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... Yes you can have cramps before you have ovulation. I sure do, believe me at times it hurts pretty bad like AF coming but it's not her just were I'm getting to ovalate. ... (10 replies)
... a negative opk...could you have ovulation pain before actual ovulation? ... (10 replies)
... I have had mild aching cramps on the right side since cycle day 11 (now on day 13)....I usually have 30-32 day cycles. what could this be? could I be ovulating already? wouldn't that mean my period would be here in 14 days or so ( that would give me a 27 day cycle...never had one that short). Please help...:confused: (10 replies)

... I sometime cramps two weeks before I have O. It sometimes drives me nuts because of cramping but at least I know I'm fixing to O. Just now if I can only get pregnant again. Boy does it take time. ... (10 replies)
... I do know what Mittelschmerz is as I have felt that before, but this is cramping that I've had on and off for the last 2 weeks. So, I'm hoping that these cramps are leading up to O. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks guys! I'm thinking that Ruby's probably right - we are so in tune with our bodies that we feel every little twinge. And no, I'm not really in pain, just mild AF-like cramps. Sometimes worse than others and it makes me feel like AF is coming, although I know she's not because I haven't O'ed yet (using OPK monitor and BBT). Thanks for the thoughts. Cristy (10 replies)
... eird sensations all throughout my cycle, so I really can't offer you any advice on this. I'm always feeling a twinge here or a tightening there, and it could be before O during O or after O. I never know what's going on in there unless I'm being monitored or using OPKs. I usually only have cramps right before and during AF. ... (10 replies)
... for awhile before ovulating? ... (10 replies)
... YesI had that this past month and I had them all the way to my BFP......maybe it's a good sign. I haven't had them this month and I'm still on BFN so I'm crossing my fingers for u (10 replies)
... Hi Cristy I can't say I have ever really noticed anything like what you are describing. How painful is it? If the pain is unbearable then it might pay to run it past your doctor. If it is just the odd twinge here and there then I think I would be inclined to put it down to the fact that we are so tuned into our bodies that we are more aware than other women of everything... (10 replies)
... Anybody have any advice???? (10 replies)
... 3 weeks before- do you usually have a 6 week cycle? If so, you are probably ovulating (if, at all) around the 4 week mark, maybe later if your luteal phase is short (the time between ovulation and menstruation). If you are not pregnant this cycle, you would currently be at the same point when you usually cramp (a week before your period is due). Sorry if I am explaining stuff... (29 replies)
... a pretty good shot of getting a positive pregnancy test by 10 dpo. If you are that far along, it could be early pregnancy cramps, they feel a lot like menstrual cramps minus the bleeding. ... (29 replies)
... He instructed me to take it for three weeks before I start Lupron. I have never taken this birth control before and so far it has been bad. I have been spotting and cramping on and off since I started the pills. Has this every happened to anyone? ... (6 replies)
... i was on clomid for 2 rounds. on the 2nd round my ovulation was very painful i could hardly walk. and then the days following unti af showed, i had continuous cramps and heavy feeling below. ... (2 replies)
... then see when they matched. Your saliva will show a definite 'ferning' pattern when you are ovulating. I think the box said it would start ferning 12 to 24 hours before and then would still fern after ovulation but mine was only ferning the one day. I think the one I got is in a purple box but don't remember the name of it. ... (19 replies)
... Still having cramps on and off but no AF yet. I'm just at day 29 today though so that's not unusual for me to be longer than that. ... (19 replies)
... Good morning, How was your weekend? I see that you have been having fun trying to stay calm and wondering about every little detail ;) Gosh, I can so understand how you are feeling! Hang in there, only a few more days until you find out :) Where are you from? We are in NY state and the weather has been cold and rainy all weekend. We were hoping for sunshine so that we... (19 replies)
... Have been having cramps on and off for about 4 days though and that is unusual. Usually, I have them the day before and then really strong the morning of. I've been trying to eat better lately so not sure if it's something in my diet or what. ... (19 replies)
... told me that it would feel like mild cramps. Since I have never had cramps before and he obviously never had them either, suffice to say that I no longer trusted his judgement. ... (10 replies)

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