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... s, but I am afraid that clomid will mess up my perfect cycle. ... (17 replies)
... Thanks again to everyone who responded to my post and the encouraging words mean so much to me. I do not know anyone personally who has or is going through infertility. Everyone I know is popping out babies left and right. ... (17 replies)
... s, HCG inj, IUI and progestrone suppositories. I too was scared to death to take clomid initially but it really isn't that bad. ... (17 replies)

... Well, the nurse from RE called today to talk to me about my RE's recommendations for our next IUI. He suggests that we continue with the unmedicated IUI for the 3rd IUI. if that does not work then he wants me to consider injectables - He does not recommend clomid for me, he says it will not increase my % by much and the side effects would not be worth that. My RE feels... (17 replies)
... Yes, in the end, you will have what you rheart desires, cherie. It is very hard right now, to be sure. I am so sorry you are hurting so much. But allow yourself time to grieve and cry. Know that soon, you will be able to try once more. Prayer helps, cherie, I'm glad you know that. Even if it is a simple, "Please help me" uttered to God or whoever/whatever you believe, it... (17 replies)
... Thanks for asking princess. I woke up feeling way down in the dumps. I usually bounce back pretty quickly, but it has been more difficult this time around. I never imagined that it would take so long to become pregnant. I honestly thought I would be pregnant the first month we tried. Since I already have two children from my first marriage and it happened so easily, how... (17 replies)
... Thanks Lizzy - the 3rd times the charm, right? Or at least that is what they say. It just has to work. I cannot understand how you can get 5 million swimmers so close to the target and they miss. I cannot comprehend. I am praying for 20 to 30 million swimmers - surely out of that many one will hit the target. (17 replies)
... Jody, I agree. If you're not comfortable w/ clomid, then you probably shouldn't take it. It's great that you are thinking about your options though. Injectibles are definitely another way to go. BTW...August 13 is my beta from our second IUI. :) Holly (17 replies)
... I might use the trigger. I will discuss with my RE. I just have a gut feeling that clomid is not right for me. ... (17 replies)
... I also ovulate on my own, but I have taken clomid to increase our chances. Basically, it should just make you produce more than one mature follicle at a time, which will give the sperm more targets. ... (17 replies)
... only seeing a fertility dr for the last 6 months or so. ... (1 replies)
... I have a question, did you do Clomid first or you went straight to the injections? ... (7 replies)
... is how I feel a result of Clomid and HCG shot or ...the good news. I'm so confused... ... (1 replies)
... Hi Jody:wave: I'm sorry your last cycle wasn't a success, but I am glad you are already fighting for your next cycle. Remember the story you referred to me, most couples conceived in 3 cycles? This will be it for you:) I really hope you keep us posted on how this goes as well. I haven't approached my RE about trying IUI yet, but we won't be trying until the new year. ... (17 replies)
... Salut Jody!! How are you feeling today, ma chère? I'm so happy you have such a proactive, considerate RE!! :D That is wonderful HOw do you feel about this protocol? *****babydust***** (17 replies)
... Hi Jody, hang in there. Injectables aren't so bad, but hopefully you'll never have to find out. I'll keep you in my prayers too. Lizzie (17 replies)
... Jody, it seems to me you and your dr have the same idea. So I say go w/ it. :) I hope this new cycle will work for you and you won't have to take anything. Holly (17 replies)
... Salut Jody, how are you feelign today? ***babydust*** (17 replies)
... Jody, you can count on my prayers!! :) (17 replies)
... I'll be praying you get a BFP on Aug 13th - and you pray those swimmies hit their target for me please. TIA ;) (17 replies)

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