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... My body is now a little out of whack from all the meds I believe... I was on Clomid for five cycles. ... (0 replies)
... i just have question can you still have sex while taking provera 10mg 10 days and also it's only my second day and i woke up this morning and had sevier cramping had to use the heating pad to feel better and my question is that right thing to be happing on the 2nd day also can i take midol for my pain and also i took my 1st day pill around 5pm and my 2nd around 12 pm do i have... (0 replies)
... Anyway, my Dr. put me on Provera 10MG for 10 days... I am 6 days since I took the last pill and I have not had my period. She is giving the provera to me to help regulate me since I do wish to have a baby. I believe she is putting me on this for three months before she starts me on clomid. ... (1 replies)

... Since I was put on Provera, I am on 31 days cycle for the past 2 months. I feel some pain inside my abdomen but I wonder if its ovulation pain (13 replies)
... But the thing is, I am already on my 3rd cycle of clomid. I started clomid this cycle on March 26. My OB advised me to take provera on Day17. I am starting it today. I learned that Provera has a bad effect on pregnant women especially with the fetus. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks, all. I've been using ClearBlue Digital, too, and still nothing...I may have just not ovulated. I was hoping not to have to bump up to 100mg Clomid, but it looks like that may be the next step. It has been 8 months since I stopped using NuvaRing, and I still have not gotten my period naturally, without being induced with Provera, yet. Thanks for your encouragement; it... (5 replies)
... Hello ladies, thanks for the responses! KM, I do remember you, wow, what an amazing story, thanks for the update and lots of luck. If you saw two early heartbeats, that is a great sign. Keep me updated. I just wanted to update my thread as well. I was really fretting about that FSH level but I had an opportunity to take in depth with one of the nurses and she... (9 replies)
... c it wasn't a true was a Provera period. ... (9 replies)
... I was on clomid for about 2 years. I didn't have any side affects. I also have pcos. ... (11 replies)
Provera and Comid
May 27, 2008
... months ago. Was started on Provera x 10 days and just finished my last dose last night. I have had no signs of bleeding yet. I am just wondering if I should be concerned or is there still hope? ... (5 replies)
... welcome to the boards. You will get lots of information here, everyone is wonderful. I've never taken provera before, but I believe your period should show up about 10 days after your last pill, maybe sooner. ... (7 replies)
... I am new here, so sorry if this has already been asked. My Re has me on Provera, I am on my 3rd day. He has me taking 20mg a day. Does anyone know how long it will take to bring on my period? After that he wants me to start Clomid days 3-7. I am to have an HSG on day 7, and then start a OPK on day 11. Once I ovulate they will want me in the next day to do the IUI. Does this... (7 replies)
... Thank you for the reply. My endocrinologist agreed that it could just be breakthrough bleedings but to go ahead with the Clomid and see what happens. I am now hoping to have an LH surge to indicate ovulation so we can start trying with more idea than a "stab in the dark". ... (5 replies)
Provera and Comid
Feb 28, 2008
... RE. They usually say that day one of your cycle is the first day that you have to wear a tampon or a pad, not just spotting. I would hate for you to take your clomid in the event that it is too early still. ... (2 replies)
Provera and Comid
Feb 27, 2008
... of my cycle. I started spotting 2 days after the provera course but this has been for 3 days. Do I start the clomid even though the period has only been spotting? ... (2 replies)
Provera and Comid
Feb 27, 2008
... of my cycle. I started spotting 2 days after the provera course but this has been for 3 days. Do I start the clomid even though the period has only been spotting? ... (5 replies)
... Princess I am sorry that yoou are stil not well, but I am gad that you are getting off work early so you can get some rest. I hope AF shows for you soon so you can get started on the clomid. I hope you have a good weekend. Thinking of you Love Char (22 replies)
... Thank you so much Kel!! A girl at work, we'll call her Anna, (sh'es the one who doesn't liek the pretty girl) she heard me get sick, and she pretty much forced some crackersinto my mouth, insisting I was hungry. What do you know, I felt better alomst immediately afterwards. See? I guess I'm not made to be thin like Uma Therman... I'll have to settle for being a Beyoncé :D ... (22 replies)
... Princess, I am so sorry that cold is being so stubborn!!!!! I'm glad you're off at 3 - I hope you can get home, drink some hot tea, curl up and rest. And I hope that you're feeling much better by tonight!!!! I'm going to try my hardest to get online tomorrow from work, but I am really hoping to hear that you've started the clomid (or are already done taking... (22 replies)
... It's Friday, it's Friday!!! Happy dance!! :bouncing: I'm so excited!! I sound HORRIBLE with my throat, but luckily my stuffy nose is gone. One down, one to go! :D Halfway there! I'm feeling a little bit sick to my stomach, actually. Kind of queasy. But I'm off at three, so I'll go home then :) Mapia-- Oh for sure, that girl deserves some laxative in her coffee. And I just... (22 replies)

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