for about a year before I went to my RE. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Angel, I too am using Metformin, clomid & HCG trigger shot. I am now in my second cycle of doing this. My follicles seem to be responding correctly to the clomid (plus, after taking the hcg trigger shot I had ovulation pain in my back), but we have not had any success yet. Late month I got my AF on day 30 and I am in the waiting period for this month. I took my shot... (24 replies)

... the Clomid IUI route. On the 2nd try, we got pregnant. 50 mg's of Clomid, and IUI. Started ProG when I found out I was pregnant. ... (2 replies)
... e an RE. If your doc is an RE and she didn't know what to do next, that would make me think you should find another RE because they should know what to do next, clomid is just the beginning. I would think that if you were able to get pregnant, the mucous probably isn't the problem. ... (7 replies)
... would say that was unneccessary and overkill, considering I've conceived twice without them. But I've heard good things about adding a few shots at the end of a Clomid round. Thoughts on this? ... (2 replies)
... found endometriosis, I've done clomid forever, done hcg injections....what usually comes next? ... (2 replies)
May 28, 2003
... I was wondering if anyone else experienced sore bbs from clomid or the hcg injection? ... (3 replies)
... Anne: thanks for the info. It seems like there is a lot of conflicting information out there. I would agree that that chances of twins is low, however, I also think that it's higher to 10% because much of the information I have received or looked up states that. But again, it's probably different for everyone. Congrats on your pregnancy. I hope I can have some stories to... (43 replies)
... Hey Jody! Thats funny! Too similar huh? Sounds like we are on the same page with the CLomid/HCG shot. Keep me updated. It would be nice to have a couple of people that are on the same page as me. I told my dh that tonite is BD night....He's more than willing! ha By the way, we looked at sinks again tonite, just couldn't make up my mind....maybe this weekend! Thanks for your... (43 replies)
Hcg 36 hrs?
Jan 12, 2003
... we are doing clomid hcg and bd(timed) How soon should we wait to bd after hcg? 32hrs? We would like to conceive a son this time,so we would like to time it as close to ovulation as possible. Anyone else do planned bd? (1 replies)
... so that the month is not totally wasted. There is still a strong chance you will ovulate without the hcg trigger and, you never know, maybe the lining will improve by the time implantation is possible. ... (1 replies)
... It's not the trigger, it's ovulation pain! (otherwise known as mittelschmertz). So much better than menstrual pain because you know something good is happening ;-) Totally normal (in my experience, anyway). Good luck! If the pain continues for more than a day or if it becomes unbearable/ with bleeding, contact your doctor. Be sure to look up symptoms of ovarian... (1 replies)
... :angel:had tv scan - day 15- follicle 22mm-left ovary lining 0.63 150mg clomid day 3-8 day 15 trigger shot - this day 17 bad cramping since yesterday in left side/pelvis feels like menstrual cramps is this normasl (1 replies)
... Hi everyone! Something very bizarre is happening to me, I have even stumped my doctor! Here is my situation in a nutshell... *Did a round of Clomid (2 good follies on right, 1 small follie on left) *8/4/11-HCG Shot *8/6/11-IUI (Hubby has antibodies in sperm) *8/16/11-BFP very faint *8/18/11-HCG 12.5 *8/20/11-BFN on home test (1 replies)
HCG injections
Feb 26, 2011
... wonder if I can purchase and give my own injections. My classmate purchased and gives herself B12 shots. Have anyone tried this or have any feedback. I am taking Clomid but I wanted to get injections to increase my chances. ... (0 replies)
HCG shot
Oct 10, 2009
... months, i was told that i have thick cervical mucous so my husband's sperm can not pass through, otherwise everything else is fine with us. i did 2 iui's with clomid and now am on gonal f injections and just completed my second iui with injections. ... (0 replies)
... I have your answer I just completed the second round of iui, using clomid and the ovidril (Trigger shot) which really does nothing more than induce ovulation. Our doctor does it 36-42 hours after the shot has been given. I think the reason why is you have to give your body time to metabolize the shot and then to release your eggs. I read alot and ask a lot of questions and... (2 replies)
... Our RE is starting me on 50 mg Clomid tueday due to part of my hormone is a little low and he said for us to come back the 29th to see how I'm doing on the Clomid an if responding to it he would do a trigger shot of HCG. I'm not sure what brand of shot he will be using. ... (2 replies)
... im on clomid and hcg shot for 2 months - why still not pregnant? (1 replies)

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