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... Hi ladies! I’ve been struggling for awhile to get my cycles in order (m/c in Sept. ’07) But finally, they are coming together nicely. I’m charting and having periods regularly and ovulating as well! I have a quick question about EWCM. It seems that when I’m at work, I have tons and tons of EWCM then when I get home, I’m still wet but not really seeing the stretchy... (1 replies)
... tensively that Clomid can dry out cm a little bit, so I htink it's entirely possible that you O'ed without EWCM. A lot of women O without making EWCM, as well... EWCM is the ideal though. If your cm is thick and lotiony, that is also fertile cm. I hope I helped in some way! If not, I'm really sorry! ... (6 replies)
... EWCM. I NEVER have it either. I saw it a couple of months and the second month I noticed it, I did, in fact, get pregnant. I miscarried that baby, but I know the EWCM helped me to conceive. My DH's counts are normal, so I am not much help on helping you figure out what those results mean. ... (44 replies)

... I didn't know what to put as the title so I just tried to combine it all, lol. Anyways, I haven't been around in awhile because things at home & in everyday life have just kept us both so busy & stressed. I hope to be around more. :) I had a few questions; hopefully you all don't mind helping me out or to understand a couple of things. Currently I'm on CD 32. I started... (44 replies)
... I have also heard that clomid can inhibit the production of EWCM. You could perhaps try taking flax seed oil, drinking green tea and plenty of water. There are also products like preseed which is a sperm friendly lubricant on the market which also may help. Wishing you all the best. Cashahn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (6 replies)
... When I was on clomid I O'ed and Had no EWCM either so try not too worry I think you stilled O'ed. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, This is my first month on the drug clomid. I did 5-9, 50mg. We have been trying for 6 months, but AF comes every month. I showed a positive O but no EWCM. Does this mean I am still Ovulating? This happened yesturday, CD 14. Thanks for your help. Glo (6 replies)
... hip aches, I've experienced this all before and had BFN's. But, I've also never noticed the EWCM as I did last Tuesday. I'm going to try hanging in there until at least 14DPO to test. Ugh, this is so hard. ... (44 replies)
... The day I noticed the little bit of EWCM was last Tuesday, which would make me about 8-9DPO as of right now ... I'm not sure if I would've O'ed earlier or not? I ended my period on Sept. 6th so what do you think? I know my symptoms are a bit strong. I think the headaches come from the fact I've had a toothache the past couple of days. The lack of sleep is just that - lack... (44 replies)
... Thank you all so much! I would've replied sooner but I've been a little busy ... and feeling a little sick. I am not afraid of IUI's (I've gone through an Endo Biopsy, HSG, etc) so I've become pretty tough toward Infertility procedures ... kind of, LOL! Anyways, it was just not a road hubby & I were ready to discuss but it looks like we'll have to if all else fails! I know... (44 replies)
... Hey Courtney, Well it sounds like your EWCM today gave you better confirmation of where you are in your cycle and on that note... congrats!!! ... (11 replies)
IUI info?
Aug 9, 2006
... s On Day 10 And 11 And Had Not Ovulated Yet I Wonder If Follistim And The Other Follicle Stimulating Drugs Cause You To Have More Than Normal Ewcm And Earlier? ... (12 replies)
... Last cycle was perfect, I had the EWCM and my temperatures were clear and showed ovulation. ... (6 replies)
... But, I read somewhere in the internet that cramping and slight bleeding after iui is normal. And don't worry about EWCM. I normally can't feel or notice the EWCM on iui day but my RE will always tell me that I have tons of EWCM during the iui process. ... (3 replies)
IUI info?
Aug 8, 2006
... Ravae - you mentioned that you were not ovulating on the days where you had the most EWCM. Can you be more specific as to the timing of your ovulation relative to the 'most EWCM'? I just had a IUI on Friday after a positive OPK, but then last night (Monday 3 days later) I started to have familiar pains I've always asssumed were related to ovulation, then as usual I had a... (12 replies)
Ovulating twice?
Mar 31, 2008
... Okay, so since temping, I noticed that I have a dip in temperature before the spike when ovulating. I got that dip on Saturday and some cramping with normal CM, but not EWCM. But we baby danced anyway and the next day, my temp was elevated. This morning, it dipped again to almost the same temp as last time and I did have EWCM. Could I have ovulated twice? My temps may have... (6 replies)
Mar 12, 2008
... days. I also experienced the pain which I usually get when I ovulate. Today I had it again the EWCM and some cramping. My question is...can I ovulate twice? ... (9 replies)
... As far as clomid, it made my EWCM even more noticable, but suppose everyone is different, but I could def tell I was Oing. ... (6 replies)
... Hello all. It's my first time to post here and was just wondering if anyone cares to share any and all :) lol 4dpo symptoms? This is my third cycle to actively ttc. Didn't really bd right up until o last cycle (trying for a girl) have two boys 5 and 2. Also, last cycle and this cycle didn't notice any ewcm. From first day of af consumed 10 glasses of h20 per day, started... (33 replies)
Sep 12, 2007
... p.s. does anyone know if EWCM just happens during O time? ... (42 replies)

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