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... It is absolutely possible that IUI could work even after 3 failed attempts at IVF. It is hard to have faith that a fertilized didnt do the trick, but placing sperm near your fallopian tube will. ... (4 replies)
... Hey Hopefull! Today was my day to start the Benadryl too!! The original post said "I took the Benadryl 3 times daily beginning 4 days after a positive reading on an ovulation kit, during what should have been the implantation window. I took the medication for 6 days. ... (18 replies)
... I was thinking of trying this too since what the heck, and we are waiting until June to do our IVF cycle. So, TTC naturally until then. Ha, seems odd to say that after months of clomid, injectables, IUI, etc. Gosh, do we remember the natural way. LOL. ... (18 replies)

... I forgot to ask my RE about this, but when i read about this a few weeks ago, i decided to try it out. I started the benadryl 4 days after ovulation/egg retrieval and took the pills for 6 days straight. I figured "what the heck"...anything is worth a try! I'll be testing with HPT in a couple of days and Beta is Wed, so hopefully this did the trick!:) (18 replies)
... This is very interesting. DH and I have been diagnosed with unexplained IF and are currently awaiting our spot for the June IVF cycle, so we certainly have some time on our hands. Def worth a shot and won't cause any harm. ... (18 replies)
... From what PS mentioned on her experience, she takes Benadryl for 4 days after positive reading on OVK. So, only 4 days. If you can, maybe take those 4 day off from work. ... (18 replies)
... Hi KS and PS thank you so much for sharing your stories.At this point I think we are all willing to try anything and I know benadryl does no harm cause when I was going through treatment I asked my RE what was safe to take for my allergies and he said benadryl.This is the first I heard about benadryl but I have heard of rohbatussin (sp) cough syrup helping with your CM.Very... (18 replies)
... g when we got married. We agree to each other that we want to have at least a year together for ourselves before considering baby. So, we started trying a year after we got married. ... (18 replies)
... Hi, Yes, I took the normal dosage 25mg, just three times a day. I asked my PCP about it. He felt that taking Bendaryl for 5 or 6 days wasn't a problem. I was a little tired, but it was much easier on me than the dozens of needles I took during IVF. (18 replies)
... I do ovulate regularly. My husband's profile was absolutely clean. I went through 3 clomid cycles yielding at least 4 follicles greater than 16mm. I completed an IVF cycle with yielding 12 top grade embryos that made it to Day 6. We used all of the embryos in the fresh cycle and subsequent frozen embryos transfers. ... (18 replies)
HPT after IVF
Mar 8, 2007
... conception since an IVF conception date is the day of retrieval. The day of retrieval is the same day that the lab puts eggs and sperm together. ... (9 replies)
First ivf
Sep 2, 2010
... Hi everyone. I only have a minute today but, yes I took DHEA up to my IUI. Angela, I think it is good that you are moving to/adding chinese medicine and acupuncture. If you can get "Reproductive Organ Massage" I think that will help. Reproductive Organ Massage (ROM) is, quite literally, a massage of your abdominal organs, usually done by a certified acupressurist or... (77 replies)
Fresh IVF cycle
Oct 7, 2009
... HI. I am 37. I have stage 3 endometriosis. I didn't know I had it until I had a lap done in April after we had been TTC for 11 months. ... (124 replies)
... Our first son was conceived through our first attempt at IVF in 2003. ... (1 replies)
... I'm amazed how far technologically we've come. And I'm grateful that I live in the day and age that I can HOPE to achieve a pregnancy when naturally our odds of conception would be zero. ... (77 replies)
... So interesting!... I mentioned this to my DH, but he was quite adamant about my not taking it 'cos he feels "medications are best avoided"... sigh... anyway, where I live we only get the syrup version not the tablets - do you think the format (tab vs. syrup) would make any diff?... ... also, I've read pineapple aids implantation... planning to try this out in this 2ww...... (18 replies)
... Hi Hopeful, I was very concerned about being too sleepy too. I didn't take a pill in the morning, but i took one right when i got home from work (around 5pm) then another around 9pm, then another around 12:30 when i went to bed! This is probably not the best/correct way to take this med but that was the only way i could do it!!! I spread it out more on the weekend when i... (18 replies)
... thanks IVFer, Thanks for the information ;) How to avoid falling asleep at my desk? I didn't take the Benadryl this time, I was too worried about being too tired. If I take even one Benadrly, I am out like a light. That is my chief concern, I am such a lightweight. LOL Let me know how it works out for you okay and lots of luck. This just may be the magical... (18 replies)
... Good luck Bees! Hopefully it did the trick! I have decided to give it a try too. We are TTC on our own this month. I took cough syrup for 4 days b/f ovulation and I am getting ready to start the benadryl. I cannot wait to hear your good news!! Lorrie (18 replies)
... Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this or had a discussion with their RE about this? (18 replies)

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